Packing with kids can be fun|Kids playing|kids toys|notebook on the table
Packing with kids can be fun|Kids playing|kids toys|notebook on the table
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May 6, 2019

Packing with kids - how to handle?

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Moving home is not so easy as it seems. A moving process is often stressing and tiresome. You must think of many things and without a good organization, you might not get through. Especially if you are moving a big home and you have a couple of family members with you. Furthermore, if you have kids present while packing and preparing for a move, it can get tricky. And that is why we assembled this simple guide on how to survive before and after. Packing with kids can be fun and entertaining if we apply a few smart methods. Let us go through it together.

Good organization is the key to success

A good organization is the foundation of success. You need to work out the logistics in advance to avoid getting caught off guard. So, let us cover what must be done beforehand.

  • A moving date – It would be ideal if you can choose your moving date. Sometimes it just falls upon you and you have only a few weeks to act. Use the time you have wisely and spread the activities through the days ahead. Mark your calendar and get started.
notebook on the table

Set your moving date on time

  • Days off work Check out how many days off work you can get for such an endeavor. It would be good if you don’t have to think about your working obligations and focus on the move. This will prove advantageous especially if you are moving with a baby to NYC. In that case, you need a clear head and more time. A few days off work will bring stability.
  • Moving costs – You should calculate the moving costs in advance. You need to know how much money is needed for this event. Visit every segment of your move, do the math, and write it all down on your moving checklist. Set a moving budget and you are good to go.
  • Packing – This part of the move will take most of your time. You need to figure out the route through your home and decide on what goes first and what last. Also, you need to know which packing materials you need and how many. This is important when packing with kids since you’ll probably share this event together.

Packing with kids can be amazing. Prepare for it!

Everything can be twice as harder if you have small children between the age of five and ten. Smaller children ask for a lot of attention and entertainment. They get bored easily and begin to misbehave. On the other hand, older children are aware of the situation and they can prove quite helpful. Whatever is the case, you need to think of the safety aspects while packing with kids. Do not let them touch any hazardous packing materials, or scissors and box cutters. Give them a task that will keep them busy and provide a sense of involvement. For example, make a packing project and let them pack a box of their own. Packing toys for moving is a great idea, and your kid will love it. Playing while packing was never easier.

kids toys

Let them pack their toysYou can organize all kinds of games while packing. And moving boxes play a key role in this. You can make art projects out of cardboard, or even a fortress using leftover packing supplies. Or maybe to make a dollhouse for your princess. Also, puzzle games can be a distraction and a time saver as well. This will keep your child entertained and give you space to pack a box or two while they play.

Get some help when packing with kids

If you always want to be present while packing with kids, consider hiring a helpful hand. To enlist the services of a trustworthy yet affordable moving company is a real deal. It will allow you to use all the time to spend with your kids. This will affect their mood and keep morale high. Hence, do research and find yourself a moving crew that will do all those tedious things instead of you. Movers will provide services such as packing, unpacking, moving special items, storing, etc. Most of the services are lucrative and affordable. All you need to do is ask.Therefore, do not hesitate and check out the local movers NYC. You will for sure find a moving crew that will suit you best. Make a choice and utilize the services professional movers provide.

How to keep it positive?

Explain to your child that this period of your lives is something normal and it happens to everyone. Try to spin the situation into something positive and rather funny and adventurous. Use any distraction method you can think of. Play games or take your child outside for an hour and have a breather. Take breaks and keep your kids attention. Maybe to go to catch a movie or buy a new toy. Anything that can bring joy and create happy moments that will take your minds of relocation.

Kids playing

Have fun with your kids during the packingYou should always give your best and try to keep it positive. It is understandable that relocation is stressing. But your child will sense your emotional state and it will invoke the anxiety in them. So, give your best and try to be patient and understanding.

The physical and mental state of your kids

Children are fragile and such big events can shake them pretty bad. Moving house is a big thing, and children do not understand it completely. One thing they do, and that is the fact that everything is moving and changing. The hard part of it is that your child might not show any symptoms of moving anxiety or post-traumatic stress. This can appear later, and usually is invoked by the sudden big change in their small worlds. They left their friends behind and they changed school or kindergarten. Very small things can trigger the symptoms, not to mention something big like the relocation. To prevent or to mend this situation, you need to educate yourself on the subject. Research online or seek guidance from a school counselor.Also, think of yourself as well. If you are in good shape, you’ll be a better role model for your kids. You should help your kids cope with moving stress, but you’ll do it better if you are more stable. So, get rid of anxiety. Moving is extremely hard at times, and anyone can fall under pressure.This is the end of the educational piece we assembled for you. We are sure that packing with kids will be much easier than you anticipated. Remember, take it easy and take one step at a time. If you organize everything on time, there will be less chance to make a moving mishap. Good luck!


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