A man trying to rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor|A person signing the contract|A handshake|A group of lawyers
A man trying to rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor|A person signing the contract|A handshake|A group of lawyers
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January 24, 2021

How to rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor

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In case you wish to rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor, you will need to do it right. For starters, you will need to find someone you can trust. A guarantor, in essence, is a person who can guarantee for you. This can be due to many different circumstances. Let us say that you are currently unemployed and you wish to rent an apartment in NYC. Your landlord, for example, might want a guarantee that you will be able to pay rent on time. So, you call someone who will serve as your guarantor, and that person signs the rental documents as well. So, if you, by any chance cannot pay rent, the guarantor is supposed to pay it instead of you. This is only one type of guarantors. To learn about others, feel free to read our guide!

Why should you rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor?

As we have mentioned before, some people might need to have a person who will guarantee that they will be able to pay rent on time and that nothing will go wrong. This is one of the most commonly used types of guarantor services. The best part about this one is that you are supposed to provide one. So, you will not be paying someone to do it for you. That is unless you make an agreement with your guarantor who can do this for money, in return. So, the goal is to have someone you can trust and, possibly, not pay to help you out with your apartment. Once you manage to do this, you can safely contact some Brooklyn Heights movers to help you relocate.

A person signing the contract

You will have to sign a contract before you do this

Having someone who can vouch for you can be really good. For example, if you are dealing with a stern landlord, you might need to have a guarantor. The landlord does not know you, and they might be worried that something will go wrong. For all they know, they might be letting someone into the apartment, and that someone might never pay rent or steal something. So, they will need to make sure that they will not lose anything by renting out the place. This is where a guarantor comes in. They will be the ones who will talk to the landlord in your name and take full legal responsibility for your actions. Some people demand guarantors, others do not. But if it happens to you, now at least you know why.

What kinds of guarantors are there?

Of course, you can have several types of guarantors when this is concerned. For starters, you can ask your future landlord to save you the apartment for a month or so and that you might need some time to acquire the finances to rent it out. This will also mean that the landlord will NOT accept anyone else into the apartment. Your guarantor will then make sure that the landlord does not find someone else. They will also pay the landlord for that time and you will pay the guarantor back. There are professional guarantors, but you will have to be really strict when dealing with them. You should, by no means, be late or miss your payment. Otherwise, you might find yourself some amazing movers to relocate you out of NYC as quickly as you got there.

A handshake

Find someone you can trust for this

Your guarantor will also need to be older than 21 years and younger than 80 years. They will also need to have a substantial amount of finances on their bank account in order to serve as guarantors. This also serves to show the landlord that your guarantor is eligible to serve as your guarantor for the place you are trying to rent. Moreover, your guarantor will also need to submit documents about their financial status just to make everything legal. After all, your guarantor is legally responsible for everything you do, so the landlord will have to make sure that your guarantor can cover the expenses in your name if it comes to this.

Things you need to do in order to rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor

You cannot simply say "this is my guarantor, I want your apartment". No, you will have to make sure that your guarantor is not only eligible to be your guarantor, but that your potential landlord will also accept them as your guarantor. So, you will need to talk to your potential landlord about anything. Only after you manage to do so and get the apartment for yourself you should proceed with your relocation. After all, if you find some really good storage facilities NYC, you can keep your items there for a long time. So, if this was ever your problem, you should make sure that you think about something else. For example:

  • Will the landlord accept your guarantor? No one says that your landlord has to accept your guarantor. They might demand someone older or with a steady job position, a hefty bank account etc. So, your landlord is the one who should accept someone as your guarantor and they have the final say in this. Also, make sure to build a good relationship with your landlord.
  • If you do anything wrong, your guarantor will have to deal with the consequences. If you, for example, do not pay the rent on time, the bill will arrive at your guarantor's address. so, they will have to pay for your rent. This is the sole purpose of having a guarantor. However, do not abuse this - you might lose a good friend by doing so.
A group of lawyers

Your lawyer should be able to tell you more about legal bindings


Overall, you can rent an apartment in NYC with a guarantor. However, you will have to pick someone you can trust. Moreover, that someone should also trust you before they accept to be your guarantors. This means that a guarantor is, usually, a close person in your life. A family member, a best friend, a relative, etc. Nevertheless, make sure that you learn what we have said here today. Then, you will have no problems with this one. Good luck!


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