Girl holding a box|Small scale moving guidelines with two boxes and a few books|A couple high-fiving after packing the box
Girl holding a box|Small scale moving guidelines with two boxes and a few books|A couple high-fiving after packing the box
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January 12, 2021

Small scale moving guidelines

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Ever-evolving dynamics of everyday life make people move from place to place almost regularly. The current statistics says that an average American is likely to move up to 12 times in the lifetime. In this day and age, it's a necessity to provide special deals and conditions for customers interested in small scale moving services. Most movers NYC, or any other moving companies for that matter, are also specialized in the partial load moving. People today are more mobile than ever in history, and they often move by themselves. Moving companies that understand these demands of modernity are of course aware of this. Our livesmove with the times, together with successful businesses that are there to make our lives easier.

How costly is to organize a small scale move?

Contrary to popular belief, moving costs for a small move aren't inversely proportional to the scale of moving. Especially if moving interstate. In those cases, the price doesn't go down as the quantity of moved items goes up. It's exactly the opposite, in fact - the less items you move, the less you pay. No hidden costs, no minimum weight required.The reason for it is simple - the small quantity of your belongings allows movers to provide the same service to more customers, all at once. Sure, your items may travel with the unwanted neighbors. But the silver lining is that the overall transportation costs will be divided that way. So, the more neighbors your items travel with, the merrier your wallet will feel. In order to save some money during a small move, make sure you take the following into account:

  • Book your move on time. The earlier you do it, the lower your costs will be;
  • Pack everything you can by yourself and avoid additional packing costs;
  • They don't call it small scale moving for nothing, so make sure you pack only the things you really, really need.

Packing small, fragile items is almost a mandatory headachePacking for a small move isn't easy. On the one hand, you need to think practical and pack the things youreally need. Then again, there are things that carry sentimental value, that your life wouldn't be the same without. No point in living like a plant, devoid of emotions and feelings. All the things dear people gifted us with, all those CDs, vinyls, books, small decorations, jewelry... We can't live without those things, can we?

Small scale moving guidelines with two boxes and a few books

Fragile things are usually the hardest to packSadly, those things are usually the hardest to pack properly, due to how fragile and delicate they are. CD cases easily break, vinyls and books tend to crease, and don't get me started on the jewelry. So, don't take packing these things lightly, especially considering their importance to you.

Small scale moving may prove more time-consuming than you expected

People often overlook the importance of efficient and fast packing. When we count the days spent on the moving, we usually don't take those packing days into consideration. Which we should. Moving doesn't start with the moving company showing up at our doorstep. It starts much earlier. Therefore, making adequate preparation and speeding up the packing process should be one of your main concerns.Small scale move almost always means that either one person or one room need to hit the road. And more often than not, the time is short and we are in a hurry. Looking for professional help in those short notice situations is probably the best idea. Ask around your family, reach out to your friends. Maybe them or someone they know have moved recently and could give you a useful tip. Scouring the internet in search of good customer feedback, favorable reviews, etc. can also come in handy.

Make sure you obtained the right packing supplies before small scale moving

Whether you're coming in or moving out of NYC, there are countless quality packingand unpacking services NYC. Once you have the packing taken care of, it's all downhill from there. So, before you engage into the difficulties of the actual packing, you need to take care of several things.

A couple high-fiving after packing the box

Once you have the packing taken care of, it's all downhill from thereThe most important thing is to get the right amount of packing supplies, to determine how much of them you need, and in which sizes. Also, it's important to have enough of different kind of boxes. Chances are you'll need more wardrobe boxes than dish pack boxes, but that may vary. Anyhow, take good care to make the right assessments in that regard. There's nothing more irritating than finishing packing in the middle of the night, as one usually does, and realizing you are a box or two short.

Handling a small move requires serious upfront preparation

As you pack things into boxes, you'll need to labeleach and every box. Make sure to prepare those labels upfront as well. And even before all of that, make a personal inventory of things you'll be taking with you. Once you have all that settled, you should determine what would be the best way to handle your small move. If you have a lot of boxes, you should probably hire a specialized small move company or rent a moving container. If your small scale moving turns out to be even smaller than originally planned, maybe a small rental truck would do. Or a cargo van, or simply a trailer. Lastly, if you have even less stuff than that, consider moving with your own car.


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