Cluttered office desk|||A girl writing on notepad|Shredded paper|A file cabinet|A girl writing on notebook.
Cluttered office desk|||A girl writing on notepad|Shredded paper|A file cabinet|A girl writing on notebook.
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December 22, 2021

Office decluttering hacks before moving

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How many times has it happened to you that papers from the table start falling to the floor? After that, you can't find the document you need right away among the remaining pile? As you rush to clean up the mess, you see that instead of the required paper, the envelopes you wanted last week have appeared in front of you! Thus, the time for relocation is coming and you are extra stressed. By using office decluttering tips, our Capital City Movers NYC can guide you. So, let's start!

Set a plan

If you are moving,begin as soon as possible. Starting with precise goals can help you decrease irritation and blockages, regardless of how much material you have to go through. It's pointless to pack and move stuff you're going to throw away in any way. Depending on when you want to relocate, set finishing dates for each phase of your cleaning. The duration of your task will be determined by the size of your workplace and the number of objects you have. In case you need some extra space to store your belongings, long term storage New York is always a good idea.

A girl writing on notebook.

Setting a timeline is one of the most important office decluttering hacks.

Remove everything

Before arranging, it's better to get everything off the table, shelves, and drawers. While doing this, you will immediately recognize certain items that belong somewhere else. Take the time to wipe down all surfaces and clear up your computer equipment now since your desk is clear. If you're still unsure if you can handle everything on your own and relocate, contact commercial moving companies NYC.

Sort items by category

Start organizing stuff by category once you've emptied every shelf and cabinet. Begin by organizing contracts, documents, and other papers because they take up the most space. Stick with it since this is the most time-consuming part of remodeling a workspace. Sort everything into piles or put them in boxes. We suggest using three boxes as an easy method for this phase:

  • Keep - This category is for things you don't even have to think about when office decluttering. Those are the ones you would never consider getting rid of.
  • Consider - You are hesitating, and that's okay. Anything you are not sure of can fit into this box.
  • Donate, recycle or throw away - Because letting go of our belongings is difficult, this will most likely be a box that begins off empty but fills up over time.

This is a very significant process because it allows you to re-evaluate exactly every item in your office. Don't forget to only keep essentials!

Office decluttering tips for paper

You threw a lot of it, even arranged to relocate by using the help of Soho movers, but still, there is a lot of unnecessary belongings. One of themain problems when office decluttering is a lot of papers.

Paper shredder

You should consider buying a paper shredder. It is a great tool suitable for home or office use. A shredder will help you to keep your paper clutter under control and protect sensitive data.

Shredded paper

A paper shredder is a necessary item in every office.

Office scanner

Also, we suggest investing in a scanner that will significantly minimize workplace clutter. Use it to scan documents, taxes, and other material. You may properly store these papers once they've been scanned, and you could even discover that you don't need a duplicate of them. The less you have the better.


Recycling paper significantly reduces the negative impact on the environment. Plus, it is also a process that is not so complicated. Put the papers in the bag and take them to the nearest paper recycling container.

Use organizers

Desk organizers are a necessary component of any office setting to keep your workspace clutter-free. Consider how many storage compartments you'll need when choosing an organizer for your desk surface. Choose a bigger one with many compartments if you frequently reach for a variety of tools (such as scissors, pens, and paper clips). If you don't want to buy one, you can always make mini desk organizers by yourself.Keeping your work area's surfaces clean is a good start. However, if your desk drawers are stuffed with trash, you haven't made much of a difference. Dividers for drawers and shelves are a must-have. They can be made from wood, cardboard, or any other material. Measure the size of your drawer before purchasing a divider. That is important for verifying it matches the area while also accommodating the goods you want to manage. Use small cups to store little items such as business cards and ink bottles. Don't forget to put paper dividers in file cabinets or you can use a vertical document holder.

A file cabinet

Use paper dividers for better organization of your file cabinet.

Keep it minimal

It is time to place your objects in their designated spots. You don't need 56 pens, 20 notebooks, and 10 staplers. A minimalist workplace will make you the most productive! Choose a few of your favorite objects to put on shelves, and one or two favorite photos to hang on your wall or put on your desk. Keep it simple by surrounding yourself with a couple of items that you love or that offer you comfort. Focus and organization should be the top priorities!

Declutter every day

After moving and arranging your office, you need to keep up with getting everything organized. Find extra time for tidying and putting stuff back in its place. That should be after your work time. Return objects to their proper locations - place pens in holders and put books back on the shelf. Clean off your desk and keep your environment orderly for longer by wiping every day. That way, your office will never be overcrowded.With these office decluttering tips, you are on the right path to maintaining an efficient and clutter-free workplace. It will make work simpler for you, and you will be happy as a result. Invest in extra storage choices if you're having trouble keeping track of your belongings.


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