Plastic bin rental guide|Plastic bin rental|Garbage|Eco-friendly relocation
Plastic bin rental guide|Plastic bin rental|Garbage|Eco-friendly relocation
Relocating to NYC
January 30, 2019

Plastic bin rental guide

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What most movers know, and what few people seem to realize is that plastic bins exist. Most people only consider using regular cardboard boxes for moving. They know that there are different types of cardboard boxes and that they have multiple uses, but they never even take plastic bins into consideration. Well, to circumvent that fact, we are going to tell you all about plastic bins and why plastic bin rental can be the best way to prepare for your next relocation.

Plastic bin rental

Plastic bin rental can be a great way to deal with an upcoming relocation.

The benefits of plastic bins

As any competent mover can tell you, there are a lot of advantages of plastic bins that you need to be aware of before organizing your move. They are sturdier, safer and can even be cheaper than moving boxes if you know what you are doing. It is sad to see how many people do not know about the advantages of plastic bins and therefore suffer both financially and in the quality of moving. Do yourself a favor and at least get familiar with all the benefits that plastic bins can bring you before you decide on how to pack.

Multiple uses

The first that plastic bins have that cardboard boxes simply don't is reusability. Use your cardboard box once, great. The second time, eh.. ok... Third time? Well, you probably can if you are careful. Fourth time? Forget about it. Well, this is simply not the case with plastic bins. You can use them for as times as you like since they are made of much sturdier material than cardboard. As long as you do not jump on them, you are pretty much guaranteed that they will retain their shape and form throughout their use.


Plastic is more eco-friendly then cardboard? Well, no. But plastic bin rental is. The key thing here is the rental part. After using moving boxes people usually throw them away. If they are eco-friendly they will try to recycle them or at least throw them into recycling bins. But, even this is not as eco-friendly as not throwing anything away. This is why plastic bin rental is eco-friendly. You can simply return your plastic bins to the company after you are done using them. You cannot get much more eco-friendly than that.


The harsh reality is that most moving boxes end up in garbage bins, and do not get recycled.


Plastic bin rental often means that you will be using plastic bins for a short amount of time. But, this doesn't have to be the case. There are many uses for plastic bins around the house, and the reason for that is their longevity. If you choose to buy your plastic bins or rent them for a long period, you can be damn sure that they will serve you well. This is especially useful when you have to move long distances and you hire cross country moving services NYC. Most plastic bins are made from quality materials that are designed to last for years, if not centuries. With minimal care, you can make sure that nothing happens that to them and that they will remain in pristine condition through your use of them.


Can you stack heavy boxes on top of each other? No. Can you put liquids into them? No. Can you put small but heavy items into them and be sure that they won't rip? No. Well, are there containers that can do all that? It's redundant to answer. Plastic bins are as sturdy as you would like them to be. Not only can you stack them as high as necessary, but you can put in the things that cardboard boxes simply cannot hold. Liquids, dense items, sharp items, all of them can be safely stored in plastic bins. Keep this in mind, especially when figuring out how to utilize storage units.

Where to get plastic bins

Since so few people know how useful plastic bins are, there aren't many places where you can get them. Not all home depot has them, and the ones that they have are of dubious quality. What you need to do is to search online. People who know how useful plastic bins are, are more than willing to rent or sell you some. You can even find some on sites like eBay, but you should check their quality before buying them. Especially if they come at a lower price then you can find in local stores. You will be much safer talking to local movers. What you should also consider is getting plastic bins with your friends. All of you can buy a small amount of them. Then, when one of you needs to relocate, you can put them together and have enough for relocation.

Moving companies

Some moving companies do not care about plastic bins. They either think that cardboard boxes are the way to go, or simply do not want to expand their supply of moving equipment. Whatever the case, you need to find the ones that do provide plastic bin rental. Luckily, there are companies around NYC that can help you not. Once you go to get the plastic bins you should use the opportunity to get any and all advice you can. Most of the moving tips and trick cannot be found online, as they are too specific. If you are handling a move be sure to talk with the moving company as their advice can save you a lot of time and money.

Eco-friendly relocation

You can figure out with the movers how to make your relocation as eco-friendly as possible.

Is plastic bins rental worth it

In most cases, definitely yes. Renting plastic bins will cost you less than buying brand new moving boxes. Sure, you can try to get free moving boxes by asking around the stores in your neighborhood. But, how good their quality will be is questionable at best. When you rent plastic boxes you can be sure that no moving accident will happen due to poor container quality. Nothing will rip or collapse unexpectedly. What you see is what you get. And, what you will see is a sturdy container that will help you store your items safely.


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