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Plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes|sign free|sign best quality|sign healty
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December 1, 2018

Plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes - which is better?

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Moving is a time-consuming process. Whether you are moving long distance or within the same city, protecting your belongings the best way possible will be a priority. The packing process is crucial to a successful move as same as getting the best packing materials and moving boxes. For this reason, you will question whether to buy plastic bins for packing your belongings or regular cardboard boxes. Use our guide and decide between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes for your relocation.

Where to find quality packing supplies for your move?

The essential part of your move is packing. To protect your belongings while they travel to a new residence, you should make sure you find the best quality packing materials. Keep in mind that packing materials are not just moving boxes or plastic bins, but wrapping paper, packing tape, markers for labeling, padding materials, etc. Before you decide between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes, you should know where you can find and buy them at any time. You can always visit a local hardware store.

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Movers will recommend that you use the best packing materials you can find. That is why you should ask them for advice.Bigger hardware stores in your area should have all the packing materials you may need for packing. However, during the busy moving season, you should check twice before making your final decision and buying plastic moving boxes NYC for packing. However, during the busy moving season, you should consult your moving company about the packing supplies you need. Most quality moving companies sell all the packing supplies necessary for any type of move. For this reason, you should contact your moving company and ask for any particular type of packing box you need.

Plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes - which are better for you?

Plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes are the question many argue about. However, deciding which type of moving box is better for your move will depend on your personal present needs. To make this decision easier on yourself, consider all the aspects of your move:

  • The time you have for packing. In case you are moving at the last minute, you may not have enough time to pack all of your belongings perfectly. In case you are moving in a hurry, you last minute movers will pack your belongings and provide all the packing materials you will need. On the other hand, if you have more time to pack, you will plan and choose between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes for your move.
  • Buying or renting packing materials. If you decide to rent plastic bins and other packing supplies, you may prefer plastic bins. The trick is that you may need to return them to the same store near your previous home. On the other hand, if you decide to buy packing materials, you may use cardboard boxes for any purpose.
  • The distance of your move can be a determining factor when deciding between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes. Long distance NYC movers with experience may include all the packing services and packing supplies in the final price of your move. Movers that specialize in long distance relocation will give you the best advice for packing your belongings when moving interstate or internationally.
  • Your budget will be a big part of your final decision. Using plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes is not always an option when moving on a budget. In case this is your situation, you may find free moving boxes or buy them used online. This way you will save money on packing supplies.
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  • Plastic bins are safer for the environment. You can recycle with ease.

Other factors that can affect your final decision

There are other considerations you should keep in mind when choosing plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes:

  • Use of storage. In case you decide to rent a storage facility to store your belongings for a longer period, you should consider both plastic bins and regular moving boxes. If you have any storage space in your home like free space in your garage or attic, using plastic bins may be more effective. After the move, you may use leftover plastic bins for your home storage or a regular storage unit. Plastic bins are great for storing belongings for a longer period.
  • Special moving needs may also be one of the factors that affect your choice between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes. If you are moving big and fragile items in your home like mirrors, mattresses, chandeliers, etc. you may need specialized cardboard moving boxes. There are used for packing specific items in your home. You may not be able to pack the same items safely using plastic bins.

Benefits of using cardboard boxes

Most moving companies and storage facilities recommend moving boxes for packing. You can find them in every hardware store and even online. Some sites like Craigslist offer packing boxes for free. When moving on a budget, free or very cheap moving boxes can come in handy for saving money on packing supplies. You can ask your neighbors and friends for moving boxes they won’t need and they will be happy to help. However, they may not be that eager to give you plastic bins they already use for the move.

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You can find used moving boxes for free. However, plastic bins might not be so cheap.Cardboard moving boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Using cardboard boxes of different sizes, you will be able to pack your entire home belongings without difficulty. There are cardboard moving boxes for specific uses – for packing mattresses, glassware, mirrors, chandeliers, etc. In the end, most movers use professional moving equipment that is fitted for transport of moving boxes.

Benefits of using plastic bins

You will use plastic bins when packing your home. They are waterproof and resistant. Plastic bins also don’t have to be put together and taped for security. This part may save you time when packing in a hurry. However, you will have to place labels rather than writing on plastic bins. Plastic bins or containers are easy to open, and you don’t have to use box cutters when you want to add something at the last minute.Having all these aspects in mind will help you choose between plastic bins vs. cardboard boxes with ease.


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