Street in NYC: Is owning a car in NYC a good idea?||Subway in NYC|
Street in NYC: Is owning a car in NYC a good idea?||Subway in NYC|
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July 11, 2018

Pros and cons of owning a car in NYC

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To drive, or not to drive in NYC? It's a question that bothers many of its residents. If you are preparing your car for the move to NYC, first you should think about is: do you really need a car in NYC? Owning a car in NYC is totally different than having it in another city. It can be a big hassle if you are not well prepared to be an owner of the car in NYC. That’s why we bring you guidelines with all benefits and disadvantages of owning a car in NYC.

Is NYC the city that hates cars?

This famous question stops NYC residents and newcomers to have a car in the Big Apple. We don’t want to call NYC a city that hates cars. Instead, we bring you all the pros and cons of owning a car in NYC. It can be tricky, but there are residents who enjoy having it. In case you are not sure, there are different ways to commute to NYC. If you don’t want to spend big bucks on the parking in NYC, you should choose a subway or NYC cab to be your way of transport. But, if you are still considering to own a car in NYC, you are not alone! Many NYC residents are proud to own a car here, but be aware: you need money for it.

Traffic on Brooklyn bridge

Owning a car in NYC: Is it the best way to commute between NYC neighborhoods?

Owning a car in NYC

The first step in the relocation process to NYC is hiring reliable long distance moving companies in NYC. They are also trained and specialized to help you transport your car to NYC. You definitely need professional moving assistance if you want to live in the center of the world. You have many options when it comes to owning a car in NYC, just pick the best option for your wallet and lifestyle:

  • Do you want to save money and use the subway for transport?
  • Or you want to own a car in NYC but to drive it smartly?

The choice is yours. It just depends on your budget and monthly income in NYC. You need to deal with this hesitation based on your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Subway in NYC

If you don't have a big enough budget to drive a car in NYC, consider using an NYC subway

Be prepared to spend a lot of money on parking

The biggest obstacle to owning a car in NYC is the high cost of parking. If you are looking for building with its own garage in the best neighborhoods in Manhattan, you should be aware that the price for an apartment will be relatively high. One garage can add $150,000 to the final cost of the apartment with own garage place. In case you don’t have a garage in the building, be aware that the average cost of NYC monthly parking is around $430. In case you have a choice to park your car seasonally, the prices for garages are lower in the spring and summer. But, as you see the biggest con for owning a car in NYC is the price of parking it. And sometimes you will search for the parking spot in the street for hours. So, for many people, it is easier to commute with a cab or subway instead of fighting for a parking spot. In case you still want to have and drive a car in NYC, make sure to know all the streets and the complex street cleaning schedules – with this information you are a complete driver in NYC.

Think about the insurance rates

When you want to have and drive a car in New York City, also be ready to pay for the insurance. NY State is the most expensive car insurance state. For example, if you consider living in Brooklyn, be ready to pay an annual premium of $3,550 which is higher than annual rate in Manhattan - $2,272.80. So, if you want to own a car in NYC make sure to find an insurance company that has the best rates by county and borough.

Get used to living in a gas environment

Living and driving a car in NYC means you have to get used to living in a gas desert. Just Manhattan has over 30 gas stations then imagine how much it has the whole of NYC. And another important fact – the gas in NYC is more expensive than anywhere else in the USA. So, when you decide to move to the center of NYC be ready to pay more for the gas or find friends or family who is living in the New Jersey to supply you with gas regularly. In this way, you will save some money as an owner of the car in the NYC.

Traffic in NYC

The biggest obstacles to owning a car in NYC is the high cost of parking and traffic jam.

The question is: Is owning a car in NYC a good idea?

Owning a car in NYC is a simple decision: if you have enough money you will drive it, but if you want a life on a low budget in Manhattan, forget about your car and use the subway. If you are ready to hire moving and storage NYC for your relocation, make sure to learn more about NYC traffic. It is chaotic but it has its own rules. If you cannot imagine a life without your car, and you are one of the people who say “my car is my car” then you should look for the cheaper garage and be prepared for traffic jams. And, yes it is, your car is your car, it is true even in New York.


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