Walking on the street after buying a home in NYC|New York|Sunny day in NYC|Paper boxes
Walking on the street after buying a home in NYC|New York|Sunny day in NYC|Paper boxes
New York CIty housing
April 1, 2019

Pros and cons of buying a home in NYC

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New York City. One of the biggest cities in the world. With millions and millions of people, both tourists, and locals. The city where hundreds of movies take place, with so many songs written about it. Some say that you're lucky if you're born in New York. But some say you're luckier if you have the opportunity to buy a home in New York. Buying a home in NYC is a big decision and a big expense. Here you can read some pros and cons of buying a home in NYC. And hopefully, this helps you decide whether you will buy it or pass the opportunity.

Cons of NYC

Let's start by stating the cons. Specifically, the cons of NYC. As we said, New York is a huge city with millions of people. Which means the city is loud and wild. If you're someone who is used to living in a quiet place, maybe New York will be too much for you. This city is literally crowded with people. And people who live in the Big Apple are living fast lives. Except when it comes to traffic. Traffic in NYC can be a living hell sometimes. So people use public transport a lot. Which means there are also a lot of people on the subway and on the bus. New York isn't always as nice as they show it on TV of course. There are bad and good parts of New York. And the bad ones are pretty bad.Many families choose to leave NYC because of all this and many more things. But of course, there is no such thing as a perfect city. Which brings us to Pros of NYC.

New York and people on the street

New York is a big city with many people.

Pros of NYC

As with the cons, there are many pros to living in a big city such as New York. Because the city is so large, it's very multicultural. Which means everybody is accepted and welcome. And because there are so many cultures mixed together, you can see and try almost anything that you can think of. There are many fun activities in the Big Apple so if you're moving with your partner you will never be bored.New York is the city of high fashion and modern art, so you will be shocked from time to time at how many unusual things you will see. And in New York, you have many opportunities. So many social events are happening each day. You will be able to move forward in any profession.

Pros of buying a home in NYC

We finally came to the stuff you're here for. Should you buy a home in NYC? Is home in NYC something worth investing a lot of money in? The answer is yes. Having any sort of property in New York is the best decision you can make. It's a city that is only getting bigger and bigger and even if you aren't planning on living in New York, having a home there will both take, and give you a lot of money. So many people want to move to New York but can't find a decent place for rent. If you buy a home in a nice area, you can rent it. And you will pay off the home in no time. After all, if you buy the home you can boost its value and you can always resell it for more money.If you have children, for example, having a home in NYC will be great for both you and them. What if they decide to go to a college in New York. They will have a place to live in and you won't have to worry about what's the neighborhood like and are they safe. Or you will have a home where you can go over the weekend to have some fun.Even though New York is really expensive, over the years anything you own in New York will just be worth even more.

Sunny day in NYC

Property in NYC will only be worth more over the years.

Cons of buying a home in NYC

If you're thinking about moving to NYC and buying a home immediately, we suggest you wait for a while. Rent a home for a month or two. Get to know the city. Go to open houses and try to find the best one that needs no fixing or remodeling. Everything from leaky toilets to roof replacements and property management needs to be paid for a lot. And though an increased value of your home is positive for your equity, it can lead to higher property taxes. Plus moving in New York can be really expensive if you don't find a good and cheap moving company, such as expert Westchester movers. A moving company will do it:

  • great
  • fast
  • for not a lot of money
  • safe.

Tips for moving to NYC

Moving in NYC can be really expensive. But you will definitely need a moving company. As well as moving supplies. We suggest you rent plastic moving boxes NYC because pollution is a big problem. You would throw away the paper boxes anyways. Plus it's much better to move with plastic boxes as your belongings will be safer that way. And you're helping the environment.

Paper boxes

Use plastic boxes instead of paper ones.Moving in NYC is probably more stressful than moving anywhere else because of the traffic. So make sure you start planning your move on time. Don't forget to look for houses in the best neighborhoods in you have children or pets. For your and their own good.


In the end, it's up to you to decide whether you want to invest a lot of money in a home. But remember that the value will only grow. But the downside is the taxes. There are many pros and cons so think very carefully about all the facts stated before buying a home NYC.


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