include your kids in the unpacking process by giving them boxes to carry|an angry child|kids' room|room plan
include your kids in the unpacking process by giving them boxes to carry|an angry child|kids' room|room plan
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August 10, 2019

Include your kids in the unpacking process

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Moving with kids has evolved from a skill into an art form. Sometimes, it can be so tough to deal with the smallest members of the family that not even movers NYC know what to do! This is because moving is a stressful process - and it is even more stressful for your children. In order to fight that, you need to find ways to include them - and what better way to do that, than to include your kids in the unpacking process? But how do you go about doing this? Can you create something new out of a tiring chore? Once you are in your new home, the last thing on anyone's mind would be unpacking. In this article, find out how to get your kids' help in this process!

Moving is stressful on your kids

One of the most important things you need to understand about the moving process is that it is stressful. Of course, if you have ever moved before, then you already know this. Even if you did not, moving being stressful might be a no-brainer. Of course it will cause stress - look at how many things you need to take care of! So now, take that stress, multiply it, and try to deal with it. This is what your kids are going through. This is why you need to try to make your moving to NYC with kids stress-free as hard as you can!

an angry child

Moving can be stressful on a child.When moving, you are very aware of why the process is happening. Maybe you are changing jobs, or your work is taking you across the country. Perhaps your lease is up and you just realized that moving to another city will bring a cheaper lifestyle. Your kids, however, don't have this luxury. They might be too young to understand it, or they are going through their teenage years and they will just want to rebel. Nevertheless, you need to understand them.Children rely on their support systems. No matter how much they complain, they actually like their schools, teachers and friends - even if it is because they are used to them. When you tell them you are moving, you are basically plucking them out of this system. They will be losing all the ties they have, from friends and neighbors to their daily activities. This can be quite stressful for them, and the main reason they rebel. So what can you do to make moving with kids easier?

Include your kids in the unpacking process to help fight with the stress

In order to help them deal with this stress, you need to be open about them. Don't be afraid to show them that this is a stressful period for everyone - but keep in mind that you still need to be firm. They need to understand that you are there for them, but that the move is still happening. The best way you can do this is to include them in the moving activities - for example, to include your kids in the unpacking process.

room plan

Plan out the room with your child.This way, you are doing two things at the same time. First, you are giving them some sort of agency. From needing to rebel or protest, now, they might feel the need or responsibility to do the best job with the move. You are also keeping their hands full, so they will be preoccupied with other tasks - like finding the perfect plastic bins - instead of throwing tantrums.However, you still need to be very careful with the tasks you give them. Moving is a complex and complicated process. Your children might be too young or too irresponsible to do a certain task. You need to be smart about what you assign them. It needs to be something complex enough to occupy them, but something that's also simple. You do not want them doing important tasks that can mess up your moving experience - or prolong it!

Let your kids handle their rooms

The best bet would be the include your kids in the unpacking process of their room. They can also pack most of the stuff up - so they will know exactly what went into each box. Even before the move, you might want to sit down with them and plan what their new rooms will look like. This will not only get them excited for the move but might bring some creative solutions to the problems you had with children's rooms before.

kids' room

Leave your kids to handle their own room.Another thing that you can do when you want to include your kids in the unpacking process is to get them to deal with the unbreakable items. Of course, you don't want them unpacking every single unbreakable item you have - but a portion of a room might be enough to keep them busy. This is not the same as dealing with fragile items - you don't need to be extra careful not to break them. Instead, you kids can dive right in, unpack and sort them out.To conclude, there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of when moving with your children. The biggest worry, though, is how to help them deal with the moving stress. The best way for this is to include your kids in the unpacking process. This way, you are giving them a lick of power, and something to keep them busy. What's more, they can help you by unpacking their rooms or your unbreakables, while you deal with more fragile items. This way, you are speeding up the moving process, and you have happy children and stress-free moving experience!


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