create an inventory of all your household items||
create an inventory of all your household items||
Interstate Movers NYC
November 2, 2017

Moving between states - Quick guide

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When moving between states, there are so many things to consider, even if you are moving just one state over. That makes it important to research the best interstate moving company NYC for your needs. The main areas you need to pay attention to are each company’s range of services, years of experience, and available resources. We are offering you a quick guide of things you should do if you are an interstate mover NYC. If you've finally come round to escaping the harsh urban concrete jungle that is New York, congrats!

Moving between states

If you plan on moving between states, you have your work cut out for you. Capital City Movers NYC will take care of your move.You need to know what to look for in a relocation company and how best to spot a fraudulent NYC moving company. Moving between states is sensitive and expensive work for any professional, let alone amateur. So why not save yourself the stress and trouble by simply finding great NYC interstate movers to handle all the work for you? After all, would you rather have experienced hands handle your prized possessions or some guy you found on Craig's List?

Moving between states services

Doesn't matter if your moving needs are big or small - Capital City Movers NYC provides special packing and unpacking services that you can choose to create your personal moving solution. We offer moving and storage services that include full-service packing and handyman services.We are full-service interstate movers. Our team can also help you with short-term storage, vehicle shipping, and more solutions for interstate moving. Also, we offer online shipment tracking so you can find out the status of your interstate moving shipment in real time. Whether you are moving to a neighboring state or one that is not that close, Capital City Movers has the resources, and expertise to ensure a flawless move anywhere in the country.

What services can you expect from full-service great NYC interstate movers?

create an inventory of all your household items

Before packing everything into boxes, create an inventory of all your household items with descriptions of their condition.Good interstate movers will offer a wide range of extra services because they want to meet the demands of their clients. These are just some service packs that you can come to expect:

  • packing + provision of packing supplies
  • unpacking + recycling of packing supplies
  • disassembly / re-assembly of furniture and other large possessions
  • special handling of extra-value and fragile items (piano, chandeliers, pool tables etc.)
  • shuttle service

Find reliable interstate movers NYC

It is absolutely normal if you overheard people talking about bad moving experiences from other people out there. They find a seemingly professional moving company, only to find themselves scammed or with their possessions stolen or damaged in the end. Horrible business indeed. And something you surely do not wish occurring to you. This is why you need to know what to look for in a relocation company and how best to spot a fraudulent NYC moving company.

What is a moving scam?

A moving scam is a fraudulent activity by a certain moving company. In this situation are used unlawful tactics to get more money from their clients. And, of course, its all about the money. The better you understand the different types of moving scams, the more protected you will stay from moving company frauds. And those scams could really hurt your moving budget.

Find interstate movers NYC on the internet

Internet Moving referral lead sources can be more than useful. If you are moving from NYC to another state, you can find good interstate movers on the internet. But, there are some things to keep in mind whether it is a “find a mover” website or “rate a mover” website. Here are two main types:

Find a mover website

Make sure you are dealing with a reputable, licensed provider with interstate operating authority.

Before hiring a moving company for your interstate move, you’ll want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable, licensed provider with interstate operating authorityMost of these moving websites have a list of movers that “subscribe” or pay to get the leads. If you type your details into one of these websites, the moving companies will contact you. Just remember that the movers are there because they have been paid to be there. That doesn’t mean that they are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. And it doesn’t mean that they are even close to you. If you do visit a “find a mover” website and submit your information, just remember to make sure the mover is licensed. Check the Better Business Bureau Rating of the mover you have chosen. Also, check out the Moving Associations in your neighborhood. When moving between states, you have to verify the movers’ competence and rating. Can movers from a “find a mover” website be good movers? Surely, just make sure you check them out.

Rate a mover website

On “rate a mover” website people get to rate the mover. Then, the mover gets a grade. In this type of mover’s search the movers do not come to you, you have to contact them. These websites are based on opinion and little verification is done by the websites themselves. They are generally done on an honor system. You can always post a negative review about a mover if you are not satisfied with their service. Besides that, don't forget that companies can publicize on these sites. This way, they are giving themselves a leg up on movers who can't spend the money for a wanted position. Just like with the “find a mover” websites, the “rate a mover” websites are a place you can start looking for a mover when moving between states, but not the final step. Always pay attention and look at more than one review.

Compare offers

Once you have gathered all of the estimates, compare the offers of the interstate movers NYC. Take a close look at the high bids and see where extra costs are coming from. Now is the time to go online and check out those who you are interested in. Make sure first that the contenders are in your state. Also, find out how long they have been in business. You should keep in mind that some movers have databases online but if they don’t call the number in the government pages of the phone book.

What is the best way to compare seemingly great NYC interstate movers?

Now that several interstate moving representatives have visited your home and given you their estimates, time for the selection. How does one approach eliminating choices here? Easiest possible way we recommend - cross-comparison analysis of price estimates. Check for the lowest prices in addition to the extra services offered by all companies and then go eliminating one by one.


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