The castle of the Sleeping Beauty.|An aerial view of Orlando.|Mickey mouse to see after moving to Orlando FL.|A man in a suit.
The castle of the Sleeping Beauty.|An aerial view of Orlando.|Mickey mouse to see after moving to Orlando FL.|A man in a suit.
Moving out of NYC
March 26, 2019

Pros and cons of moving to Orlando FL

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As an NYC resident, you probably feel like there is no reason whatsoever for you to ever move. After all, you are living in the greatest city in the world according to many. But, you shouldn't let NYC's popularity stop you from seeing beauty in the rest of the world. And that's coming from us who are top-rated NYC movers! Florida has an abundance of cities that will take your breath away, just like NYC did. Orlando is only one of them! But will moving to Orlando FL be the right decision for you and your entire family? What are the pros and cons of making this transition? That's something we are more than happy to share with you and help you make this decision! Stay tuned!

An aerial view of Orlando.

Could you get used to a change this big?

The pros of moving to Orlando FL

Before we get into any further discussion, we would just like to say that we were as impartial as possible. Whether the cons or pros will prevail is up to you. Only you decide whether you will be calling cross country moving companies NYC and have them move you to Florida, or more precisely Orlando.

The biggest pro of living in Florida is the weather

Unless you belong to those rare people that prefer winter over summer, the weather in Orlando will be a plus for you. The city witnesses year-round sunshine which will enable you to partake in all sorts of fun activities. Although arguably, the weather here can be seen as a con, as well. Truth be told, it does get pretty hot at times.

Everything is pretty

Orlando is a very aesthetic city. Starting with houses and ending with shopping malls, the entire city will amaze you with its unique look. And don't worry. The prices here can be steep, but with a bit of luck, and research, you can find an affordable home. Which will also be more spacious than your NYC apartment. So pack your bags, find top-rate moving boxes NYC and become a resident of the Sunshine State.

You don't have to stress about visiting Disney

Are you truly ever too old to enjoy in the magic Walt Disney and his characters bring? We think we all know the answer to that question. The difference between you and all those tourists visiting it is in the fact that you won't have to arrive in the morning and leave at night just to be able to see a part of it. You are Orlando's resident and you have the luxury of visiting this magical plans any day at any time. How does that seem to you? At least you'll always have someplace to take your kids and know for sure that they will never be bored.

Mickey mouse to see after moving to Orlando FL.

Hang out with Mickey and Minnie after moving to Orlando FL.

There's so much to do

If one thing is for sure, it's that you will never be bored after moving to Orlando FL. Not only do you have the Disney at your disposal, but also Universal Studios. Not to mention all the different restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs in the area. So, if your city has got you bored, you know what to do!

The cons of moving to Orlando FL

Alas, as with all things in life, not everything can be rainbows and butterflies. There are bound to be some disadvantages of moving to Orlando, and we disclose them without any fear.

The tourists are everywhere

A huge pro of living in Orlando is the fact that there is so much to do. There are entertainment venues and landmarks everywhere. But those same things that attract people from, dare we say, the entire world, also make for a huge crowd. At any given day, you will be surrounded by tourists. And that might bother you after some time. But hey, at least you'll feel like a pro surrounded by all those people asking for a direction. So, before you decide to relocate your entire life and inquire about the best NYC moving services, make sure you can actually stand the crowds.

The traffic is terrible

Rest assured that you will experience some road rage after relocating to Orlando FL. No matter which part of the city you live, you will have problems getting places. This is something all thriving and developing cities have in common, so there really is no way around it. Besides, all the aforementioned tourists will certainly make an added commotion and make matters worse. Think whether a city such as this one is the right one for your family or should you proceed to raise kids in NYC.

Finding a good-paying job is not so easy

Finding a job after relocating to Orlando FL shouldn't be too hard. But finding a higher income job will be somewhat of a challenge. Depending on your industry, you might have to spend more time hunting for a job, and life in Orlando is not exactly cheap. Living close to so many amenities means having to pay for tickets, day trips, drinks, etc. And that will cost more than you think.

A man in a suit.

Get ready for a tiring pursuit of a high-paying job.

There are bugs everywhere

Be it due to the climate or something else, the wildlife in Florida is really thriving. Get accustomed to using bug sprays on a daily basis and seeing them everywhere. Besides, if you see any body of water that seems deeper, feel free to assume there is an alligator hidden somewhere inside. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

What should you do?

As mentioned somewhere at the beginning, this decision is solely up to you. To decide whether moving to Orlando FL is the right decision, think about your deal-breakers. For example, if you have a phobia of bugs, it's clear you won't be moving to Orlando. But if you love all things Disney, you might give Orlando a chance. Whatever you decide, we doubt that you can make a mistake!


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