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September 30, 2022

Making space for a baby in small NYC apartment

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 Well, the majority of apartments in New York City are tiny. If you’re moving from a bigger space, you may find the apartments here a bit shocking. Making space for a baby in a small NYC apartment is possible, and requires planning.

Moving into a small apartment with a baby needs critical adjustments and compromise. Babies need a few things that require space, and this may be an inconvenience in a small place, but it is doable.


Before buying any furniture or items for the baby, think about what you will need and how you’ll use them at home. Don't buy anything you’ll only use for a short period. Buy things that you’ll use long-term and items that will save you space.


Make a list of all essentials keeping space in mind. A list will help you better plan things and will also help you with your budget. There are numerous essentials that you can get around to tweaking and fit into your home.


Baby’s bed

Get an adjustable baby crib to fit your apartment



Think about the space in your bedroom or the nursery for acrib. This should be the first thing in your mind. Look at the room and determine where you would like the crib to be.


Parents raise their children differently. Some parents prefer to co-sleep; while others prefer buying a crib for their children. Whatever you decide to do, ensure it is safe and comfortable for both of you.

There’s a wide selection of cribs to choose from, and the great thing is that these days cribs come in all shapes and sizes. You can getone that will fit into your small apartment.


The different options can be found at a baby store. There are cribs that you can adjust to fit a newborn baby and are adjustable for when the baby grows up. You should get a crib that turns into a toddler bed if you have enough room and want something smaller because of the space in the apartment.


Get a crib that has multiple uses too. An example would be buying a crib with drawers to keep the baby's clothes or diapers in.


Portable baby furniture


High chair - Limited space makes it difficult to get a regular high chair for the baby. A high chair is essentia, and with a small space, you can get one that attaches to the table. A portable high chair is great because it is easy to carry, and you can take it to restaurants, a relatives’ house, or anywhere else with you.


Foldable bathtub - Newborn babies need a small bathtub. You can get a portable bathtub that you can fold and place it by the bathroom wall. Most baby stores will have different ones, and the choice is to pick one that will fit your house. This is great because it will save you space.


Easy fold stroller - Buy an easy fold stroller that you can carry anywhere without the hustle. Get a compact, durable and good-quality stroller. There’s a lot to choose from, so get one that suits your lifestyle and one that you can put in your home without taking up too much space.


Flannel caddy - This is the most underrated baby product and yet the most useful. Diaper caddies are great when you don't have enough space cabinets in your apartment to keep diapers, medication, and all baby essentials throughout the house. The caddy carries everything conveniently. You can take it anywhere around the house.


Declutter - Get rid of anything unwanted. Start decluttering as soon as you can before the arrival of the baby. You can use different online apps to sell stuff. Give some items away to family and friends or homeless shelters.


Decluttering will make more space in your apartment and help you clean the house. If you would like to keep some items, you can rent storage space to keep what you don't need at that moment.


Space for yourself


With a newborn, and organizing the house to accommodate your bundle of joy, you shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself. Mental health is a big deal when you have a baby. Most parents tend to neglect themselves when they have a baby ( especially women). That can have a negative effect on ones parenting skills.


Remember that even though you have a baby, you still need to make some time for yourself. From going out to get some air (which you should do). You can make space for yourself in the house. Make space for putting on makeup or doing your skincare routine if that’s something you love doing.


Another good idea is a little place in the kitchen (if you like cooking or baking) that is just yours, or even a corner where you go to read or watch something in peace.


Make some space for self-care in the apartment




hurtApartments in NYC can be very limiting when you have a baby in the house. It is, therefore, best to make space and try to be as accommodating as possible. Remember to ask for help from your partner or family and friends when arranging furniture and handling anything heavy. Take care of yourself first, and keep you and the baby safe.


This stage of your life is such a happy time. You should embrace it as much as you can. It won’t be an easy journey, but it is well worth it.


Life is so convenient these days that there are things made to accommodate everyone in terms of preference and living situations. Nothing is just standard anymore, which is a good thing. So that means you will find furniture that will be perfect for your small home.


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