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October 14, 2022

Risks of hiring a cheap moving company

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We know that moving can be expensive, especially long-distance moving. That may result in prompting you to hire a cheap moving company. Now, there’s a debate about which is better, a cheap or an expensive moving company. All we can say is, let reputation speak for itself. 

There are numerous risks of hiring a cheap moving company that may cost you more than you expect. Do not misconstrue hiring a cheap moving company because the rates are too good. Remember that if it looks fishy, it probably is a fish.

Now, let's get into the risks of hiring a cheap moving company that you should be aware of and avoid.

Missing furniture is a risk of hiring a cheap company

Unprofessional/ unregistered

The first thing you want to do when looking for a moving company is research. This is very critical to do. When we say research, we mean proper research, google reviews, website testimonials, better business bureau, etc.

It is important to check who you’ll potentially be trusting with your valuables. Moving companies should be open and honest with their customers about what they can and can’t move. If they are very dodgy and are reluctant to answer questions to your satisfaction, that should be a warning sign.

Also, if a company isn’t registered, don't make the mistake of hiring them. No matter how good of a rate they give or how convincing they try to be. Don't do it. Some cheap companies aren't forthcoming about their history and may show you fake registration licenses. Unfortunately, some people fall for this because they don't know how to research or don't have a choice and are pressed for time to move.

Some cheap moving company representatives are rude and may brush you off. They also may not use the appropriate supplies, unserviced trucks, or unhygienic movers. The list is endless, so be aware of this risk when hiring them.

No communication

Communication is such an integral part of hiring a moving company. When the company communicates the whole process and explains all expectations, it eases the customer's mind. Some companies, however, aren't willing to communicate with their clients. Leaving a feeling of unease and regret.

If a moving company cannot answer your questions or aren’t willing to explain their terms and condition. You should probably look elsewhere.

No estimate

Estimates help make things easier for both you and the moving company. Though it is just not an accurate amount, it’ll help when planning a budget. Make sure you know all the hidden costs and any extra charges that may occur during or after the move.

Cheap moving companies may not give you an estimate, instead, they may tell you that they’ll let you on the day of the move or once all your items reach their final destination. This is a very bad look on the company, stay away from such. 

Most companies who do this will most likely try to scam and overcharge you.

Damage to your items

One of the most devastating things that could happen to your valuables is damage. Get yourself insurance if the company doesn't have one. Most reputable companies will have insurance as part of the service, but double-check with the company of your choice.

Damaged fragile items

Cheap moving companies don't care for their customers or their items. That’s the risk you take if you decide to hire cheap.

Scam/ hidden costs

There are important questions you should ask any moving company before hiring them. One of the most important ones is the hidden costs and their terms and conditions. This is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the expectations.

Cheap companies will withhold this information to get more money out of you by making up fees and charging extra for a service you didn't have. Beware of companies like this because they will keep scamming you till they get what they want. 

Take forever to deliver your items

When hiring a moving company, the expectation is to get your items delivered to your new home promptly. Local moving isn't much of an issue sometimes in this instance. However, long-distance moving can be a little tricky. 

Because some cheap moving companies aren't professional and seemingly don't care for their customers, they won’t care about getting your items to you on time or as agreed. This could be because of many reasons. The most common one is that they want to suck more money out of you. The other may be because they genuinely don't care when your items get to you, which is unfortunate.

Don't find yourself in this situation. Communicate with your company and reach an agreement.

Missing items

This is, unfortunately, a reality for most customers who choose cheap moving companies. We understand that it is a risk to use any moving company anyway. But cheap companies should be a definite no-no. Imagine trusting them with your furniture and losing it then find out they don't have insurance. That would somber anyone's mood.


Moving isn’t cheap, and some may choose to save money by hiring cheap moving companies. One thing to realize with this is that you will more likely be at a loss and very unhappy with the service, adding to the stress and anxiety of moving. So the real question is. Do you want to do that to yourself?

Before deciding on any company, research, read reviews and ask around. Ensure the company meets your standards and that there are no hidden costs that you may regret later.

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