|a basement - decluttering before your NYC move|a laptop|a help button
|a basement - decluttering before your NYC move|a laptop|a help button
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January 15, 2020

Last-minute decluttering before your NYC move

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Moving requires a lot of things to be done before the moving day comes. You have to be very considerate and include everything important in the move. Especially when moving with a baby NYC. On the other hand, it sometimes happens that you just do not have enough time for everything to arrange and prepare. That is the reason why people have trouble with things that they have to pack. If you are in a hurry and do not have that much time to prepare everything, then learn how to finish decluttering before your NYC move!

Why is decluttering before your NYC move important?

We assume that you find packing a very boring thing to do. Well, in order to pack properly for your move, it would be best if you can declutter beforehand. Decluttering before your NYC move will lower down the number of things that you actually have to pack and transfer to your new home. More stuff usually brings more mess and more packing materials that you will have to use.There is another good thing about cleaning before your NYC move. There is a high chance that you have more things than you actually need. Are you always thinking about what to do with them? Well, this is a perfect chance to get rid of them and bring only things that you will need in the future.

What to do with things that you do not need?

People usually throw everything in the trash. There is no need to throw something perfectly usable in the trash. Just because you do not need it, that does not mean that someone else could not use it. Donation is the perfect solution for you. Clothes that are usable are a very good way to make some organizations happy and richer for a couple of things.

Where should you start?

It is always a dilemma about where to start. Especially if you have a large house. The thing is that you should make a checklist and cross as you finish thing by thing. Even though this is not a rule, you may consider using a specific order when decluttering before your NYC move:

  • Highest clutter
  • Medium clutter
  • Kitchen and bedroom

Start with the highest clutter

It is a very bad thing to start with the easiest room in the place. Since you are already limited on time, it is always better to start from the room with the most clutter than to leave it last. This way you have enough time to declutter everything there and go to the next room. Also, the time you still have lets you make any changes if you want to.Rooms that have the most clutter are usually basement or attic. They usually require cleaning too so can now see why it is always better to start with these rooms.

a basement - decluttering before your NYC move

Start with rooms with the most clutter like basement or attic

Move on the rooms with medium clutter

Now that you have finished room with the most junk in the house, move on to the rooms with less. Depending on the size of your place, you may not even have these rooms. On the other hand, if you live in a house, you still have work to do. These rooms are usually guest rooms, auxiliary bathroom, etc.

Kitchen and bedroom

You should always leave these two rooms the last when cleaning before your NYC move. It is very important to say this because some people make a mistake and declutter them first. These are two rooms that you will need until the last day in the house. You would not want to have to declutter them again. Once you get to decluttering, you should not still declutter and pack everything at once. As you can see that moving day is becoming closer and closer, speed up and finish everything.

Take breaks

Decluttering and packing usually go together. They can consume that much energy that you start making mistakes. One of the worst things that you could do is not to label correctly or not to put things where they should have been. By the time you realize this, your local movers NYC may be on their way to your house.In order to avoid this confusion, you should take frequent breaks so that you could regenerate a little and relax. You could watch an episode of your favorite show or just lay on the bed for a few minutes.

a laptop

Take frequent breaks!

Ask for help!

When having little time to make things perfect, there is a high chance that you will make some crucial mistakes and ruin everything. Small space to maneuver usually gets us so in order to avoid this, ask for help! No matter whether the help is a family of a friend, the important thing is to split the job into several parts. Of course, you should not believe that your help has done a good job. Be sure to check the job done so that you can know if there is something else that they may have missed. Even though your friend or family member may not take any money, you should be a good host and make some food and beverages. That is the least you can do.

a help button

Ask for help when decluttering


Last-minute decluttering before your NYC move is troubling. When you know that there is no room for you to correct any mistakes, things become very stressful in no time. That is why it is always better to plan properly and avoid this kind of scenario in the future.Sometimes we just can't predict future and you have to declutter at the last minute. If that is the case, we hope that these tips for moving to NYC will be of help and that you will not accumulate a big amount of stress before the moving day. After all, the moving day has its own challenges and you should be able to work with them the best you can!


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