moving with seniors|home interior|lap top|plan
moving with seniors|home interior|lap top|plan
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December 23, 2018

How is moving with seniors different?

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Every relocation is different and complicated in its own way. However, there are some situations when you need to be extra careful in arranging your relocation. Moving with seniors is one of those situations. This particular kind of move can be extremely hard on your elderly loved ones. And to complete this task, you will need to help them as much as you can throughout the entire process. Use our tips to make moving with seniors less difficult for you and them.

How to prepare for moving with a senior?

The most important part of your senior relocation is the preparation process. Whether you are helping your senior loved one move to a new smaller home, retirement home, you should be extra careful. Keep in mind that moving with seniors can often be a difficult move. The best way to organize this type of move is to prepare in advance. You will prepare for the move if you calculate your budget and set a moving timeline. Keep in mind that you will need to consider your senior's schedule. Try to make sure your senior feel comfortable during every step of the move. While planning your move, try to make a list of all the task you need to complete while moving with a senior. Your list may include:


When moving with seniors, consider planning every step.

  • Gathering all the documents needed for the move
  • Renting the new residence or organizing your senior retirement home application
  • Finding and hiring movers
  • Changing the address
  • Gathering supplies and packing

When preparing to move with seniors, it is always a good idea to get a floor plan of the future home. The floor plan will help your senior imagine his future home and decide about the items he wishes to keep and move to a new home. Plan the space in advance and make sure your loved ones can afford have space to put their keepsakes.If your old needs assistance when moving, you should consider hiring a professional relocation specialist. A senior moving specialist can help you prepare the family emotionally when moving with seniors. Senior moving specialists can help when moving people with disabilities. In case your family member needs special assistance when moving, consider hiring a specialized relocation company for your needs.

Moving with seniors – tips

Be kind

Our elderly loved ones often have a deep emotional connection to their belongings. It can be quite hard for seniors to give up any of their belongings and declutter. Make sure to have understanding if your loved one cannot move at your own speed. Give him time to process the relocation process. Remind your loved one that you are here to offer assistance and help.

Help declutter and sort out

Like most of us, our seniors tend to keep items they may not really need or use again. Consider their feelings when suggesting getting rid of any of their possessions. Make sure to ask your elderly if you want to use some of the items or donate them. You can show the floor plan of their new space before they decide to move. Help them sort out all of their items before you hire the best moving services NYC. Quality movers should also have the understanding and the right approach when it comes to moving with seniors.

lap top

Your seniors may be happier if you involve them in the moving process.

Start Small

If your senior experiences difficulties while decluttering, consider starting with a room that holds less sentimental attachments. Start with your bathroom or kitchen until you deal with rooms in your home containing items with the biggest emotional value. Your parents should feel safe and not rushed.

Get your parents involved in the move

Sometimes when moving with seniors, it helps them to be active and included in the relocation process. Whether if it's planning or packing, your elderly may feel better about the upcoming move if they are included in the process. Professionals that help seniors relocate advise that you show them their new space before the moving day. In most cases, that will help them adjust to the new space and plan where to put their belongings.

Choosing the right moving company for your relocation

There are reputable moving companies that specialize in senior relocation. And because this kind of relocation can get hard on your loved ones, you should make sure you have the help from the most reliable residential moving companies NYC. Moving with seniors will require quality relocation specialists with years of experience. Your movers should have a professional approach and understand the gravity of such a complicated move. On the other hand, quality movers usually have an understanding when moving seniors and their belongings. That is why you should find a moving company that:

  • Specialize in senior relocation
  • Use specialized moving equipment for moving heavy and bulky items
  • Have stellar reviews and ratings
  • Use professional packing materials when packing valuables
  • Understand that some of your belongings are irreplaceable

Senior moving packing tips

Before you start packing, you should sort out all of your parents’ valuables. Ask them about items they wish to keep or take with them. When packing valuable belongings, you should use the best quality packing materials. This way you will do everything to prevent damage while your moving boxes are in transport. In case your loved one is moving to a smaller home, and you may not be able to move all of those items, consider renting a storage unit. That may be a suitable solution for keeping items that you don’t wish to get rid of.

home interior

Your movers will help you pack and transport all of your belongings to a new home.When moving with seniors make sure you pack the box with essential items. You can take that box with you while you accompany your senior to a new home. The box should contain all the jewelry, important documents, and other irreplaceable items.


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