Moving to NYC with kids stress-free|moving to NYC with kids|||two teddy bears on the bench|kid playing on a swing
Moving to NYC with kids stress-free|moving to NYC with kids|||two teddy bears on the bench|kid playing on a swing
Relocating to NYC
July 9, 2019

Moving to NYC with kids stress-free

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Moving to NYC is exciting for you, but it could be less exciting for your kids. No matter how beautiful and the exciting new town is, leaving their habits, favorite restaurant, parks, school, and friends will make your kids sad. Even if you know that NYC will bring benefits to their lives, they are small and need time to understand that. If you are worried and you want to find out how to do moving to NYC with kids stress-free check our tips!

moving to NYC with kids

Unlike other cities in America, you can’t make a right on a red light in NYC, so pay attention to signs while you’re driving with your kids.

Moving to NYC with kids: Give them time to adjust

Moving to NYC with kids is not easy for you, but it is worse for them. In the beginning, they will feel sad because they are changing their home and leaving their friends. Moving is the biggest change in their lives. Small kids usually throw tantrums, and teens can become introverted, depressed and act out. That’s normal. You should pay attention to their emotional needs and give them time to adjust to change. It will take your energy but don’t be pushy. Explain to them why is it important to move to New York, and what benefits it brings to your family. Moving to NYC can become a nightmare if you avoid serious talks with your kids. Give them time to understand, and involve them in relocation! Ask them where they would like to live, ask them to pick decoration for their room and consider buying a pet.

moving to NYC with kids

When Moving to NYC with kids, let them meet and enjoy beautiful parks and kid-friendly places where they can have fun and meet new friends.

Choose the best area to raise your kids part one!

Moving to NYC with kids means you have to find the best area to raise them. As safety and peaceful life are important to your family, that should be a priority while you’re searching for a new home. Although, New York is the safest large metropolis of the US, with a crime rate per inhabitant even lower than the national average, there are still parts of the city with a high crime rate. Take some time to explore districts and avoid risky neighborhoods even if they are less expensive. Make sure to learn how to pack your household like a pro as well. Find the balance between safety and your budget and avoid stress. We are going to give you some hints. For example, New Jersey is considered the most affordable for families since average rent rate there is $1,850, while farther Easton, Pennsylvania offers rent of $1,250. The Bronx and Staten Island are considered the cleanest locations.

two teddy bears on the bench

Kids do not have stress endurance like we adults, have that in mind!

Choose the best area part two!

Manhattan and Harlem are the most popular areas, but very expensive and not so safe at night. If you are moving with kids, explore Battery Park City. It’s a neighborhood in New York City where most residents rent their homes, about 80%. Families live here because it’s really safe, peaceful, clean place with the great schools. Another great place for raising kids is Brooklyn Heights. The public schools in Brooklyn Heights are above average. Median Home Value $987,843 while the median rent is $2,212 which is much better than in Harlem or Manhattan. You can stroll with your kids the beautiful Brooklyn Promenade. Brooklyn Heights movers will ease your relocation if you pick this neighborhood for your new home!

Help them meet the best kid-friendly places in NYC

Changing their habits and routine is something that bothers kids the most. They will have to abandon their favorite playground and park and meet new friends in NYC. Moving to NYC with kids can be stress-free and easier if you take them to meet beautiful and kid-friendly places. NYC has a lot of fun to offer to all ages. Your kids may be reserved in the beginning, but they are going to love New York! You can take them to the Central park first. They can enjoy green areas and playgrounds, and most city parks in NYC offer free WIFI, so you can stay in touch with family and movers. If your kids love swimming and playing on the beach, there are many beaches in NYC where they can enjoy and play. Shores of Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island are going to be their new favorite places, and you can easily get there with public transportation. You can take them to Farris Wheel, Coney Island, Bronx Zoo, and teens and adults can visit museums and art galleries.

kid playing on a swing

Make sure to give your best effort to take care of your kids against moving stress!

Driving rules while moving to NYC with kids

Whether you’re moving to a small town or metropolis like New York, the safety of your kids is your priority. If you used to drive your kids to a school or park, maybe you will have to change that routine in NYC. Traffic jams are a common thing on New York streets. Sometimes you will need an hour to get somewhere in a car. While it would only take 15 minutes by subway. If you’re moving to NYC with kids, you should know that owning and driving a car is a luxury there. And for all that green in your home, make sure to learn how to pack plants for moving. Except for the fact that NYC is big and it’s not easy at all for newcomers to drive, there is a fact that most people in New York don’t own a car because it’s highly expensive. According to the U.S. Census, about 56% of New Yorkers don’t own a car!

Driving rules second part!

Before you move, check your budget and see if you can afford it. Besides, parking lots are rare and too pricey. If you still want to drive a car, pay attention to signs. Unlike other cities in America, you can’t make a right on a red light in NYC, except the very rare cases, and you will pay a penalty of $238 if police catch you. And if you’re moving with a baby NYC, drive carefully and patiently. But most newcomers will decide to use the subway, taxi, and Uber for driving with kids. And don’t worry, there are smartphone applications for everything you need! We can recommend Citymapper that shows your transportation options and even bike-sharing if you’re interested.

Moving to NYC with kids: Hire professional movers

Moving to NYC with kids is a real challenge and if you want to do it stress-free don’t try to relocate everything by yourself. If you are a newcomer and don’t know the town, you are risking to get lost and be more stressed than ever. And if your kids get nervous and start panicking, saving money will be a nightmare, not a good thing. As you saw above, driving a car and finding a parking lot in NYC is a challenge. Then you should plan your relocation ahead and hire reliable and affordable movers. Professional movers will pack your things fast and efficiently and ease your relocation. Besides, in NYC, commercial vehicles have certain privileges over regular drivers, especially when it’s about parking. They are able to stand alongside a vehicle that’s parked at the curb if there is no unoccupied curb space within 100 feet on both sides of the street. Professional movers will pack and take care of your kids’ bedroom and transport everything fast on your new address.


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