|Living with disabilities has never been easier|Getting moving tips for people with disabilities|Get the help that you need.
|Living with disabilities has never been easier|Getting moving tips for people with disabilities|Get the help that you need.
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November 6, 2018

Moving Tips for People with Disabilities

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People with disabilities have certainly faced their fair share of challenges over the years. It has been only recently that the state has done its part in helping people with disabilities in their everyday lives. For most of the history, they have been left to manage and handle their own lives. That is if they were not deemed a burden on society and got rid of. But, today, we live in the most kind and helping society there ever was. And yet, somehow we seem to forget that quite often. So, when you start organizing your move, you need to plan, get some help and hire the right movers. We will tell you all about it in our moving tips for people with disabilities.

Living with disabilities has never been easier

Living with disabilities has never been easier. You should really appreciate that fact.


Proper planning is the most essential part of your move. You need to approach it with due care and attention so that you from a plan that is executable and that takes into account your condition. Start planning your move at least a month in advance.

Disability benefits and services

There are some disability benefits and services that function nation vide. For instance, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) works and stays with you no matter where you move inside the US. But, you need to keep them updated on your new address. On the other hand, there are certain disability benefits and services that only work in the confines of a particular state. For instance, the HRA moving assistance is only operational in the state of New York. So, you need to get yourself informed, especially if you are moving to a different state. The amount of care that the state provides for people with disabilities can vary and you need to know which agencies to talk to.

Financial aid

There are many agencies, like the HRA moving assistance, that offer financial aid to disabled people. But, there is always a process to get that aid. What you need to do is find the agency that is going to provide you that service and start your procedure as soon as possible. You can't start your procedure too soon. Find out what is necessary and start gathering your paperwork right away. Leave yourself enough time for mistakes and mishaps.

Proper Packing

Most of the moving mistakes and mishaps happen because of improper packing. Therefore, one of the biggest moving tips for people with disabilities is to pack as they have never packed before. Start off by getting enough packing materials for a well-sorted packing. You need to have everything sorted into proper boxes so that the unpacking will go without any issues. You should easily find free moving boxes NYC and get your things ready. Make sure to properly sort, label and prepare everything so that there is a minimum risk of mistakes and confusions.

Hiring the right movers

Since the amount of tasks you are able to do so is limited, one of the better moving tips for people with disabilities is to find the right movers. Come moving day, they will either be your best friend or your worst enemy. And you really find to find the ones that will be your friends.

Getting moving tips for people with disabilities

You will get the best moving tips for people with disabilities from reliable movers with experience.

How to look online

Start off by doing some online research. Look for movers that are respectable. That means that you need not risk working with young companies that are only now learning the skills of the moving business. Find someone who has a lot of years of experience and who will provide you with a good service. What you especially want to avoid are the suspiciously cheap movers. Scams are known to happen in the moving industry, and bad moving companies prey upon people that look like they won't pose much of a problem, such as people with disabilities. Do yourself a favor, and find respectable movers with good online reviews.

What to ask during the interview

Once you have narrowed down your potential movers, you need to talk to their representative. There are a couple of questions we suggest you ask them so that you will have a better idea about who you are working with. Start off by inquiring if they have had any experience with moving disabled people and how they managed it. Proceed to ask them if they have any moving tips for people with disabilities. This will show you how competent they are and how honest they are. A good mover wants to offer you are good service at a fair price. And if that is not respectable, we don't know what is.

Get multiple estimates

But, what is a fair price to pay for a move? Well, if you want to find that out you best get yourself multiple moving estimates. A minimum of three is required for you to have an idea about what is fair. The more you get, the better of an idea you will have. As we said before, do not rush into working with movers that are way cheaper than the competition. Also, read the moving contract carefully. There are always going to be some hidden moving costs and you will end up paying the same if not more than you would pay for a respectable moving company.

Final moving tips for people with disabilities

Living with a disability can be difficult. People start looking at you with patronizing eyes and seem constantly sad because of your condition. A lot of people become resentful because of this and start proving that can do everything on their own. Don't be one of them. We all need a helping hand from time to time, and suffering needlessly because of your pride achieves nothing. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, get the help you need and make your life easier on yourself. Rember, that that is what everybody does.

Get the help that you need.

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