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|Sleep|Curtain helps adjust to noise pollution in NYC|Nature
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November 30, 2018

How to adjust to noise pollution in NYC

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When you come to a big city, the first thing you will notice, beside the high prices, is the noise. Especially if you come from a smaller one. The crowds, the traffic, roadwork, everything seems to be noisy and loud. But, in the following days, something happens. Something that usually goes undetected. You get accustomed to the noise. Yup, it's there, but you don't seem to pay much attention to it. Does that mean it has no effect on you? Hell no! It still does. Therefore, you need to know how to adjust to noise pollution in NYC so that you minimize its effect.

How NYC noise impacts you

Whatever noise we experience on a daily basis, we usually get accustomed to it very fast. Therefore, we notice it's presence and its impact much less then we would if it were light or air pollution. That is until a neighbor starts renovating. Then we see just how intrusive noise can be.

Sleep deprivation

Having trouble sleeping since you moved to NYC? No wonder. Even when you fall asleep, your ears still register sounds. So, your brain has no option but to process it. And, as you can hear, NYC is filled with sounds, even during the night. Many NYC residents suffer from sleep deprivation. Be it from the low quality of sleep or the inability to have a full nights rest. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem which leads to stress, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalance. There is a good reason why we spend one-third of our lives sleeping.


A lot of people suffer from sleep deprivation. Don't be one of them.

Lack of concentration

Can you concentrate while there is obvious noise? Noup. Is there are a reason why libraries are so quiet? Yup. Noise and concentration simply don't go together. Whatever sounds you hear, you have to process. And the more things you have to process the harder it is to concentrate. Therefore, if you want to get something done properly you need to adjust to noise pollution in NYC.

Mental strain

You will soon find that it is not easy to adjust to noise pollution in NYC. You can, and should, do so at your home, but the noise will follow you wherever you go. And with prolonged exposure to noise comes mental strain. It is not uncommon to feel drained and tired simply from living in NYC. It is hard to honestly rest when there is some constant noise running in the background. More and more people are feeling the strain of NYC life and, as a result, more and more of them are moving to cheaper, quieter cities. Which, in turn, is great for interstate movingcompanies NYC.

How to insulate your apartment

Now that you know the impact that NYC's noise pollution has on you, its time to figure out what to do about it. While you certainly can't escape from it completely, you can do certain things to minimize it. First off, let's start with some simple improvements to your apartment that will help you adjust to noise pollution in NYC. That way you will have a safe haven from all the aggressive noise of NYC.


Our doors are usually the weakest places in our apartment when it comes to noise. That is simply because it is very hard to insulate doors since they have to be mobile. But, there are ways in which you can improve the sound insulation of your doors. A door sweep with a rubber strip will do wonders with sound insolation. But, don't have to use it on all doors. Just the front door. For others, you can use simple draft stoppers. You can either make them yourself or buy some an attach them.


Noise travels through the air. Therefore the less air there is, the less noise there is going to be. Keep this in mind and you will soon realize how to use window insolation in order to minimize noise. Simple window inserts or insolation tapes can do wonders in helping you adjust to noise pollution in NYC. You can place them when you prepare your home for winter. Furthermore, you can use thick curtains or even noise muffling curtains to minimize the sounds that come from the outside.

Curtain helps adjust to noise pollution in NYC

Even a simple curtain can help you adjust to noise pollution in NYC.

Neat tricks

There are a few more tricks you can use to adjust to noise pollution in NYC. A lot of noise comes from our neighbors, especially if we have thin walls. You can use bookshelves to help give some thickness to your walls. With that, you will help mitigate the noise coming from apartments adjacent to yours. This is excellent if you play an instrument as you will also reduce the noise leaving your apartment. Just talk with your piano movers NYC about it. You can also use a thick rug to help mitigate vibrations that come from the apartment.

How should you adjust to noise pollution in NYC

Even if you do everything to make your apartment sound insulated, there is still going to be some noise. You simply cannot get away from it. NYC is with you at all times. But, there are a couple of things you can do to further adjust to noise pollution in NYC.


This should be fairly obvious. Earplugs are known for helping people minimize noise. If you are a light sleeper consider getting a quality pair of earplugs. You will soon see that the lack of noise will help you sleep better and have more energy. You should even consider wearing them when you are working or studying. Luckily, your phone can notify you with vibrations, so you don't have to worry about missing something important.

Get away from it

From time to time, your best course of action will be to simply get away from NYC. Go nature and find a place where there is no noise or light pollution. Soon you will see just how tranquil and calming nature can be. And, how much rest you will get from the lack of stimuli. Enjoy the silence.


Go back to nature from time to time.


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