Pack fragile items like a pro using these tips|Put some old towels on the bottom of the box|Pack fragile items like a pro using markers|Do not forget to use this
Pack fragile items like a pro using these tips|Put some old towels on the bottom of the box|Pack fragile items like a pro using markers|Do not forget to use this
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July 19, 2019

How to pack fragile items with ease

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If you are moving away, you will have to do the inevitable. Packing is considered the hard part of moving process since you have to be careful about how you are going to transport your belongings, especially when packing fragile items. Fragile items are very delicate so we understand that you do not want them to break or damage. That is why we are going to represent to you how to pack fragile items with ease!

Separate fragile items from the rest!

The most common mistake among ordinary people is that they put fragile items with the rest of their stuff. This is a very bad mistake! This way there is a higher possibility that your fragile items will break. In order to avoid this kind of mistake, you have to separate fragile items from the rest. You have to use different moving boxes that the rest of the stuff. It is even better if you can find, rent, or buy plastic moving boxes NYC. They will provide much better durability and you will not have that much concern about your fragile items.

Packing supplies

When we talk about packing supplies, most people think of putting stuff into boxes and moving to another location. But if you want to pack fragile items without damaging them, you have to be more considerate and use more supplies.

  • Moving boxes- There is a question whether it is better to get cardboard boxes or plastic bins. No matter what you choose, moving boxes are the essence of every move, even when moving fragile items. There are several ways on how to get your hands on moving boxes. The first is to reuse your old ones. This is a good way to save money but there is a chance that your boxes are old and unstable. You have to think about this when if when packing fragile items. The second way is to ask your friends and family. There are the same downsides as reusing old moving boxes. The third way is the best one. Rent or buy moving boxes. Most moving boxes offer this service and you should use it.
  • Bubble wrapping material - Bubble wrapper is the most important part. You have to use it when relocating fragile items, period!
  • Crumpled paper or foam- We advise to use these sort of packing supplies. You will have no regret, trust us!
Put some old towels on the bottom of the box

Be careful when putting fragile items in the box!

Pack fragile items like a pro!

But when packing fragile items, be careful how you put stuff into boxes. Position your fragile items carefully. Many people try to put as many stuff as they can into the boxes. This has a bad side. When doing this, you add more weight that can be enough to break your box and break all of your stuff on the floor. Also, you should put some old towels on the bottom of the box because this way you will protect your belongings from breaking. Even though Manhattan movers are very considerate about your stuff and will load boxes carefully, you should always do everything you can to protect yourself. Before putting fragile items into boxes, be sure that you have wrapped them with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will protect your items from the outside. Do not ever forget to do this!You can never fill the boxes completely because your items have different shapes. There will always be some gaps that you have to fill. The best way to do this is to use crumpled paper or foam. It is important to do this because your boxes move during transport. There is a chance that items will collide and break one another. You would not want this to happen so better prevent it by using proper skills of packing.

Do not forget to use this

Bubble wrap is essential when packing

Should you save space in the boxes?

Yes! It is very important when moving fragile items. Do not overweight your boxes! We understand that most people want to save move wherever they can but this is not the place where you want to do that. You can even lose more than you will gain. Pack fragile items with some space between them, no matter what kind of items they are. We already said that you should fill those gaps and you should not worry about that. Many people have nervous thoughts when they have to pack glassware. This is actually the best example of why you should never fill your boxes to the end. Use multiple boxes for your fragile items and have no worries.

Label moving boxes properly

It is one way to pack fragile items properly but that is not the end. Some boxes can be treated normally but not the boxes with fragile items in it. These boxes have to be treated ultra carefully because no matter how good you have packed them, a rough treat can destroy all that. In order to prevent this from happening, you should label moving boxes properly. This is the best way to get your movers to know the content of the box and that they have to be more careful when loading those boxes onto the truck.The best way to do this is to buy several markers and label all of your boxes with the content. When labeling boxes that contain fragile items, we advise using red markers and with capital letters that will get the attention of workers. We suggest doing this on all four sides of the boxes so that they can't miss.

Pack fragile items like a pro using markers

Label moving boxes properly!


If you want to pack fragile items for the move with ease, this is the way. We understand that you have fears since lots of those items probably cost more than the rest like silverware, China vases, etc. That is why we feel obligated to offer you some solutions to this problem. This is the best method of packing fragile items and we assure you that if you follow these tips, you will not have any problems. The most important thing to know is to use more boxes than you would actually need because this way you reduce the chance for something to break.


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