New York CIty housing
September 10, 2017

After you have found the NYC home

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You have maybe already found a suitable NYC home, but the accommodation process is just at the beginning. After your move, you must face the frightening assignment of settling into your new home. This transition is tough for everyone, especially your children and your pets. However, there are simple steps you can take to facilitate the adjustment process and speed up adjustment to your new neighborhood. The post-relocation period doesn’t have to be tough at all. The checklist below will give you good suggestions of what to do after you move into your new New York City home. If you organize your time right, you won’t even have to deal with any stressful situations. Are you ready for some good NYC housing tips?

Make your new place feel like home

The process of housing NYC

Although the process of finding a NYC home may be complete, you still have one more task: adapting to your new homeMoving to a big city like New York can give you a sense of disorientation and a feeling that you don’t really belong there. Time will often help you overcome the initial shock, but post move periods can be really tough in the very beginning. And it's going to be even more shocking if you have absolutely no idea what to do after a move to your new NYC home. You already know unpacking comes next, but how about learning the secrets of your new home? Sure, you’ll have to change your postal address, but have you found good health care providers yet? And yes, you should register your carafter your cross-country move. But, isn’t making new friends your top priority? What to do after you move to NYC? Where to start? How, when, and why to do them all?

Organize well your life after moving into your NYC home

Welcome to your new home!

When the movers NYC are gone, your post move period is starting. You’ll probably notice that the very first day after moving into a new New York City house is mostly characterized by a feeling of relief. Now you can finally shake off that nerve-wracking build-up of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, due to the large number of things to do when moving into a new home, you won’t have much time to get too comfortable. It is very important that you organize your post relocation time the best possible way. You should create a brand new to-do list that will contain all the tasks you are expected to complete now that the relocation is over. Your time matters too much to just do nothing, so get down to work. Again.

Start by deep cleaning your new place

Clean your new NYC home

First thing you should do when you move into your new home is cleaning it deeplyOnce you've moved to your new NYC apartment or house, you'll need to make it livable. Now you just need to make your new place feel like home and give it your personal touch. The first thing you must do is unpack your belongings and tidy up the place. Also, consider hiring a cleaning service for your move. Moving is stressful enough. Hire a housekeeper to help you out as you pack up. Cleaning around the house could be a fun bonding activity for your family. If you live alone, it could be a great way to get to know your immediate surroundings better. After you've cleaned up a bit, make it your own and give it that personal touch. Add your personality to the walls with unique decorations.

Time to unpack all those boxes

Use our unpacking services

Take advantage of unpacking services that Capital City Movers NYC is offering youUnpacking after the move is important and its time-consuming nature shouldn’t be underestimated. The good thing is that you don’t really have a fast approaching deadline (like your moving day) to try to desperately fit into. The first boxes you should unpack are your essentials boxes with items of the greatest importance. Then, you should start opening up all the bedroom and bathroom labeled boxes, because those are the two rooms you are advised to set up with priority. Unpacking is definitely one of the first things to do after you move into a new home. Still, the good news here is that you’re the one controlling the unpacking speed to fit your instant needs. Also, if this task is too exhausting and hard for you, we offer you special unpacking services NYC. Our professional movers and packers will do it for you.

More tips after finding a NYC home

1. Change your postal address

Of all the things to do after you move into a new New York City home, the task of changing your address should not be left for later. Do it as soon as you can. You are given two options here:

  • take a walk to the closest NYC post office in person and fill out a change of address card
  • use the convenience of the global network and do it online via the USPS website

And don’t forget to give some cash to the new owners/renters of your old place so that they can forward your mail until that entire change of address thing takes effect.

2. Register your kid for a new NYC school

If you have children, this is probably the most important thing for you to find. Schools are usually easy to spot, so you could always drive around and try to find them. However, there are some great online resources to help you find out about schools in New York City. When looking at schools or colleges, consider the following:

  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Academic programs
  • After-school programs
  • Student tools, like computers, libraries, science labs, etc.

3. Find healthcare providers that are best for you

Find new healthcare providers after moving to NYC

Once you've moved to your new place in NYC, you should find new healthcare providers for you and your familyOur checklist for moving continues with another important task: find a new physician for your family. Also, you have to find a new veterinarian for your pet, if appropriate. As was the case with the school, recommendations from people you can trust are still the best way tofind the best healthcare provider for you.

4. Register your car

If you have no idea where that NYC DMV office is located, then you can use the DMV office finder to learn of its whereabouts. Remember that the deadline for your motor vehicle registration may vary from around 10 days up to a full month. Therefore, either contact the central DMV office in the state for more information or complete this job within the next few days to avoid possible fines.


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