Wooden furniture||Wooden chair-pack and store wooden furniture|Big chair|Repairing
Wooden furniture||Wooden chair-pack and store wooden furniture|Big chair|Repairing
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April 26, 2020

How to pack and store wooden furniture

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Let us first explain that wood is a material that requires a lot of maintenance, if you want it to last, of course. How to pack and store wooden furniture is a question that requires other questions before being answered. How old is the furniture, was it handmade or factory-made? Many questions indeed. First of all, if you do not want your furniture damaged, wooden or other, hire the right moving company. Capital City Movers are the best choice for a safe and responsible transfer of all of your stuff.

What you should know before you even consider how to pack and store wooden furniture

Information about wood 101

As we have mentioned, wood requires a lot of maintenance. Polishing, cleaning, time-to-time reparation, and coloring too. Wood tends to lose shine and the color tends to fade. As strong as the material is, it can easily be broken, damaged, and scratched. Therefore, if you do not maintain your wooden furniture, it is much more likely to crumble, break and simply get damaged. Wood can rot if not taken care of in specific ways. This being said, we can explain everything else.

Wooden chair-pack and store wooden furniture

To pack and store wooden furniture you must first take care of it, otherwise, there is no point.

Packing wooden furniture for a move

How you pack wooden furniture depends on the furniture itself. Let's divide it into two main groups:

The furniture that can be dismantled

Most wooden furniture can be dismantled and that makes the situation much easier. Especially store-bought furniture. This gives you the option to pack your furniture in regular boxes just like the rest of your items. You can even get free cardboard boxes NYC and save your money! Make sure that you do not lose any parts of your furniture. Also, you want the wood to be cleaned before any packing and it would be recommended if you could wrap it in a material. This is almost necessary if you plan to pack several parts of the furniture in one box, if not all of them. If you use foam padding, the parts won't damage or break during the transfer by slamming into one another.

The furniture that cannot be dismantled

This group will have to be divided into two smaller groups and for a reason. The packing process is different depending on the size of the furniture. It is not the same if you have a regular or small chair and a big armchair in the living room that has, for example, plush material all over.

Smaller furniture

In the case where you have smaller furniture such as regular chairs or small tables, you can always just protect them with bubble wrap that goes over some material. This is extra protection during the move. Do not put bubble wrap directly on the wood. In some situations, the furniture can be small enough that it can fit into a box. So, you have two possible solutions, the first is to wrap the item in a material to protect it from possible bumps, scratches, and dust. The second is to put it in a box. For all we know, you may have stored the original packaging of the furniture somewhere, and now you can use it again.

Bigger furniture

In the case where the furniture is big and cannot be dismantled, the risk of it being damaged is higher but avoidable. The options are similar but with a few extra details for protection. Bigger furniture is not likely to be put into boxes. Therefore, it must be protected with materials you can cover it with. If the furniture is, let's say, a big, wooden wardrobe, first you must use tape to unable the drawers and doors from opening. Also, it would be recommended to take off any knobs. Try to find a tape that won't leave glue once it has been removed. If not tape, then tie it with something. After you have done that, you should find a thick material to cover the wardrobe with. Make sure the material has covered the wardrobe entirely. You can use foam padding for corners and put it underneath the furniture.

Big chair

Furniture that cannot be dismantled can be protected in other ways.This all applies if you are packing the furniture for a move, the process of packing it for storage is almost the same but requires more dedication.

Packing wooden furniture for storage

There aren't many options and the only thing we can emphasize is the following. Furniture that is going to be in storage for a longer period of time must be protected almost perfectly. The process is simple:

  1. Take off any doorknobs.
  2. Clean every inch of the wood.
  3. Dismantle what can be dismantled.
  4. Do not use tape on furniture if it is going to be sitting for a long time.
  5. Put material on big furniture and make sure it is thick enough to protect the wood.
  6. Make sure not to leave any possible holes for bugs to go through.
  7. If the dismantled parts are put into boxes, put foam padding in between and close the box tightly shut. This is important when you pack and store wooden furniture of any kind.
  8. Avoid putting heavy boxes on top of lighter ones.
  9. Make sure you contact the best movers to help transfer your furniture to the storage.

What to do after you unpack the wooden furniture

Whether you have moved the furniture to another location or have taken it out of storage, it requires some taking care of. Once you put the pieces back together and uncover the big furniture you must clean it all over again. After the cleaning, we suggest you take it to be repaired a little bit. The color and shine faded surely. This is, of course, if it was unused for a longer period of time. Wood ages. If you only moved it to a new home, and it was in great condition before the packing, just clean it. Look for some possible damage and take the tape off of any drawers or doors immediately.


Some of the furniture might need repairing, but you can easily restore the previous shine!

You're all set for the upcoming move

We hope this was informative and that you have found all the answers to your questions. If so, you have officially learned how to pack and store wooden furniture! Be careful, follow instructions and good luck!


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