Elderly couple posing in front of farm. and planning pack and move gardening tools in NYC|Woman moving box.||A woman sitting near gardening tools.
Elderly couple posing in front of farm. and planning pack and move gardening tools in NYC|Woman moving box.||A woman sitting near gardening tools.
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December 16, 2021

How to pack and move gardening tools in NYC

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A well-tended garden can add that special something to your home. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it properly. Garden tools and furniture take up a lot of space and if you’re relocating, it can be quite challenging to pack it. That’s why it’s usually best to call up some storage companies NYC, to help you out. Here’s how to pack and move gardening tools in NYC.

Woman moving box.

Packing your gardening tools properly will make your relocation much smoother.

Tips on How to Pack and Move Gardening Tools in NYC

As a general rule, getting rid of anything that you don’t need is a good idea. Consider the effort, time, and cost of packing and moving larger garden tools. You need to decide which items are worth the packing and relocation costs. So, generally throw away or donate the tools that you don’t use on a daily basis.If you’re unsure how to pack and move gardening tools in NYC, you should read this article carefully and find the most efficient way for your specific situation. In any case, various moving services NYC are there to help you figure that out.

Sort Your Gardening Tools

Firstly, you should sort your various outdoor items to figure out what you want to move and what to leave behind. While this can often be a difficult task, it will pay off. Relocating your home is often a perfect opportunity to take stock of your possessions.The next step is to set clear rules for what you need or want to keep, and what you should get rid of. Getting rid of the things you don’t use too often or are too big for your new home will ease your transition immensely.Acquiring some packing boxes NYC can really help you out in sorting and organizing the various gardening tools that you own. It will also make your relocation more smooth and tidy, lowering the overall levels of stress that moving can cause.In addition, sorting your items and throwing away ones that you don’t need will help you combat clutter, a very common problem in the USA.

Preparing Your Gardening Tools For Relocation

An obvious, but often forgotten step, is to clean your tools properly before you pack them. After all, you don’t want to be moving a bunch of dirt and dust along with your prized possessions. Make sure you clean all of them thoroughly, as only clean and dry garden tools won’t cause havoc in the moving truck.Since there are a lot of different outdoor items that you could be moving, it is normal to not know how to pack all of them. Certain items or tools can be quite complex to move, that’s why there are various moving assistance services that you can use to help you out. Here’s some tips on how to pack and move gardening tools in NYC:

  • Always drain power tools completely.
  • If you can, dismantle outdoor furniture and pack small hardware in properly labeled bags.
  • Use strong packing materials to wrap and tape your equipment. Especially the tools that have sharp edges such as the hedge shear, all types of rakes and mattocks.
  • Bundle all items that have a long handle in a secure and tight manner.
  • Remove all the various attachments from power tools and put them in labeled bags.
plants and the pots

There are many types of gardening tools.

Get the Right Supplies to Pack Your Gardening Tools

Using quality packing materials will protect your tools, and the moving truck, from damage. However, if you’re unsure on how to pack and move gardening tools in NYC, hiring movers like Capital City Movers NYC is highly recommended. Since a professional moving company will ensure that your tools will be moved safely.Sometimes, moving your tools yourself is necessary. Whether it be due to budgetary concerns or something else. In that case, ensuring that you acquire high quality packing supplies will be key. In addition, if your budget is really tight, there are a lot of sources of free cardboard boxes, so contacting your nearest restaurant, grocery or liquor store can be a great idea. However, due to the differing shapes of gardening tools you will need boxes of various shapes and sizes, and a lot of packing power, bubble wrap, and moving blankets.As you sort your various gardening tools, you will come across a lot of awkwardly shaped or bulky items. Here’s some tips on dealing with that particular issue:

  • Moving blankets will help you out when moving large and bulky items.
  • Apply a lot of bubble wrap to any sharp tools to avoid damage to the boxes.
  • Use small zip-lock bags to store various small parts from tools.
  • Line the bottoms of boxes with crumpled paper.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items and large ones for lighter items.
  • Small tools should be packed in properly labeled boxes.
  • Using biodegradable bubble wrap will protect the environment, while ensuring your items are relocated safely.
A woman sitting near gardening tools.

Knowing how to pack and move gardening tools in NYC can really help make your relocation easier.

Safety First!

If you’ve decided to pack and move garden tools in NYC by yourself, then keep in mind that you have taken on a great responsibility. A lot of advanced planning is needed to ensure the safety of both you and your tools during relocation.Here’s a couple of important things to watch out for:

  • The tank from your propane grill should be removed during relocation.
  • Remove gasoline from all power tools. This includes leaf and snow blowers and lawnmowers.
  • Dispose of all hazardous materials safely and in an Eco-friendly manner. As most movers will simply refuse to relocate those types of items.

Moving is a full time job and it is completely understandable if you don’t feel like you could pack and move gardening tools in NYC by yourself. That’s why professional moving companies exist, to help you out and ensure safety of both you and your possessions.


The moral of the story is if you want to pack and move gardening tools in NYC you have to be prepared and plan in advance. Sorting, proper moving supplies, good organization are all key to relocatingyour outdoor tools safely and in one piece. It can be quite bothersome to do this by yourself, and that’s why we will always recommend that you hire professionals to help you out.


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