woman holding a box|Container ship on the sea|Cargo being loaded|A man trying to pack valuables for shipping|Four boxes with kitchen, dishes, bedroom and books|||A woman holding a tablet
woman holding a box|Container ship on the sea|Cargo being loaded|A man trying to pack valuables for shipping|Four boxes with kitchen, dishes, bedroom and books|||A woman holding a tablet
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March 5, 2019

How to pack valuables for shipping

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The process of moving is a stressful ordeal for most. Even for those with shallow roots, accustomed to constant moving, one challenge always presents itself with equal force: the challenge of how to pack valuables for shipping! And yes, while shipping no longer means only long trips on the sea, the process is still demanding.

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Shipping presents its own set of challengesYou may get used to moving but your valuable, and often fragile loved possessions won't. This is why it is paramount that you are introduced to proper ways to pack your valuables for shipping.

Step one on the road to pack your valuables for shipping – know your things

While it may sound odd to propose that you go and make a list of your own things... After all, you bought and used them and surely know what you have. However, it is very important to have a quality list of items you are shipping as well as states they are in.This might turn useful for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, you will be free of stress when you finally confirm that all of your possessions are safe and sound at the new location. Our minds can often play tricks on us, endlessly making us rethink if all was packed and was it made into proper boxes etc.You can avoid this issue in total by carefully making a list of all the items and states they are in. This will also be useful should there be some breakage during the move. You and your moving/shipping company will then be sure of was damage made before or after it was set on its voyage. This will boost confidence in your chosen cross country moving services NYC.

A man in front of a piece of paper, getting ready to pack valuables for shipping

Let your list help you in packing your valuablesAlso, taking stock before packing also has an added benefit of potentially making you rethink all the things you are trying to move with you/ship. You might just realize that some things are better left to storage, as moving and storage NYC might also be more financially viable. Decluttering your home before you go, making inventory before packing and choosing what truly need to follow you and what should maybe be left behind. With these objectives completed, you can move to the next stage:

Step two - pack valuables for shipping according to their needs

For the most part, there are a few universal things you ought to keep in mind:

  1. Not all boxes are the same - When you pack valuables for shipping it is important to make a choice of boxes that will not be too small, as to leave some space packaging material.
  2. Packaging material - air cushions, styrofoam pellets, packaging peanuts, bubble wraps or something simple as an old newspaper - anything that will provide some protection from impact in a more turbulent journey.
  3. Properly close and disclose - make sure you properly closed the box and secure it with ducktape or adhesive. Wikihow can help you with how.

Each kind item is different and demands different kinds of treatment. When you pack valuables for shipping, like in storage or other moving, certain categories of things require special care:


We live in a digital world, which makes our electronic devices not just among expensive, but also essential items we own. It is because of their great importance to our lives that you are likely to carry some of them with yourself, but for those you choose or have to ship, here is what you have to do.Turn off your devices and properly disassemble them. If its a laptop with a removable battery, remove it. Next, if possible, use the original packaging. That particular packaging is optimized for your device. If you are transporting a TV, for example, use the box you bought it in. Put your accessories in the same box, and then package that box into a bigger box while keeping in mind universal instructions we mentioned earlier. That's one of the most used tricks of local movers NYC.

A woman holding a tablet

Packing electronics is never an easy thing to do.


As goes for electronics, disassemble your furniture as much as possible. Try to follow instructions. If you don't have any, be sure to write down your steps and take pictures throughout the process. This will be of great help once you get ready to assemble it again at your new location. Also, be very careful with how you break away your furniture. Many (especially older) furniture simply don't have the option to be simply disassembled. This work needs time and deliberation. If you want your valuable furniture to be moved as a whole, you will probably need quite a big wooden compartment, to secure it from damage.


Clothes are last on our list of special considerations. Here preplanning is also crucial. Take time to sort out your clothes. Take the ones you will need with you, and then some, just in case. As for the rest, sort them out by color and then pack them into plastic bags. Clothes obviously don't have to be protected in the same way fragile objects need to, but they are vulnerable to some other challenges. As we previously mentioned, moisture is something to be careful about. Never transport your fluids in the same boxes as your clothes, as it can lead to damage. Clothes are also sometimes cushioning for fragile items. We hope that you don't use this method unless it is absolutely necessary.

Step three - check everything.

When you finally get access to your stuff again, make sure that everything is in order. Remember that list we wanted you to make in step one? Now is the time to use it. As you unpack, take special care to notice any possible damage that has occurred during the transport of the item. This may include crushing damage from a rough ride as the article in question moved inside the box. But, you could also face moisture, more insidious adversary.Hopefully, the shipment went well and you are reunited with your things at your new location. Now is a time to finally relax, congratulate yourself on a job well done and make your new place feel just like home.


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