NYC home setup ideas||||NYC home setup ideas
NYC home setup ideas||||NYC home setup ideas
New York CIty housing
May 24, 2018

NYC home setup ideas

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Setting up a small apartment in NYC can be a challenge - few people know this better than Manhattanites. Real estate prices are sky high and even the smallest spaces command top dollar. Usually, you are left with very little money to redecorate your new home, which is ok. The rule of NYC real estate market is that if you find a diamond in the rough, snatch it! You'll think how to make it work later! A lot of it will come down to one simple fact, how creative are you? There are a lot of NYC home setup ideas out there, but we here at Capital City Movers will try to turn your attention to a refreshing new trend called "Minimalism", which works wonders in NYC conditions.Before we start, let us remind you that if you are looking to move to the "Big Apple", we highly recommend hiring reliable residential moving companies NYC. This is simply due to a fact that they know what they are doing and best of all you can relax knowing that your relocation is resting in safe hands.

NYC home setup ideas start with tiding up!

Hiring your local moving experts NYC will quickly show you that weight equals money in a move. This cost is multiplied by greater square footage in NYC real estate market. Therefore you are left with going through your things trying to "lower" the costs of everything. Manhattan is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and if you are not a gazillionaire, chances are you'll end up in a tiny apartment. This is doable as long as you are open to innovation and creative furniture setups.

NYC home setup ideas

Living in a small apartment is doable if you are creative with furniture setups.Number one advice is to tidy up your belongings before you even start packing. The less you own the better you will do in tiny NYC apartments. Once you get there consider ideas such as:

  • build vertical storage
  • use large pieces of furniture (yes you heard us right-large)
  • keep the space as light as possible
  • use full-length drapery
  • use multi-purpose furniture pieces
  • use wall-mounted lighting

NYC Minimalism is here to stay!

Millennials are known for many good and bad things and minimalism is one of the best things this controversial generation has embraced. That's why we think NYC apartment decoration ideas should start and end with this fairly new movement. But first of all, let's find out what Minimalism is. According to Amanda from "The Tiny Life" minimalist living is: "an all-inclusive lifestyle – having a minimal, clutter-free environment is a large part of it, but it’s so much more than that." And it truly is! It became a life philosophy, promising salvation from today's crazy consumerism world, where you live for status symbols and owning more "stuff." Minimalism offers the cure for this and no wonder it's flourishing in NYC.

NYC home setup ideas

Feel the minimalism!Hand in hand with this lifestyle is "Project 333" with a punchline that goes: "be more with less" and "simple is the new black". This is a fashion challenge that leaves you wearing only 33 items of clothing for 3 months, hens the 333 in the project's name. The 33 items must include jewelry, accessory, and shoes and will leave your closet space clutter-free as well as your mind. Don't be a slave to the fashion industry, you don't have to buy new clothing items every week to look good! Set your self-free with this simple but ingenious challenge and enable your tinny NYC apartment lifestyle.

NYC home setup ideas

Downsize your wardrobe with "project 333"If minimalism sounds like too much for you, but you are still intrigued, try having a clutter-free zone in your NYC apartment. This should be a safe space which will enable you to clear your thoughts and eventually you will be able to expand this zone until it takes over your entire apartment. Consider meditation as well, this is a big part of minimalist's lifestyle, one that will clear your thoughts and calm your body. No need to point out how essential this is for anyone living in this densely populated metropolis. Let us go back to NYC home setup ideas and offer you another innovative idea.

The lifeedited concept for NYC home setup

"LifeEdited" is a specialty consultant to homeowners, architects, and developers in an attempt to help them design compact apartments which are more financially smart. Not only is it financially smarter, but they also offer a "greener and more social" space than most of the market options out there. NYC home setup ideas should end with this company because they mastered the perfect solution. LifeEdited is all about designing small spaces to be multi-functional and sustainable, using the latest smart Eco-friendly technology and innovative solutions such as the Hufcor accordion door or home automation.

NYC home setup ideas

LifeEdited brings functional living to a new levelThe best part about this refreshingly new approach to designing your living space is how much fun it is! All you need is located in secret compartments in a seemingly seamless wall! From your bed to your work desk! You can move the wall to create a temporary guest-bedroom. LifeEdited made minimalism its trademark and almost all of their products carry this attribute. Without further ado, we will let LifeEdited founder Graham Hill give you a tour of one of their apartment concepts in Manhattan.We consider this one of the most compelling concepts for tiny apartments and big lifestyles. Graham Hill and LifeEdited's innovative approach is definitively one of the best NYC home setup ideas, and it all circles around the minimalist movement.


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