A small room - make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable with the help of our guide|A small room in a NYC apartment|Shelves inside a small room|A woman thinking
A small room - make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable with the help of our guide|A small room in a NYC apartment|Shelves inside a small room|A woman thinking
New York CIty housing
June 9, 2021

How to make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable

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You can definitely make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable. All you need to do is follow our guide. So, you have just finished working with some of the finest movers in NYC, and you are in your new apartment. Everything seems perfect, and everything is until you notice that you do not have enough space for everything. What is the correct move here? You move out and find something bigger, or simply make with what you've got? While you can do both, it would be a waste to do a back-to-back relocation. Instead, why don't you try to make it work? For this reason, we have prepared some really important tips and tricks. You will be able to find them in our guide. So, make sure that you read it until the end!

So, what to do to make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable?

Now, this is definitely something you will not need the finest long-distance movers NYC offers but save their contact nevertheless. In any case, there are some things you can do to enhance your new living space. First and foremost, you will definitely need to make more space. Now, how exactly do you do this? It is simple - organize! By organizing your items and belongings/furniture properly, you will have more space. Simply find a good spot for all the items you do not use, and make the most out of it. There are some really good tricks with wardrobe space, provided that you have one. Shuffle the clothing inside of it. By this, we mean that you should store your winter clothing somewhere in your home during summer, and vice versa during winter. It will, at least, help you organize clothes.

A small room in a NYC apartment

Think about how you organize your belongings

Another good idea here would be to make sure that you declutter everything you have. If you did not relocate to your small NYC apartment recently, chances are that you have something lying around that you do not need. This is a big mistake. So, make sure that you declutter your home. You will be surprised at how many items you have simply in your home without any purpose. There will be some junk items as well. So, what you need to do here is to get rid of them. A good idea, as always, is to resell them if you can or to simply recycle them. That way, you will definitely have some more space for the belongings you actually need. Think about this one, it is definitely a really good idea.

Guide to creating a comfortable living space

One of the best ideas you can do about this is to utilize the walls of your apartment. Chances are that you have a lot of empty space on your walls. What you want to do here is to add custom-made shelves and to use them for your small belongings. You can also put pictures of your family and your loved ones there. However, you can use them in many different ways as well. For example, you can simply put some china items there, or you can keep glasses there, and many more. By using your walls as mini-shelves, you will definitely save a lot of space in your small NYC apartment. After all, it is the space you are not using at the moment, right? Well, building some mini-shelves is easier than packing mirrors for moving or something similar. Make sure you do it.

Shelves inside a small room

Having small shelves is a good idea

There are some other things you can do. For example, you can clear your apartment to a certain degree. There are some really amazing Chelsea movers that can help you out with that. Simply give them a call and invite them to move your belongings to a storage unit, or something similar. After all, having all those items lying around your home is not a good idea. For this reason, you will need to think of ways to empty some additional space. It is definitely something you should be thinking about. In a sense, you will need to find ways to organize your home and to make sure that you have enough space. A really good way would be to move some of your items elsewhere. Think about this one.

Smart solutions for tiny NYC apartments

Lighting will add the effect of having more room than there actually is. So, what you would want to do is to make sure that you have more light in your living space. When it is dark in your room, it might seem that you have less space than you actually do. Even more, having a lit room will boost your morale and it will make your apartment more lively. Not to mention that you will be able to notice all the extra free space you have. It is definitely something worth checking out. It does not matter if you are living in NYC or Los Angeles, you can definitely do it.

A woman thinking

Think about some really good solutions to make your place more comfortable

However, what you really want to do here is to organize your room/rooms in the best possible manner. Move some furniture around, utilize the corners, and make sure that you have enough space for everything. After all, the goal here is not to make your apartment look overcrowded. For this to happen, you will need some really good organization. Fortunately, you can do it with some planning.

Overall, you can make a micro-apartment in NYC more livable if you follow our guide. The goal here is to use everything you have and to make sure that you get more space out of it. It might seem hard to do, but we are certain that there are some things you simply have not tried yet. After all, you can always give them a shot, and if they do not work, think of something else. Good luck!


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