Fantastic Fall Activities in Brooklyn for Families|Puppy in costume|Fall activities in Brooklyn for families and Halloween.|Puppet on strings
Fantastic Fall Activities in Brooklyn for Families|Puppy in costume|Fall activities in Brooklyn for families and Halloween.|Puppet on strings
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November 1, 2018

Fantastic Fall Activities in Brooklyn for Families

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Summer's gone and cold days are ahead. That means no more sunshine, fun and family activities. Wrong! When you are living in NYC the fun is never over. There are just so many people, cultures and events throughout the year that you'd be hard yourself with nothing to do. The problem of living in NYC is that you do not have time to spare for these activities. There is simply not enough time to experience the famous NYC parties and NYC theatre. But, if you do have, you'd best spend it with your family. Here are some fun fall activities in Brooklyn for families so you can spend these orange days in the proper mood.

Some fall activities in Brooklyn for families to consider

20th annual Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest

It's been 20 years already? Who knew. Well, in these twenty the years the famous Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest has improved dramatically. But, even the idea was solid from the get-go. You take cute dogs and put them in even cuter costumes. What's not to love? Because has been so long, and it has become so famous, more and more people are entering the dog costume contest, so you'd be smart to get priority registration. You can do that by being in the first 80 people to register. The cost of registration is $12, but don't worry. Your money goes to a charity organization, so your ticket will be tax-deductible. Be with your family on the 27th October, and enjoy the fall as it should be enjoyed. Outside with puppies!

Puppy in costume

Puppies in cute costumes make everything better. That is just a fact.

Ghouls and Gourds Costume Parade

Who says that it is only the dogs that get to dress up. Come down to Ghouls and Gours Costume Parade and have a blast while being dressed as the wackiest creature you can imagine. You can even find free moving boxes NYC for some cheap costume materials. Experience stilt dancing insanity, Brussel sprouts bowling, autographs from author avenue, and a drum circle. What more could you ask for? All of that, plus a costume parade? Well, you've got it. Therefore, waste no time in thinking where you are going to go on the 27th of October. If you have a puppy, go to the Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest. If that is not the case, come down to the Ghouls and Gourds Costume Parade! Whatever you choose, someone is going to be wearing a mask.

Boo at the Zoo

Look, we cannot talk about having fun during the fall without discussing the Halloween. It's simply not possible. One of the best places you can take your kids to enjoy their Halloween is the Prospect Park Zoo. Here they will have an opportunity to run around, enjoy themselves and share the Halloween with the people and animals at the Prospect Park Zoo. This years theme will be bats, so if you want you kids to get along with the theme of the zoo dress them up as Batman or Batgirl. You can even go Man-Bat (look it up, it's real), but we don't recommend it.

Fall activities in Brooklyn for families and Halloween.

You cannot talk about fall activities in Brooklyn for families without mentioning Halloween.

Dia de Los Muertos at Brooklyn Children's Museum

Keeping with the children-friendly horror theme, we come to Dia de Los Muertos at Brooklyn Children's Museum. Dia de Los Muertos translates to the Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the lives of those who have passed away. Therefore, if you want your kids to experience a different culture, bring them to the Brooklyn Children's Museum on November 3rd. You can talk to them about their heritage and keep their spirits up with fun activities. Have fun, learning about different cultures and talking about your family. Is there a better way to spend time with your kids? We certainly can't think of one.

Haunted houses

Picking the fall activities in Brooklyn for families boils down to what the kids want. If there are into animals, take them to a zoo. If they are into history, take them to a museum. But, if they are into horror, then you are in luck. Brooklyn has a quite a few of excellent haunted houses for you and your family to enjoy. So, you should bring your kids over and spend an adrenaline-filled afternoon screaming and running around one of many haunted houses. If you are really feeling like it, you can visit multiple, but we recommend going one at the time. If you visit too many you won't have time to calm down in between and the later haunted houses won't be as exciting.

Puppet theater

This is one of the fall activities in Brooklyn for families that all kids seem to enjoy. Heck, everyone enjoys it. Even the seniors like to come here and enjoy themselves. Puppet theater in Brooklyn is hosted by Puppetworks inc. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to the children of Brooklyn. They have numerous shows during the fall so you can pick the one you like to enjoy with your kids. In today's world, our kids are bombarded by television and internet from all sides. Therefore, it is very good for them to experience different mediums for art. Separate them from their phones and games and let them see good, wholesome fun that is puppet theatre.

Puppet on strings

Who knew that puppets can be so entertaining.

Annual Atlantic Street Festival

Now, this is a famous one. Just ask your Brooklyn movers about it. It is a huge festival hosted by Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation. They close down the whole Atlantic Avenue and showcase numerous things. You can enjoy offers and presentations from local restaurants, local stores, food vendors, stalls creating and selling jewelry, toys, pottery and many, many more. Furthermore, you'll be able to listen to some local bands and check out dance performers and raffles. It's like the whole neighborhood comes down and decides to enjoy a couple of fall days. That is way Annual Atlantic Street Festival is one of the most famous Brooklyn fall activities in Brooklyn for families.


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