A guy who knows how to relocate a pool table standing besides a pool table|||
A guy who knows how to relocate a pool table standing besides a pool table|||
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June 20, 2019

How to relocate a pool table?

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Moving a household can be a tedious business. Especially if you are a proud owner of a pool table. These things can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and are not quite designed to be carried around with great ease. Their bulkiness and weight make the moving process rather heavy on the inexperienced individual. That is why, if you want to relocate a pool table, hiring movers like Brooklyn Heights Movers is strongly advisable. Besides saving you the alarming changes of injury, you will also keep your peace of mind knowing that the pool table itself will remain unharmed.Still, we understand that the lack of resources (be it time, money, or both) can result with you deciding to call up a couple of strong friends and take care of this project on your own. If this is the case, further lines will prove to be quite useful. With them, you will learn how to take the right approach when it comes to relocating a pool table.

1. The stone age is long gone

What we mean to say by this subtitle is that you do not have to rely solely on your two hands. Use of tools has been popular since the stone age, and that period is long gone. Utilize the advantage of living in a time where technology flourishes. Get some proper materials and moving supplies, that will make your pool table relocation simpler and more efficient. Besides the standard toolbox, you will need a power drill, screwdriver, socket wrench, and plenty of thick moving blankets for protection. In order to avoid misplacing or losing any part of the pool table, make sure to label the boxes in which you stored them.

Regular tools

Get your tools and get ready to relocate a pool table.

2. Using your bike to relocate a pool table might not be the wisest decision

You can understand why this is logical. Your car is also not the best way to go. Think bigger. A moving truck. Apart from being able to fit your whole household, it will have plenty of room for your pool table. Just make sure to load it so that the majority of your items are behind the driving area, and equally distributed to both sides. It will help keep the vehicle stable during the ride.

3. Put your friendships to a test

Ever wondered whether your friends truly care about you? Here's an interesting and fool-proof test: ask them if they would relocate a pool table for you. This ought to give you enough people on board, as long as you are the least bit likable. And, having that you are still reading this text, we would say that there is a lot to like about you. Besides, you will need only but a few friends, no more than 5 (family members included). If you have to navigate through particularly narrow doorways or hallways, consider hiring a moving company once again.

4. Measuring tape to the rescue

Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways that lead from the room where the pool table is at, all the way to your moving truck. This will help you assess the maneuvering it will take for you to move this monstrosity. Make sure to cover your doors and floors with the intent of protecting them from any damage during transportation.

A measuring tape.

When measuring, make sure to keep the doors open, and measure the frame that way, instead of when the doors are closed.

5. The fun part

And that would be the disassembly. With your tools and your friends, it ought to be swift and fun. You would first remove the table's six-ball pockets. Take out the staples that keep them in place, or remove them with a screwdriver (depending on the technique used to assemble them). The rails will be easy to remove with a socket wrench. Simply unscrew the bolts and gently remove each side rail.As for the felt (having that it has been stapled down), use a staple remover and be careful when extracting each staple. After you've removed it, packed away, you would devote your attention to your pool table's slates. Now, keep in mind that the slates are heavy. For reference, a one-piece slate weighs around 450 pounds. So, having that you gathered all the manpower you could, saving your back the strain and injury will be highly probable.After the pockets, rails and slates come the main body and legs. To relocate a pool table properly, you will have to remove each pool table leg from the main structure. To simplify this task, turn the main body of the pool table on its side, or upside-down.

6. A bit less of a fun part

Now you want to wrap every one of those parts in a bubble wrap, moving blanket, packing paper, or any other protective material. Slates are particularly sensitive to damage, so pay enough attention to them. Once the pool table is loaded into the moving truck, make sure to drive carefully, so as to avoid shifting and even breaking while in transport. If you have a particularly long road ahead of you and are not sure of your driving abilities, consider hiring cross country moving companies NYC.

An open road

Longer roads can be tricky and tiresome. Do not restrain from asking for help if you are not 100% sure in your abilities and capabilities.

7. The grand reassembly

Now that you have safely arrived at your new home, the time for the reassembly has come. The rule here is simple: you should put it back together the opposite way you took it apart. Reattach the legs to the main structure, and the slate and felt on top. All the rails and pockets ought to follow. Adding the field, admittedly, can be tricky, so make sure to leave it to the professionals, if you are struggling.As you can see, to relocate a pool table you will need some brains, as well as some brawn. Still, it is not impossible. So, buckle up, get to work, and happy travels!


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