Moving a piano requires the help of friends.|When playing moving Tetris - the piano goes first and on the bottom of the pile.|Are you willing to risk NYC piano moving by yourself or will you ask for professional help.
Moving a piano requires the help of friends.|When playing moving Tetris - the piano goes first and on the bottom of the pile.|Are you willing to risk NYC piano moving by yourself or will you ask for professional help.
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October 11, 2017

NYC piano moving tutorial

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You know how we all have that voice inside our head telling us what not to do. Well, in case you're not sure you have one, try going with the idea of relocating a piano by yourself. Next thing you know, that voice will be screaming: "Do not, I repeat, do not do that!". Many people don't actually stop to consider how heavy and fragile pianos really are - not to mention expensive. Add to all that the potential to hurt yourself by overdoing it and we've got all the makings of a bad idea. However, if you've already got your mind set on going through with this, we might as well provide you with this NYC piano moving guide. It might not solve all your issues, but it will definitely help minimize the risks.

Are you willing to risk NYC piano moving by yourself or will you ask for professional help.

It all comes down to choices - NYC piano moving with professional help or DIY.

Introduction into NYC piano moving 101 - consider professional help

No, seriously - why not save yourself a whole lot of money, time and effort and go with a trained NYC moving professional? This is something we urge you to consider, especially if this is the first time you are moving your piano. Why not just lay back, take down notes and remember for next time. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing any of the following four valuables in your life:

  • the piano - ultimately, this is the goal - moving this lovely grand instrument from one point to another. And in case that same instrument were to suffer any damage, task failed. And if that weren't enough, all other following values suffer the consequences.
  • your wallet - paying for damages and restoration of the piano might end up costing you almost as much as the actual piano.
  • time wasted - just as with anything else, time is a currency. And the value of this currency explodes when dealing with deadlines and relocation. So any time you end up wasting only costs you more later on.
  • your health - aside the potential injuries you might incur while trying to move the piano, consider the amount of stress you risk experiencing.

Persistent for the DIY option - NYC piano moving guidelines

Still set in your stubborn ways? No worries, we got you covered - here are some considerations for you:

Weight distribution is important

In case you ever wondered - pianos are really heavy. So like with any heavy and robust object, understanding the weight distribution of its parts plays a key role when moving it. It all comes down to maintaining balance during that NYC piano moving process. Now, the legs are not the issue since they are the lightest and least fragile part of the piano. What you need to consider is the interior of the instrument. Keeping the surface of the piano safe is easy enough with the right protective layering, but the inner mechanism is something else. In addition to this, the last thing you want is the piano flipping over on you or one of your friends. This is why need to understand the weight of the piano.

There is more than an "I" in NYC piano moving

Moving a piano requires the help of friends.

Make sure that you have the right set of hands for the piano moving job.Unless your last name is Kent and first name Clark, you'll need a team of people to help you out. And by team, we mean at least four. Two stronger players to help with the actual lifting and two support players to handle the equipment and navigate you as you go. Now, this is just the minimum amount of people - the more the merrier so get to calling friends.

Ensure you're dressed for the job at hand

Old comfortable clothes and sneakers - the uniform for any housework. Make sure that both you and your friends are dressed for the job, and that no one is wearing any jewelry or accessories they don't need. You're moving a piano after all - not shooting a NYC movers calendar.

Make sure that you piano is prepared and secured tightly

Piano moving entails the use of professional equipment and precautionary packing measures. When it comes to the gear you might need, consider the following:

  1. Heavy duty furniture straps - used for lifting and carrying items with a higher level of safety and ease.
  2. Furniture dollies - used for rolling the piano on flat surfaces.

What the precautionary measures involve is taking off the legs and moving them separately for an easier relocation. Next, the body of the piano should be properly covered with blankets and towels to avoid any surface scratches. The lid should be closed sealed tight, and stuffed with a blanket for extra safety. All this can be secured by using moving tape.

Time for the actual transportation of the piano

As previously mentioned, balancing the weight is essential when NYC piano moving. Not only does it ensure that all carriers bear the same burden, but it also minimizes the chance of internal damage. With each person carrying his load and the furniture dolly underneath as support, moving the piano to the truck should be a gentle and easy enough task. If there is a bump in the way, make sure to go slowly over it, wheel by wheel. And when you get to the truck, the bass keys side (left side) should be the first to go up the ramp. It is slightly heavier, so it is only logical that it goes first.*If you are located in an apartment and have flights and flights of stairs - do not play the fool. Take a phone and reach out to reliable NYC relocation experts. Playing the hero might seem like a good idea at first, but you will regret it later on. So why risk it when you don't have to.

Loading and positioning the piano in the truck

When playing moving Tetris - the piano goes first and on the bottom of the pile.

When doing a NYC piano moving job, the piano is the first thing you load onto a truck.When it comes to playing Tetris in your moving truck, the piano get priority along with the rest of the heavy category furniture. The deeper it goes in the truck, the safer it will be, so make sure it's one of the first things you load up. Once loaded in the truck, you will want to secure it by creating a barricade of boxes with stuff around it. This will keep the piano from suffering any heavier blows during transportation. And to keep it in place, make sure to surround it with other heavier objects (furniture, dressers, tables etc.). This way you will have a neatly packed truck, with the right padding in-between to keep all belongings in check.

NYC piano moving final touch - welcoming the piano to your new home

Before you go ahead and torture yourself with unloading the piano, make sure to find the right spot for it. You will need a space large enough for players as well as a smaller audience. After all, what good is playing if you don't have people to sing along with you. And given the fragility of the piano, make sure that it is placed next to an inner wall, away from cold and moisture.Take into consideration that the piano will need tuning after the relocation adventure it went through. However, you need give it time to settle into the new space before calling a tuner. So give your piano a month to adjust to the new home and then call in an expert to help you tune it into shape. Once all that is done, you'll be all set to pop a bottle of bubbly and have that home-warming party you planned for.


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