Paper waste for recycling|Waste in a container|Not throwing away the boxes as a way to reduce waste and recycle when moving
Paper waste for recycling|Waste in a container|Not throwing away the boxes as a way to reduce waste and recycle when moving
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January 18, 2021

How to reduce waste and recycle when moving

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Reducing waste and recycling has become the imperative of modern living. There have never been more people on the planet in history than today. And on top of that, people have never consumed more than they do today. We consume everything, really. Mostly the things that we don't really need. We eat more than we should, drink more than we should, and spend money on silly stuff. We are particularly conscious of it when we move. Then we realize how much of the things we have we almost never use. A byproduct of our consumption and moving is waste. Plenty of it. Therefore, it's important to reduce waste and recycle when moving. Especially if we're moving with a baby NYC. When moving with a baby to NYC, our waste production will go through the roof. As cute as they are, babies are tireless waste factories that work 24/7.

Reduce waste and recycle when moving by using eco-friendly packing materials

The packing material we use when we move reflects our environmental consciousness. Unfortunately, eco-friendly materials are seldom the cheapest option. Still, it's in the best interest of our children and our children's children that we use them. Environmental issues are the real issues, that may soon become alarming. Opt for eco-friendly packing materials and give your small contribution to the planet's longevity.

Waste in a container

A byproduct of our consumption and moving is wasteThe use of standard, cardboard moving boxes is not the most eco-friendly solution. Even though it's the easiest one. There are companies specialized in producing moving boxes made out of recycled materials. Ask around and see if some of the unpacking services NYC offers that kind of boxes. It will probably cost you a few dollars more, but may those trees that won't be chopped down because of it be your reward!

Plastic containers

The whole environmental idea is to reuse things and discard them only if you must. Plastic containers are perfect in that regard, as you can use them repeatedly. They are safe, solid, and durable.

Pack things in an eco-friendly manner

Packing is the most important part of the move. Once you have handled packing properly, it's all downhill from there. Here's a few tips as it pertains to packing your things in an eco-friendly manner:

  • See to reuse as many things as you can. Everything you reuse won't be thrown away, and that's the essence of environmental philosophy. Do your best to reduce waste and recycle when moving.
  • Make sure to pack only the things that need packing. You don't need a separate cardboard box for a set of pencils. Not everything is fragile and demands special protection. That said, you need to hire movers that will transport such items carefully.
  • No matter how hard you try, some things will be unusable after the move. Make sure to sort them out by the type of material and recycle them. Get in touch with a recycling company and ask for advice on what to do with that waste.

The most efficient ways to reduce waste and recycle when moving

After the move is done, you have to decide what to do with all the moving boxes. Throwing them away is the only option that's not an option. It's something any responsible adult should avoid doing at any cost. There are much better ways to recycle packing materials. The ideal scenario would be to save them. But, if you're in shortage of space, you can give away your boxes, sell them, or put them in the recycling bin.

Not throwing away the boxes as a way to reduce waste and recycle when moving

Throwing moving boxes away is not an optionHowever, before putting them in the recycling bin, make sure to prepare them properly. First off, break them down until they are completely flat. If they are partially damaged by water or other liquids, cut those pieces away. Saturated cardboard is almost impossible to recycle, even when it's dry.If you want to save the boxes after all, there are many possible ways you can use them. Sure, to reduce waste and recycle when moving is a pretty straightforward operation. However, putting those moving boxes to other use demands creativity. You will likely paint your walls soon, so they may serve as protection to your floors. If you have a pet, you can use those boxes and make them a tiny playhouse. They could be also used for shipping, for gardening, as the garage storage... Possibilities are endless, just like your imagination.


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