|Pack and move electronics for a office|Circuits|Electronics devices
|Pack and move electronics for a office|Circuits|Electronics devices
Relocating to NYC
October 23, 2018

How to Pack and Move Electronics

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If you are doing something, you might as well do it right. Moving electronics can be quite similar to moving fragile items. There is very little room for mistakes. You need to take care of every part of electronics. Also, you need to take every necessary precaution order to avoid moving accidents as a simple bump on the road can cost you hundreds of dollars in damage. But, there is no need to worry. Simply follow our guidelines in order to properly pack and move electronics.

Before you pack and move electronics

In order to properly pack and move electronics, you need to do some preparations. This will give you an opportunity to check your electronics before moving them.


Start off by disassembling your electronics. Carefully take each item apart. Be careful not to use too much force and break or rip something. When electronics sit in the same spot for a large amount of time, they tend to get a bit stiff. You will need to use some force do disassemble them, but just be careful not to overdo it. A good idea would be to talk to an electronics company and have them send someone to disassemble your electronics. Especially if you are moving your office to Manhattan since the number of devices can be quite big.

Pack and move electronics for a office

If you are pack and move electronics for a whole office, you are going to need some help.


After you have disassembled every device, it is time to clean them. There are chemicals you can buy that are specially made for cleaning electronics, but that can be a bit of an overkill. A simple wet cloth with is more than enough to take care of any superficial dust and dirt. If there a stubborn stain you can even add a bit of soap to the mix. Anything more than that is not necessary and can even lead to you damaging your electronics. Be careful not to use an excessive amount of water as it can easily damage circuits.

Sort and list

Separate items into groups that go together. Make sure that you don't lose anything and that you don't tangle up any cables. If you want to keep track of what have you packed and where you are supposed to put it, you need to make a list. Simply write down all the parts of your electronic devices and check if and when they are packed. This is important to do even if you are moving on short notice.

Electronics devices

A list will help you keep track of your electronics.


Once you have cleaned and sorted all your electronic devices, it is time to start packing them. Approach packing your electronics with necessary care as you need to avoid any moving mistakes. Electronic devices can be surprisingly fragile, and you want to make sure that nothing happens to them during the move.

Proper boxes

The best boxes to pack and move electronics are the boxes they came in. But, as it is usually the case, the device's original box is long gone. If that is the case, you need to find moving boxes in NYC. It's important that you find boxes made out of solid cardboard as you don't want them ripping during transportation. But, even more, important than that, you want your box to be the proper size. If your box is too big, the device will move around during transport. This can easily lead to bumps and vibrations that will damage delicate circuits inside the device. The box in which you will pack your device needs to be big enough to hold the device and padding. Nothing more, nothing less.


Circuits make electronics extremely fragile.

Padding and wrapping

Padding is there to provide protection for physical damage. That includes bumps and vibrations that are usually present during transportation. Therefore, you need to use materials such as wool or styrofoam. A material that is dense enough to provide protection from bumps, but absorbent enough to minimize vibrations. You need to place enough padding inside the box so that the device doesn't move an inch during the transport. It needs to stay perfectly still if it is going to remain undamaged. Wrapping is there to provide your devices with protection from bad weather. You should even consider laminating your boxes or giving them a waterproof coating if there is going to be a lot of moisture or rain during transportation.

Finalizing the box

Once you have wrapped your devices and properly padded your boxes, you need to take final steps in making your electronics as safe as possible. That includes properly taping the box and labeling it. Make sure that you don't skimp out on the ducking tape. Secure the box so that there is no risk of it getting open during the transport. Safety and security should be your primary concern. After you have tapped the box, you need to properly label it. Take a maker that is clearly visible on the box and write "fragile" on the side. This will tell anyone handling the box to take extra care when handling it. You also need to write if the content of the box is heavy, which it can be when you pack and move electronics. Don't let a stupid oversight lead to a moving accident.


If you have completely packed your boxes, you are ready for transport. While previous things you could've done on your own, we strongly recommend that you hire Manhattan movers for transportation services. If you are only going to relocate electronics, you might be able to use your car. But if that is not the case, we strongly advise you to find a professional moving company and let them help you.

Loading a truck

Just think of weight distribution. If you place all the heavy devices one side you will cause the truck to be unbalanced. That will lead to poor handling and bad response to bumps on the road. Therefore, you want the weight of your electronics to be as evenly distributed as possible. When you are done loading your truck, make sure that there is no space for the boxes to move.


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