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a down arrow - cut moving costs|a sale sign - cut moving costs|a man with boxes|a park
Relocating to NYC
January 16, 2020

How to cut moving costs for your NYC relocation

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When you have to move, one of the first things that you think about is how much it is going to cost? Well, there are two sides to this story. You can spend a lot of money or you can spend less. Everything depends on the service and number of workers that are moving you. But moving is not just a moving company, right? Even though you can save money with some movers NYC, there are a lot of other things where you can cut moving costs for your relocation. Let's see where you can save a few dollars and spend them on something else!

What are the best ways to cut moving costs for your move?

  • Be responsible and start on time
  • Have a garage sale
  • Do it yourself
  • Relocate in winter
  • Do not buy packing supplies

Cut moving costs by being responsible

Yes, there are some ways where you can save a few dollars. But the most efficient way to lower moving costs is to start on time! When you start on time, you have time to plan and do everything. You will even have some time to correct any mistakes that you have made.The biggest pro of starting early is the time between the time you make the necessary arrangements and your moving day. Simply put, you will pay a much lower price than you would have if you contacted them very close to the moving day.


It is very important for you to prepare a budget for the move. Set a limit that you will not exceed. When you do this, you will save yourself from spending uncontrollably. It will keep you in check and you can start thinking about how to spend even less than what you have predicted.

Have a garage sale

This solution to the problem is not ordinary. You will not cut moving costs but you will increase the amount of money that you can spend on the move. The result is the same so we can call this a perfect way to lower the costs of your move. The best bet is to set a date and put a sign in front of your house. Even though it is a sale, you need to have in mind that people want to buy what they need. That means that you should not put everything that you find in the house but put things that your buyers may need.

a sale sign - cut moving costs

A garage sale is a good way to earn more money for the move

Do it yourself

We already said that you will probably spend most of your money on the moving company. Well, if you feel like you can pull this out, then you should give it a try. It is probably the best way to lower the expenses of your relocation since you have to spend your money on other things. Of course, you can exclude a moving company but you have to include a moving truck or a van. That can be quite a problem since you can make a mistake about the number of things a van can take.

a man with boxes

Do things by yourself and spend less moneyIt is very good to rent a storage unit nowadays. It makes a whole job a lot easier and it does not have to cost you that much as you may think. But there are also some things where you can make mistakes when it comes to storage units. Besides the size of the unit, you have to know how to organize it so that you can put more stuff there. You can save a lot of money if you just learn how to make the most of the place you have.

Relocate in winter

This is not a practical way you can use to cut moving costs for your NYC relocation. On the other hand, it can be more efficient than all previous ways together. The reason is simple. Moving in winter is good for your wallet since the moving rates are very lower. Winter is the slowest season for almost all moving companies so they have to lower down the costs. You should definitely use this opportunity because you can use the saved money for other things like making a party once you relocate.

a park

Relocate in winter and save money on the move

Do not buy packing supplies

Packing supplies are a very important aspect of every move. That means that you just can't afford to move without them. On the other hand, it does not have to mean that you have to spend money in order to get them.You can get moving boxes for free. One of the easiest ways is to go to your friends and family and ask them to borrow boxes. If they do not have them, there are many other ways to get them for free and save some money on the move. You can go to local stores and supermarkets. They usually have big amounts of boxes and there is a chance that they have more than they actually need. The only thing you have to do here is to ask for them and see whether they will give them to you. When it comes to plastic wrap and other things that have a purpose to protect your valuables from shattering into pieces, you can just use towels, tubed socks and improvise.

What you should know about moving to NYC?

No matter how much you try, you will probably spend more money than you would want to. The most important thing is that you do not exceed the limit you set before. You should understand one thing though. New York is a very expensive city and the is a chance that you can't bring down some of the costs. One of the best tips for moving to NYC and lowering down the costs of your relocation is just to organize on time and make early arrangements. This is the first step towards your goal to cut moving costs. Everything after that is just a way to save a little more money. Start on time and use these tips to make your relocation a lot cheaper!


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