Job hunting NYC can be as easy as a stroll in Central Park, given the right tips.|Finding that inner strength and motivation is essential.|Your resume is your image - make sure it is spotless.
Job hunting NYC can be as easy as a stroll in Central Park, given the right tips.|Finding that inner strength and motivation is essential.|Your resume is your image - make sure it is spotless.
Relocating to NYC
October 9, 2017

Job hunting NYC - guidelines

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You know the saying - wanna be a rock star, you gotta live the life style. You can apply that to the decision to relocating to New York as well. Because if you are looking to move and function as part of the Big Apple, you have to have an income first. And we all know what that means. No, not taking your parents' hard-earned money and living the dream, but actually finding work. You see, at one point or another, we are all forced to grow and getting a job is just one of those many stepping stones. So get out to some job hunting NYC style, and in case you still need training wheels, here are some tips.

Job hunting NYC can be as easy as a stroll in Central Park, given the right tips.

Job hunting NYC offers a wide range of possibilities - you only need prepare and look.

Job hunting NYC - learn to walk before attempting to run

Whether this is your first job hunt or just a transfer, one thing is certain - New York is a whole different ball park. Don't get me wrong, opportunities lurk around each corner, but so does competition. You have to be aware that you are not the only one that decided to turn to NYC patronage. So the sooner you understand the challenge you are dealing with, the more time you will have to prepare.

First step of the job hunting NYC process - re-examine yourself

Before getting into serious search for work, you need to ask yourself what it is you are looking to do. Even if you've finished a certain college, there are still plenty of paths to choose from. And your first serious job can very well determine the direction of your career. So think long and hard on what it is you want to do in life, and then use that as a foundation that you can build on. Not certain where to start:

Finding that inner strength and motivation is essential.

The thing to remember is that you are not alone - guidance can be found everywhere around you.

  • Consult with family and friends - icebreaker for most newbies. Think on the experience that can be found in your parents and friends of the family and start from there. Find people with a wider point of view on life and get some useful insight from which to develop.
  • Take a look around - the needs of the people influence the development of the market. As times change, so does the popularity of certain professions, so you either adjust or get stuck and left behind. Search the web for current hiring trends and see where your set of skills fits best.
  • Consider professional guidance - for those of us at a loss for inspiration and motivation. There are life coaches nowadays that can help you find that spark. Next thing you know, you are on your way to job hunting NYC above and beyond.

Securing the right tools for job hunting NYC

You might think that finding work is as simple as opening the browser and applying for the first thing that comes up, but it's much more than that. It's a simple example of offer and demand, when you think about it. The employer has a demand for a certain set of skills and traits, and you need to match that with what you have to offer. And the three things that can best prepare you for this:

Your resume is your image - make sure it is spotless.

Having the perfect resume is your way into any NYC job interview.

1. Having an up-to-date and professional resume.

This is the deal - your resume and application is what gets you through the door for the interview. It is the image you wish to install into people before they even get to know you. This is why it is important that you take as much time to perfect your resume. So what you need to do is find as many examples of resumes as you can and identify the one best suited for you.

2. Finding the right pitch for the talk.

No matter how unique you might think you are, you're not. There will always be someone with the identical or similar skill set applying for the same job as you. This is why you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Once you're resume has gotten you through the door, it's all about impressing the employer. Consider what you might be able to offer that no one else can and bring it to the table.

3. Information is power.

The modern world is constantly changing. So if you want to succeed and stand out, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Job hunting NYC will be much less challenging if you are armed with the proper knowledge of what it is the employer, as well as their competition is looking for. Once you have all that, it all comes down to making them understand the asset you could be.

Second step of hunting for work in New York - be fearless

Okay, now that you've got the tools and the plan, time to get down to business. So it all comes down to the approach you are going to take. And here it's important to stay persistent - if you truly want something, never be scared to go for it. So here are some solid pillars to help get you where you need to be:

  • Never be so cocky to only apply for one job. Being confident is great, but it does not necessarily mean that you will get every job you apply for. So make sure to send out several applications and schedule a couple of interviews before opting for the first that comes along.
  • Don't limit yourself to downtown New York only. NYC is one of the largest cities in the world - meaning that you shouldn't go expecting a Times Square corner office. Instead, explore the boroughs of New York a bit and carefully decide on a part of town where you might imagine yourself.
  • Make your relocation part of your background story. Everybody is a sucker for a good background story nowadays. So why not incorporate your decision to move to NYC into your pitch, and by doing so secure a bond with the employer.
  • Take an interest into the company you intend to work for. Nobody expect you to learn the company history by heart. However, it never hurts to read up on some basic information before going in for an interview. It not only helps you avoid ambush questions, but it also gives you a corner to work from.


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