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October 9, 2022

How to reuse moving boxes for Halloween costumes

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Halloween is around the corner and is an exciting time filled with thrills, terror, and fun. Why not take it up a notch and make it even more exciting? If you have just moved or have old, unused moving boxes and don't know what to do with them, it's the perfect time to learn how to reuse moving boxes as Halloween costumes.

Old (but in good condition) moving boxes will save you money, and you’ll have a fun activity to play, especially if you have children. You’ll need a few supplies to make these costumes, so stock up, and let's make some costumes.

Get the kids involved with making costumes

Spongebob squarepants

Grab some scissors, paint, and some tape for this costume. Use a box that fits the size of the person you're making the costume for. Allow room for movement to be comfortable when wearing it. Completely cut out the base of the box and a small circle at the top for the head.

Using a marker, freehand a SpongeBob face and draw it out, color the box and allow it to dry. To add a little extra excitement, make other SpongeBob characters if you have leftover boxes to make a group costume. That should be much more fun.


You can use multiple boxes for this, depending on the type of robot you want to make. Cut out the shape of the robot. Use aluminum foil to wrap the robot or use silver paint if you prefer. You could also use a marker to draw the eyes.

Get creative with robots and have fun. Make robot hats, hands, legs, etc. if you’re looking for inspiration or insight, refer to Instagram or Pinterest.

Rubik’s cube

This is an easy and practical costume to make. You’ll need a few coolers and markers. Use a large box big enough to fit a person, and start with the outline, then paint all colors of the Rubik’s cube. 

It would be fun to make two costumes, one of a solved and one meshed Rubik’s cube. This is a great and fun costume.

Toy Cellphone

You’ll have to take time to make this look like a cellphone. Used different colors to mimic a real toy cellphone. Your little one will love this. 

Traffic light

Grab a few small boxes or a large one to make this costume. Use clear tape to keep the boxes together. Paint the desired colors. Use glow-in-the-dark paint if you can to make things a bit more fascinating. The glow is great for trick or treating at night.

An astronaut costume made out of moving boxes

Milk carton

Keep this costume very simple by using 2-3 colors. Cut out the shape of a milk carton and start painting it to your desired colors. Ensure you can walk while wearing it and make room for your head. A creative idea for your head would be to paint yourself or your kids as a straw. Also, use another box and make a straw shape, tape it together, and color it.

Play around with different ideas and enjoy.


If your kid is a fan of iPads. This is the perfect cost-effective costume. Cut out the box and paint a black border around it. Print out iPad icons and stick them on the box to resemble an iPad. Don't forget to paint a background before sticking any icons on.

Barbie in a box

This one is for little ones who love their barbie dolls. Have them dress as their favorite doll and cut the box to make a frame. Use paint to make it as “barbie” as possible. Let the kid or an adult be the barbie in the box.

Use cling wrap as a cover for the front of the box, and ensure that the box has holes so you can breathe.


This is probably one of the easiest costumes to make. Use a large box and paint it white with black dots to resemble a real dice. Make a costume for each family member with a different number of dots on each box.

Robot costume

Costume ideas for adults

Adults also need to have fun too and enjoy Halloween. If you are a parent or an adult that enjoys dressing up for this holiday, why not make yourself a costume and join in on the festivities? You can use the ideas mentioned above too.

Here are a few costume ideas you may find helpful:

Tetris costumes

You’ll need a few boxes to make the shapes, some tape, and paint for the different shapes. This costume is funned you can make Tetris shapes for the whole family and play a merging game. 

Cookie box

Now, who doesn’t love cookies? Making a cookie box costume is fun. You’ll need a few large boxes, cut them to the desired shape and size, and paint them like your favorite box of cookies. 

Case of beers

Well, this is one for adults! A case of your favorite beer. This can seem like a complicated costume to make, but it isn’t. You’ll need paint, tape, scissors, a box cutter, and markers. 


Whether you make a Tetris game costume or a cartoon character for your child, Halloween is all about having fun. Get all the correct supplies you need from a craft or office depot store. Use the leftover unused moving boxes to save yourself money. 

Remember to put safety first. If you make any costume that covers your head, make holes for breathing and ensure the box has enough space for movement.

With other holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas slowly approaching, we have some amazing moving tips for this season. Call us at (718) 619 4881 for more information and a FREE QUOTE, and visit our website. Trust us for a swift move this season, and happy Halloween!


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