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August 2, 2022

Moving outdoor items tips and tricks

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Outdoor items are probably the last thing that comes to mind when planning a move. It’s maybe easier to start packing outdoor items than indoor ones. That's because outdoor items aren’t usually as much and may not require too much time compared to indoor items. In today's article, we’ll be discussing moving outdoor items tips and tricks.

Keep in mind that outdoor items may sometimes be too heavy to move alone, so asking for help from family and friends is essential, or better yet, hiring professional packers and movers with outdoor moving experience to do the work for you.

Have a plan ready before moving outdoor items

7 tips and tricks:

  • Clean the yard
  • Pack away none heavy items first
  • Declutter
  • Dismantle furniture
  • Pack in boxes
  • Don’t forget lawn furniture and yard equipment
  • Outdoor toys

Clean the yard

The first step is to clean your whole yard and clean out all outdoor items that need a thorough cleaning. An example is a bbq stand, table, etc. Cleaning essentially, helps you clear out all trash making it easy to see what needs packing or throwing away.

Have proper outdoor cleaning supplies, but if you don’t have them, don't worry you could always rent them. This will result in making cleaning less straining. Cleaning takes a lot of energy, so ensure you have eaten. Stay hydrated throughout the whole packing process.

Pack away none heavy items first

The perfect start is packing away the “easy to carry” items. Remember to buy the correct packing supplies before you do this. None-heavy items are a chair cushions, foldable chairs, small plants, etc.

Hire professionals if you aren’t able to pack away or move heavy furniture and items. If you cannot afford it, however, ask for help. Do not move anything heavy by yourself!


This goes hand in hand with cleaning. Once you are done cleaning out everything, consider what you'll keep and what you'll be selling or giving away. You can sell items you don't need on different mobile apps like Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, etc. This will make you a bit of money since moving is expensive. If that is too much admin for you, give the items away to family and friends.

Dismantle furniture

A lot of outdoor furniture can be dismantled, which is great because it will save space in the moving truck and will make it easier to carry. Start with the least complicated items to preserve your energy for heavier items.

Other furniture may be complicated to dismantle. That is why it is important to save all your assembling manuals when you buy furniture so, it's easy to do this. Remember to clean everything properly before dismantling. Put all the little screws and nails in zip lock bags so, they don't get lost. Put everything you’ve dismantled in the same box to make it easy to unpack.

Examples of items that may need dismantling are:

Bbq Stand

Outdoor heater

Portable swimming pool


Pack in boxes

Boxes for outdoor items should be included in your packing supplies checklist. Go to your outdoor home store and ask an associate what type of boxes you should use for the different outdoor items you have. Also, buy other packing supplies like bubble wrap, furniture blankets, tape, etc.

If you still have boxes from some of your outdoor items. Use those to pack and save yourself some money.

Some items or equipment may be too big for boxes thus, it is good to have a packing supplies checklist so you can buy blankets, wraps, or whatever is needed for that specific item.

Don't forget lawn furniture and yard equipment

Ask for help when handling heavy items

Don't forget to pack lawn furniture and yard equipment too, and like we’ve been saying this whole article, first clean your equipment before packing. Safety is also important when packing any items, especially outdoor yard equipment. Turn it off, wear gloves and ask for help if you aren’t sure. Safety should come first.

If you have plants that you love and want to take with you, ask your moving company if they can transport them. When you do this, consider the distance because it may be a bad idea to take some of your plants with you as they will need some “TLC”. The best thing to do would be to buy new plants when you get to your new home and start afresh, especially when moving across the country.

PRO TIP: Always have a first aid kit handy when packing items!

Outdoor toys

Toys also need some cleaning before packing starts. If there are old toys you haven’t used in a long time or if the children have outgrown some of the toys, give them away, donate them, or sell them. Some examples of outdoor toys to sell are:


A swing

Jumping castle


Once all the above steps have been completed, clean your outdoor area for the last time to ensure it is in good condition for the new owners.

In conclusion

Moving house is a lot of work and made worse if you have a bigger home and more outdoor items especially, heavy ones, and are alone. Don’t try to move everything yourself if you are struggling. Ask for help from family and friends, or let professional movers do it for you.

Remember to protect yourself by wearing appropriate clothing like loves while moving your items and outdoor equipment. Be sure to buy the correct packing supplies. Start slowly and pace yourself, especially if you have a big yard. Include outdoor items in your budget.

Not sure how to move or pack your outdoor items? Capital City Movers will gladly do that for you. Our professional packers and movers are ready to make your move smooth and stress-free. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE at (718) 619 4881, and visit our website for more information on our services.


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