new york city skyline|establish a budget|moving to NYC for college|NYC apartment|NYC University
new york city skyline|establish a budget|moving to NYC for college|NYC apartment|NYC University
Relocating to NYC
September 13, 2017

Moving to NYC for college - tips and tricks

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Moving to NYC for college will be the most exciting period of your life. If you plan your time, money and activities on time, you will never forget it! When moving to NYC for college, make sure you establish a budget, so you can live a lifestyle that you can afford. Making it on your own implies saving money, getting around by yourself and becoming responsible for your actions.

new york city skyline

Moving to NYC for college can be the best time of your life!Before you decide to move to NYC for college, take a look at the following advice. These tips and tricks are basic get-around information, so you can take a full advantage of being a student at NYC University!

Dorm or an apartment?

Finding your own living space while moving to NYC for college is a big deal. That will be the place where you'll make it to the adulthood, and make lifetime memories. When choosing a space to live in, both dorm and an apartment have pros and cons. On one hand, in the college dorm, you will have no worries about rent and have your student friends close by at any time. On the other hand, renting an apartment will allow you to have your own privacy. Also, you would have to take care of your meals and rent payments on your own.If you decide on the apartment, make sure you start looking for one on time. Make a budget and look for NYC apartments that you can afford.

Choosing a neighborhood

If your finances allow it, you might choose to live in a rented apartment rather than sharing a room in a dorm. Looking for the right neighborhood in NYC is not an easy job. There are many factors that you should consider when looking for it.

NYC apartment

If you decided to rent an apartment in NYC make sure to choose the right neighborhood.

  • Think about the distance of the apartment to the University you are going to, and check the average time you will need for subway transportation.
  • Research NYC neighborhoods that offer the most student-friendly facilities
  • Consider your living habits – do you like to ride a bike or walk a long distance? If you are a fitness fan, choose a neighborhood that has lots of parks to run in.
  • Research apartment prices thoroughly. It is a known fact that living in New York City is not cheap. But looking for a spacious apartment that you can afford is not on every corner. Be prepared for living in a smaller apartment, and try setting the location as a top priority.
  • Decide on the way you want to move to NYC. If you are moving cross state or internationally, you should consider hiring professional movers to help you.

Moving to NYC for college? Find a roommate

Speaking of high rent of the apartments in New York City, most of the college students in NYC rent an apartment with a roommate. There is a good reason for it. Firstly, the rent is usually too high for one person to pay. Secondly, it is always good to have someone you can rely on. Besides, most college students make life time friendships with their roommates. There are many social networks and listings where you can find a roommate online.

Organize your free time

NYC University

New York offers so many offers and discounts for college students. Take advantage of them!New York City might never sleep, but a college student really should. If you plan your schedule the right way, you will manage both school and your free time. Moving for college in New York City will probably be the best time of your life. Make sure to use your time wisely. After you get your weekly lessons plan, organize your free time so have time for socializing, partying, and having enough sleep.

NYC offers so many deals for college students

There are many discounts in NYC for college students. Take advantage of them, and save your time and money.After moving to NYC for college, you should research all the activities that are cheaper for students or are completely free. There are many organizations that connect people of your age and interest.

Be careful with spending money

establish a budget

Before moving to NYC, establish a budget. Living here is quite expensive.Whether you decided to live in a college dorm or rent an apartment, you shouldn’t be spending money without limit. Make sure you make a monthly plan of all of your costs and establish a budget. New York City is full of possibilities for overpaying and spending too much. You should also consider that it’s the best to only buy things you will actually need. Separate your budget in two parts. Put some amount of money aside for basic need like rent, food, and transportation. The other half spent on other expenses, which will vary from month to month.

If possible, get a side job

Many NYC college students work besides going to college lessons. When moving to NYC for college having a side job as a student can have many upsides. One of them is having extra money to spend, of course. The other is to gain experience and feel self-satisfaction of making money on your own. Also, if you are lucky to get a job that’s related to your college studies, you will have some extra credit on your resume. On the other hand, if you decide to get a side job, make sure to organize well because it takes a lot of your free time for studying and other activities.If side job is not something you can manage, make sure you put every school related activity in your resume. That also applies to every volunteer work and internship.

Take advantage of this time of your life.

moving to NYC for college

If you organize your free time right, college life in NYC will be the best time of your life!Moving to NYC for college is exciting and it should lead you straight to your adult life. Make sure you enjoy this time as much as you can. Travel and socialize but do not party your way out of school. Try to choose friends that you can trust. It can become a friendship for a lifetime!


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