|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC
|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC|Moving supplies NYC
NYC Special Moving Assistance
April 23, 2018

Moving supplies NYC-tools of the trade

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A great part of any type of relocation is moving supplies NYC. If you get this part right, everything else will go smoothly. Don't underestimate the task in front of you. Many people get lost before they even begin accumulating everything they need for a successful move. There are so many different packing and moving supplies out there so our task will be to seep through all of them until we are only left with golden nuggets of advice. Hopefully these you will then use as a healthy base to build your moving adventure on!

Moving supplies NYC

Moving will be easy if you get the moving supplies right.

Where to start building your own moving supplies NYC?

Start at least 4 weeks before and try to visualize your move. Are you hiring professional movers to handle everything for you? Moving and storage NYC impose daunting tasks on anyone who is trying to tackle this two giants of relocation. A lot of people are ready to pay more and have a professional moving company do all the work, leaving them stress-free. Just imagine the troubles of loading a truck during NYC rush hour traffic (which is all the time), the splitting headache you will get trying to figure out how and what and where...what to pack! Hiring a local professional company, who is experienced in moving to New York City, will make all the difference.

Hiring professionals, moving supplies-check!

Hiring professionals may sound more expensive but think twice. How much do you value your time and mental health? Professional companies offer a whole package, everything from making a detailed blueprint of your move to providing all the necessary moving supplies NYC to packing and unpacking your boxes for you. Also relocating from NYC poses problems of its own, such as the horrendous traffic! You need someone really experienced to deal with loading a truck in this environment and then getting around it asap.

Moving supplies NYC

Hire professional just to avoid dealing with NYC busy streets!

DIY approach or "get it yourself"

If you are a type of person that gets anxious for spending more money than they should, you probably want to look into ways of getting the moving supplies NYC yourself. Any packing job begins and ends with boxes, making them the most important item on your list. You want to get as many free cardboard boxes NYC as you can! A good tip is to get smaller boxes for heavier items and bigger ones for lighter stuff. Never overload the boxes so they can be closed evenly, also don't leave them half empty because that will make them sustainable to collapse under the weight. Check convenience stores for free boxes, Starbucks will have leftover boxes twice a week. Liquor stores are great for small boxes with dividers, perfect for your wine glasses. Scout your neighborhood on "trash day" for used boxes or look out for people who recently moved in. They will probably be happy to get rid of their used moving supplies. You can always go online and rent used boxes. This is a cheaper alternative to buying plus it's environmentally friendly.

List of must-have moving supplies

Moving supplies NYC

Have a list at hand of things that you need.

  • Boxes, small, medium, large
  • Box cutters
  • Scissors
  • Plastic containers, perfect for reusable storage at your next address
  • Tape, duck tape, tape for labeling, shipping tape
  • Permanent markers for labeling
  • Packing material such as bubble wrap, newspaper or use your own clothing and sheets
  • Blankets, felt pads to protect furniture and floors from scratching
  • Rope, bungee cord to keep heavy furniture in place
  • Protective glows
  • Dollies and hand trucks
  • Basic cleaning supplies

Moving & tricks of the trade

Once you have chosen your preferred way of moving and you acquired your basic moving and packing supplies, it's time to learn how to use them.Before you even start packing, be merciless and get rid of as many unnecessary things as possible. Trash, donate, give, just leave it! Make the most of every box by wrapping fragile items into your own linens. Every leftover space can be filled with socks or rolled up items of clothing. Don't seal the boxes until the day of move in case you forgot something. Assign a specific color to every room and repeat the color on boxes from that room. Once you are at your new home you will know exactly where what goes. Use "stretch wrap" to protect your furniture from getting dirty during the move. Don't forget that the fewer boxes you have the fewer trips will movers have to make and the less expensive it will be.

Moving supplies NYC

Double tape the bottoms of your "heavy" boxesPacking supplies are a crucial step in any move no matter how big or small it is! Don't forget the golden rule in the art of relocating-less is more. Plan ahead, do your research right, start early and stay focused. If you follow our wise advice you will be set to succeed! New York City is a treacherous terrain to navigate while trying to move from one place to another. Moving supplies NYC is one of the rare things you get to control in this whole situation, so it is crucial you do it right!


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