An aerial view of NYC at night.|moving to NYC as a senior|central park|manhattan|taxi|A yellow cab to use after moving to NYC as a senior.|An aerial view of Central Park.|Two picture frames.
An aerial view of NYC at night.|moving to NYC as a senior|central park|manhattan|taxi|A yellow cab to use after moving to NYC as a senior.|An aerial view of Central Park.|Two picture frames.
Relocating to NYC
February 4, 2019

Pros and cons of moving to NYC as a senior

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Millions of people try their luck in NYC every year. Young people dream of living in New York City and enjoying the numerous opportunities this beautiful city offers. New York is a multicultural capital of the world where anyone can fit in. Nowadays New York has also become one of the most interesting destinations to retire to. If you are planning your retirement, consider the usual pros and cons of moving to NYC as a senior that Capital City Movers NYC present to you.

Is moving to NYC as a senior a good idea?

This is the question most retirees ask themselves while planning their retirement. However, this is a question only you can answer. New York City has a lot to offer to any visitor, no matter the age. However, there are numerous aspects of life in this city you should consider before making a big decision like this. In case you are the person who loves an active lifestyle and changing seasons, New York is the right place to be. On the other hand, if you don’t like crowds and heavy traffic, you may consider other beautiful and less crowded cities in the area.

An aerial view of Central Park.

NYC has amazing nature you can enjoy daily.Recent research shows that many retirees choose to relocate to New York. In case you are one of them, consider hiring NYC special moving assistance and make sure you have someone helping you through this process. Professional movers understand how relocations can be hard. They will make sure to protect your belongings the best way possible. Professional relocation specialists are great in organizing all those small details of your relocation. With them, you are able to enjoy the change and welcome the new chapter in your life.

Pros of moving to NYC as a senior

Active Lifestyle

No matter if its day or night, it is easy to find something to do in New York City. Even after you retire, you can enjoy this beautiful city's nature and amazing parks. It is easy to navigate and get to every part of town. There are numerous stores, boutiques, delis and marketplaces you can walk to with ease. This way you will get some exercise doing your daily chores. New York City area also has amazing nature, beaches, and parks. You can choose to enjoy and explore multiple recreational areas. Hiking trails, lakes, and the State Park will make you enjoy nature even more while being in the heart of the big city.

Culture and events

When moving to NYC as a senior, you may appreciate various cultural events happening everywhere. New York is home to the most amazing Metropolitan Opera as well as Broadway. If you live in the city center, you are always close to the best museums in the world. There is no shortage of opportunities for learning something new. The new language, skill or a membership to a book club around the corner can brighten up your social life.

Two picture frames.

In NYC you can enjoy art even when walking on the street.

Cheaper transport

Nobody besides taxi and Uber drivers drive around New York. Residents usually walk, use public transport and bikes. Being car-free may save you a lot of money when living in New York City, especially if moving to NYC as a senior. In case you are over 65 years old, you qualify for a reduced fair metro card. With this card, you can use the subway and the metro for a half-price.

Cons of moving to NYC for seniors

The higher cost of living

As we all know, New York is one of the most expensive cities. It is quite higher than a national average. In case you are deciding to live in New Jersey, your expenses will be smaller. However, the costs of living are still high. The Hamptons are a high-class destination area for those who can afford it. On the other hand, Middle Long Island life isn’t so expensive. In case you are moving to NYC as a senior and on a budget, you should consider cities like Deep Park, Glen Cove etc. In the end, if you can afford to move to New York, you will be able to experience this amazing city and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Heavy traffic

In case you need to drive your own car in New York City, you may experience heavy traffic and wait during rush hours. Most New Yorkers don’t even drive cars anymore. The parking is quite expensive, and there are long lines for pay tolls. In some areas, it is difficult to find a parking spot even with all the phone apps out there. However, if you decide to retire to this amazing city, you may decide to sell your car and save a substantial amount of money while commuting.

A yellow cab to use after moving to NYC as a senior.

Reconsider having a car in NYC because of the heavy traffic.

How to move to New York City with ease?

When moving to NYC as a senior, you should consider hiring a quality moving company to help you relocate. It is crucial you find reliable movers who specialize in moving with seniors. They can offer specialized relocation assistance and organize everything for you. Quality movers understand that moving can be quite stressful and a big change for everyone. For this reason, they tend to be understanding and kind when relocating or even packing your belongings.Professionals that specialize in moving with seniors offer complete relocation service. You don’t have to organize or plan any part of your move on your own. All you need to do is provide them with the information they need like:

  • The preferable moving date
  • Your new location
  • The additional services you may need like packing, crating or storage

Quality movers with experience use the professional moving equipment and tools to transport all of your belongings no matter how sensitive, heavy or bulky. They can also provide all of the packing boxes NYC you may need as well as other professional packing materials in case you decide to pack on your own. With experienced movers, you have insurance when moving to your new home.


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