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a tree - Green packing solutions|hands - Green packing solutions|kitchen|exhaust pipes
Packing Solutions NYC
November 7, 2020

Green packing solutions to consider when moving

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We all know that our planet is at risk. There are a lot of pollutants that are not good for the planet. This fact has a direct impact on us and the good thing is that there are many things that we can do to minimize pollution. One of the smaller impacts on the planet is eco-friendly relocation. There are many green packing solutions for you to try out and minimize your own role in polluting the Earth. That means that you should use proper moving supplies. You can always get them from moving companies NYC at affordable prices. But, there are many more things that you can do and have an eco-friendly move!

Use green packing solutions and be responsible!

  • Sell or donate your stuff
  • Use green packing supplies
  • Pack better
  • Pack your kitchen last
  • Fewer trips, less pollution
  • Hire a green moving company

Sell or donate your stuff

Selling your items has many benefits. Besides being responsible for the planet, you are getting much more. The most obvious one is money. You will have the chance to earn some money that you can spend on moving. Also, by selling items that you do not need, you will only pack items that you need and therefore, you will avoid making an extra mess. This is a great alternative to free up space in your home, even if you are not moving at the moment.Another solution is to donate things that you do not need. You will not earn money but you will have the chance to do something good. There are many charity organizations that you can turn to and donate your items.

hands - Green packing solutions

Minimize your things by donating to charity!

Use green packing supplies

Among the best green packing solutions, one of them is using recyclable packing supplies. That means that you should avoid anything that is made of plastic. The best solution here is to use cardboard moving boxes. There are many places where you can look and get them. You can try asking your close friends and relatives to see whether they can have some. Also, you can go to several local stores and see whether they have some boxes left.Even though these are all good ways to find moving boxes, the best one is to get directly from your moving company. There are different types of moving boxes that you can choose from. These boxes are of the best quality and durability!

If you must use plastic, save it and use again

Plastic is very common nowadays and we use it daily. There is often a need for durable plastic during the relocation process. We all know that it is not recyclable so be sure to use it again afterward. It does not have to be during the next move. You can use it for something in your household. The best solution to rent plastic moving boxes from the moving company that is relocating you.

Pack better

Another great tip for the eco-friendly move is to pack better and smarter. What we mean by this is that you should use the most out of your moving boxes. Even though you may want to use just cardboard moving boxes, you may have some plastic ones. Therefore, if you use the most out of your plastic box space, you will reduce the number of plastic boxes you are using for the job. Even though it will not change the current situation in the world, you will become much more aware of the disadvantages of using plastic.

Pack your kitchen last

This may sound confusing to you since you do not see the connection between eco-friendly and packing your kitchen. On the other hand, the connection is very close between the two. The kitchen is usually the room that is hardest to pack. There are just so many items that you need to store carefully. The problem with packing your kitchen too soon is the fact that you will be forced to use plastic kitchen utensils. As you know, plastic is not good so you will do bad instead of good, especially if you are going to use plastic utensils for days. Leave the kitchen for last or be sure that you do not have to use plastic so that you could eat.


Use your kitchen plates until the last day!

Fewer trips, less pollution

Even though this is not exactly a green packing solution, it is still important if you want to have eco-friendly relocation. When moving, there is usually a need to go back and forth until you move all your items. That is bad because you produce fumes that are not good for the environment. In order to get rid of this and have a completely green relocation, be sure to reduce the number of your trips. You can do this by renting a moving van or you can ask your moving company to get all this done for you. They are equipped with moving vans and trucks of various sizes so you will not have to think about his at all.

exhaust pipes

Avoid traveling too much. Car fumes are bad for the environment

Hire a green moving company

There are many moving companies in the country, and probably in your city. The real problem could be to find a green moving company that knows how to do this kind of move. It may sound easy to have a green move but they are fully specialized and equipped to deal with something like this.


As you can see, there are various green packing solutions that you can use to your advantage. The good thing is that you are aware of the things happening around the globe due to the rising temperatures. No, your use of green packing supplies may not be enough to change the whole climate but it is still one step forward. It is better than doing nothing, right? We are hoping that you will have the smoothest relocation possible without any complications!


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