a green lizard - moving a pet terrarium|a lizard - moving a pet terrarium|bubble wrap
a green lizard - moving a pet terrarium|a lizard - moving a pet terrarium|bubble wrap
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March 9, 2021

Safety tips for moving a pet terrarium

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Every type of relocation has its own set of challenges you need to pay special attention to. For example, moving furniture is hard because there is a high chance that something can go wrong. On the other side, we have people that own pets and have to keep them in a pet terrarium. Moving a pet terrarium is a task which requires certain skills and experience. They are usually fragile and you should have reliable movers NYC by your side that will take care of them. See what are the most important things when relocating a pet terrarium and become an expert in moving one!

How to handle moving a pet terrarium safely?

As we have mentioned, most pet terrariums are fragile and you have to be delicate when moving them. How to relocate them properly?

  • Empty the terrarium
  • Pack the terrarium properly
  • Hire an experienced moving company

Empty the terrarium

Before you start packing the pet terrarium for transport, you have to empty it. It is a natural thing but some people think that it could go the other way around. You will risk a lot if you try to move it with an animal inside. Of course, you will have to find another way to transfer the animal. After that, packing a terrarium should not be that hard.

a lizard - moving a pet terrarium

Empty the terrarium before packing

Pack the terrarium properly

No matter whether the terrarium is fragile or not, you have to secure and pack it properly. Packing things properly and labeling is the best way to pack and the easiest way to unpack after the move ends.If you have a glass terrarium, the best way is to use plastic wrap and wrap the entire item. Of course, this should be done in several layers because there is no such thing as too much safety. After that, you can place them in the moving boxes. You should get free moving boxes NYC from the moving company that is going to relocate you. Once you place the terrarium in, be sure to fill the empty spaces with something soft like towels, old newspapers, etc.

plastic wrap

Plastic wrap should keep your terrarium safe during the transport

Hire an experienced moving company

If you want to relocate a pet terrarium as safely as possible, you want to have an experienced moving company by your side. You want someone who has experience in moving items like this. Also, you want someone who has all the necessary packing supplies for this endeavor.But, in order to hire a reliable company, you have to find it first. This can be done by looking into several qualities that you want a moving company to have. Recommendations and great moving reviews are definitely something that you want your movers to have. If you find a company like this, you can start making the calls!


Even though it may sound complicated, it is not. You only have to know some pretty basic tips that should be enough. Moving a pet terrarium can be a piece of cake if you understand these things and do them right!


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