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July 2, 2022

Moving during peak season in NYC

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Peak season is the busiest for moving in New York City and this is especially true for most states and this is because it is during the summer months. Summer months are from April through October. Most people prefer moving during peak season because it is warmer and more convenient. Both peak and off peak seasons have their pros and cons. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t move when you want to. We will give you a few tips for moving during peak season in NYC to help get you prepared and make your move stress free.

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New York CityPlanningWe cannot stress this enough, planning is important so you know exactly what to do and where to start. Start planning everything regarding your move. This includes a floor plan checklists, a packing checklist, moving supply checklist etc.Plan a budget for your move and try not to exceed that. Prioritise on essentials and don’t waste time and money on extra stuff you don't need. Saving some money during a move is good and you could use that money towards your new home.Start earlyStart packing as early as possible. We recommend at least 4 weeks before your moving day. Doing this on time will help with moving stress. Even if you’re planning on having professional packers pack your stuff. Have them come in weeks before you move.Find a moving company earlyMoving companies are extremely busy during peak season and the reason for that is that most people try to use the warmer weather to move and there’s international students coming in and out of NYC for exchange summer work and therefore needing apartments/ houses to move into. Other students are starting college and making this season the worst time to move especially July and August.If you can, don't schedule moving day on a weekend or holiday. During the week is better, there’s less traffic and less people. Being in NYC unfortunately can be a con when it comes to traffic as it is always busy. The best thing would be to try make your move as early in the morning as possible to beat traffic and especially if you have to make more than one trip.You should also keep in mind that peak season is expensive as moving companies charge more and much more expensive if you're moving on a weekend or holiday. Most long distance companies are fully booked months in advance. Make sure you find a moving company early so you don’t get disappointed.Avoid weekendsLike we said before, avoid moving on weekends. They are super busy because everyone is outside enjoying the weather. Try make your move in the middle of the week and during the month instead of the end or beginning of the month.Apps to sell stuffUse apps to sell items and furniture you don’t need, this will help make packing easier. There are so many apps that you could use from the comfort of your own home. Examples of theses apps are Facebook Marketplace, Dclutter, Mercari and more. You can sell items you no longer need.If you are unable to sell your old stuff, throw them away so you don't get charged a lot of money because long distance movers usually charge by weight. So the less you have the better.Stay hydratedThe summer months are quite hot so it is important to stay hydrated while packing and on moving day. Heat stroke is one of the many effects that could happen and it can be fatal. Take care of yourself and always have a bottle of water handy at all times. Staying hydrated will give you more energy and help you focus. We all know that if you’re dehydrated, you tend to feel tired easily and sometimes can be out of breath especially if you’re active and in this case if you are packing and going back and forth around the house.Ask for helpAsk family and friends for help. This will make packing go faster and it’ll keep you company so you don’t get bored and demotivated. If you are unable to get help then it is best to hire packers to help pack your stuff and if that’s not an option, then start packing early and make sure everything is ready before moving day.Allow yourself enough time to pack because waiting till the last minute is stressful and you have a chance of forgetting important documents.

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Ask family and friends for helpGet yourself ready for the heatYou may never expect how hot it can actually get in NYC. That’s why you should always check the weather and brace yourself for the heat. If you have air conditioning, use it while packing. Use it in the moving truck if you're renting one or in your car just to keep cool and prevent yourself form overheating.Another tip is to have iced water ready around the house and in the car/ truck. The best option would be to move very early morning before the sun is at its peak which is usually around 11am-4pm. Wear a hat, some sunscreen, sunglasses and don’t wear anything long sleeved.PRO TIP: If you have a pet especially a dog or cat, place them in a cage on moving day so they don’t escape while you’re busy moving. This is because the door is almost always open when moving furniture so securing your pet is recommended. In conclusionNew York City is a very busy city and I’m sure we can all agree. Peak season is the worst time to move especially in a big and popular city like that, therefore it is crucial to be ready for your move early and once you have a moving date. Start early and follow the above tips to help you make your peak season move a bit easier.Avoiding traffic by starting early morning. Moving in the middle of the month and taking precautions for the heat will definitely help. Capital city movers is here for your moving and packing needs. We offer a wide variety of moving services in and around NYC. Call us on (718) 619 4881 for a FREE QUOTE and visit our website for more information and for more moving tips and tricks that will help make your move stress free.


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