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November 24, 2022

First apartment checklist

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Most people find it exhilarating to move into their first apartment. But after the thrill of moving into a new place, reality sets in, and it's complicated. As with any home, there are a few things you'll need to put in order before moving into an apartment. We'll go through some essential items you should include on your first apartment checklist to make the process of moving in less stressful.

Moving into a new apartment is always exciting

Tip: The most crucial step before you sign that lease is to ensure you do your research.

Here is a checklist for your first apartment:


What are they? Well, there are numerous things you have to do before moving in. These are the important tasks to complete to prevent a stressful move.

Renters Insurance: The majority of American properties require tenants to get renters insurance. This is to guarantee that personal property is "protected" in the event of a fire, mold, floods, etc. Although it could be challenging to prove, some lease agreements will finance your apartment for mold or appliance damage if it is their fault. 

Purchase renters insurance, and make sure the liability is at least $100,000. Most landlords will provide you with advice and demonstrate which to choose. Avoid skipping any insurance payments, because doing so could cause your coverage to lapse and put you in jeopardy if an incident occurs.

Change of address: Change of address: To ensure that your mail arrives on time when you move into your new apartment, change your address at least two weeks beforehand. Change your mailing address with the post office, bank, subscriptions, and other services. 

Utilities: Transfer all utilities, so you’re not disappointed when you get to your new home. Also, like changing addresses, do these weeks before you move.

Lease agreement: Before you sign, carefully read each page and make sure you understand everything. If you need assistance reading it, or have any questions, ask a friend or the leasing office. When you have accepted the lease's terms and conditions, sign it. 

In preparation for moving day

Believe it or not, there’s a checklist you’ll need to have for moving day to make your day a little less chaotic. Here’s what you’ll need:

Moving truck: If you’re hiring a moving company, you won’t have to worry about this. However, if not, you'll have to pick up the truck on time and make sure you’ve checked that it’s excellent for the road. Check the gas, the lights, leaks, tires, and the overall truck function.

Elevator reservation: If you're moving into a building that requires you to reserve the elevator, make sure you do so before moving day. Most apartment buildings require you to make a reservation at least two weeks before moving in. This is crucial to remember for a first apartment checklist.

Packing supplies: Have all the proper packing supplies for moving day ready. Examples are ratchet straps, furniture blankets, dollies, and garbage bags for last-minute unpacked items.

For the bedroom

You'll need a few bedroom essentials to make your nights comfortable.

Bed: Buy any bed of your choice to make sure you'll be comfortable after a long day of work. If you can’t afford a bed, buy a mattress and add on later.

Bedding: A bed needs to be dressed, so get bed sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. Get bedding that fits your bed.

For the kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most used area in the house, so you'll have to stock up on a few items that you’ll need as soon as you move in.

Plates: Get a couple of these in different shapes and sizes for your family and future guests. You can find good-priced plates at Walmart or Target stores.

Utensils: Some forks, knives, spoons, peelers, graters, etc. 

Pots and pans: Basic pots for soup, a pan, a standard cooking pot, and maybe a big one. If you’re not a big cook, get at least two pots.

Dishcloth and dish soap: Buy a dishcloth and dish soap for dishes. If you have a dishwasher in the apartment, buy soap tablets for the washer.


Living room

The living room will need a few items. Purchase furniture you're happy with and that fits your aesthetic. Remember that you don't have to buy expensive furniture to make your house look the way you want.

Couch or chair: Something to sit on while you unpack and organize your home.

TV: This is not necessarily a need. However, some people prefer having a TV in their apartment. 

Coffee table: A little table is always necessary. You can put your coffee or tea on it and keep some current reads on the table.


There are numerous items you’ll need to get for the bathroom, with toilet paper being the most important.

Toilet paper: Do not move in without this! Toilet paper is a necessity on your first apartment checklist.

Get essential for your bathroom

Toiletries: Toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, etc. Toiletries are essential.

Towels: Get a hand, bath, and floor towel or rug for your bathroom. Have at least two bath towels to switch.


The excitement of moving into your first apartment can occasionally be overwhelming. For guidance and to ensure that you don't overlook anything, create a first apartment checklist. You'll also require other important manuals for things like floor planning, relocating, and packing. These checklists are all useful for reducing the stress of moving. 

Get the basic but essential items to make your first apartment move a good one. Enjoy making your new house a home.

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