|Packing and unpacking services NYC|prepare all the documents
|Packing and unpacking services NYC|prepare all the documents
Relocating to NYC
August 18, 2017

Moving to Manhattan: renting an apartment on a budget

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You might be one of those people who think that living in New York is a dream come true. If you are moving on a budget you need to figure out basic do's and don'ts concerning moving to Manhattan. It's highly recommended to go and check out the New York before you move. Get the feel for Manhattan, Brooklyn and Central Park. Try to imagine yourself living there. But don’t let yourself be too overwhelmed. Renting an apartment on a budget and getting around in New York is not that hard as one might think. Here are some guidelines and pieces of advice that will make your job much easier.

Moving to NYC

Moving to Manhattan - make a plan

Making a plan for moving to NYC on a budget is the most important step. You always have to plan ahead when you move. Some might say that New York is the capital of the world and you have to be prepared for it, so you avoid the common NYC moving mistakes. Making a plan to move to the Big Apple is a big decision so you have to consider all of the factors in play.When moving to Manhattan you have to do many things yourself and don’t be fooled, it won’t be easy at the beginning. But with careful planning and a little bit of luck, you can make it happen. When moving to Manhattan you should consider the time of the year when you want to move, the necessities that you need to have with you, savings, moving costs (if you decide to use moving company services), renting a storage unit etc. Capital city movers offer a wide range of services that can help you move stress-free.

How to rent an apartment in New York

Packing and unpacking services NYC

When moving to NY, living with a roommate can save a lot of money!First of all, renting an apartment in New York is very expensive. The Big Apple is by far one of the most expensive places in the world to live in. When moving to NY, you have to decide if you can afford to live alone. That is not the cheapest option because you have to pay fee to your realtor. The easiest and most common option is for you to live with a roommate and to share your living space and expenses. When moving to Manhattan, living with a roommate can be a good thing. You get a person to spend your time with and you make a friend.If you have friends in New York you can always ask for them for help and a place to stay before you lease an apartment or find a roommate. In finding the roommate and the apartment in New York, numerous phone applications and web sites could be very helpful.When searching for an apartment in New York you should consider the following questions:

  • What kind of person are you comfortable living with?
  • Would you consider living with a roommate who is a smoker?
  • How do you feel about living with pets?
  • Do you need a laundry unit in your apartment?
  • How do you feel about your roommate bringing friends late at night?
  • How far the nearest subway station is?

When moving to Manhattan, the best advice is to start looking before you organize your move. You should be able to search for an apartment from your home using Zumper or Padmapper applications. You can join social network groups to connect with other people searching for a roommate.When searching to rent an apartment in New York you should:

  • Speak to a roommate or a landlord face to face, if possible
  • Ask for as many information as you can about the apartment
  • Ask about how safe the neighborhood is
  • Put up an add to look for a roommate
  • Search for the no-fee opportunities
  • Search for an apartment in winter time
  • Check out the cafes, laundry rooms and other neighbor places in your preferred area. Some of the older landlords don’t use internet and usually leave flyers there.
  • Check for possible noise levels
  • Check the distance to grocery stores, parks, gyms etc.

Essential documents you should prepare

When looking for an apartment and a roommate in New York City, you have to be prepared and on your feet. It's important to have all of your information ready to send and provide when needed. Cheap apartments in New York are very desirable to many people, but many of them get leased quickly so you have to be fast. Standard applications for leasing the apartment consist of:

  • Proof of employment or a letter from your employer
  • Reference letter from your previous landlord
  • Electronic or printed pay stub that shows detailed list about your pay
  • Tax returns as reports of your calculated taxes
  • W-2 form that show salary paid by employers to employees as a confirmation of payment and employment
  • Bank statements that show your bank transactions over a period of time
  • Photo ID (license or passport)
prepare all the documents

When searching for an apartment in New York, make sure to prepare all the documents on time.If you have difficulty finding the apartment to your liking and in your price range, be open minded. Consider other neighborhoods in the city. Take some time to find an apartment in New York and be persistent. Don’t rush with your decision and take the first apartment that you see. You have to consider the amount of time you need to find an apartment that is most suitable for you. Don’t put yourself in a position to pick a place that you are not happy with. It can get pretty pricey if you run out of time for your search.

You found the place. Now what?

Narrow your search and pick a few favorite apartments. Go to meetings with landlords and roommates and talk to them face to face. Be friendly and polite to people you talk with but still be careful. Be prepared and have your money and your documents ready. Keep in mind that many landlords are open to reducing the rent cost if you agree to do some repairs around the apartment, pay few months in advance, take care of the property, clean the building, vacuum, paint etc.When you get into the apartment check electricity switches, water pressure and check all the appliances. Make sure they are working correctly. Always ask to see previous bills from previous tenants and ask for a reference to contact them if it’s possible. Remember that the more options you have, it’s more likely that you'll find the apartment you are looking for.


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