Hands of family|Family fun in park|Ice creams||Children Camping
Hands of family|Family fun in park|Ice creams||Children Camping
NY lifestyle
June 10, 2018

Family fun in Westchester County

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One of the favorite things about being a parent is rediscovering joy and beauty through a child's eye. That’s why every parent wants to have a family fun in Westchester County to share meaningful experiences with your children and to learn more about their wishes and interests.When living in Westchester County you want to keep your children happy and entertained for the whole day. Westchester is a country where you can find everything you need for a family-friendly fun. From the Caramoor rose gardens to the Grand Prix Raceway and visual arts at Jacob Burns, it is easy to have family fun in Westchester County.

Family fun in park

Have a fun family day in one of the great Westchester parks

Having family fun in Westchester County

After Westchester moving and storage company help you to settle down on this great side of southern New York, you can start exploring it with your children. In Westchester County, you can culture your children in a fun way. In Caramoor, you can enjoy Kids & Families programs where your children and you can learn more about music and fine arts. Also, in Westchester County, you can find fun sports activities for your children and the whole family. For example, The Cliffs at Valhalla is the great place for rock climbing. This is a great way for your family to have a creative time and bounding. You can take lessons to learn climbing or you enjoy seeing how your kids climb like adults.

Find out who is a better driver – you or your kids

Do you want to spend a quality and fun time with a family in Westchester County? Then you should consider going on indoor go-kart racing where you can have a great time with your family and friends. When you want to take a pause you can do it in the in-house restaurant and bar where tasty barbecue cuisine will give you the energy to continue racing.

Are you an animal lover? We have one more great place for you to spend time with your family

If your family likes animals, you can connect with wildlife at the Wolf Conservation Center. This place gives you and your children a chance to learn more about beautiful animals. So, after you have found the NYC home plan to visit this great place for animal lovers. And we have another great idea! After your visit to beautiful animals, bring your family to the Lighthouse Ice Cream Company to try local treats. This will take your family day to the next level. Here you can taste 30 varieties of handcrafted ice creams and your children will be excited and happy to take a tour of the Hudson River shoreline.

Ice creams

Bring your family to the Lighthouse Ice Cream Company where you can taste 30 varieties of handcrafted ice creams

If you want to take a break – watch a movie or go to the dinner

If your family members are food lovers, then you should check out the riverfront scenery and lively atmosphere at Sunset Cove. You can eat food on the grill while listening to great music. After you take a bite you can go to catch up a movie at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville. Also, this center hosts free movies for the whole family on the Saturdays.

Playgrounds and adventures in Westchester County

If you are moving with a baby to Westchester we have a great news! Here you can find many playgrounds to have fun with your small children. Also, on the weekends you can take your family to the farm if your children like playing in the dirt and to learn more about agriculture. Then, you can have a farm dining in the renowned Blue Hill restaurant.Also, you can take a family bike ride on the North Country Trailway where you can enjoy natural beauty in Westchester's oldest park. While riding a bike you can stop and take a break by having a picnic while enjoying a beautiful nature of Westchester parks.

Father with daughters have fun in park

Take a break and have a picnic with your children in Westchester parks where you can enjoy great nature of this area

Visit an amusement park with more than just rides

Another way to have family fun in Westchester County is to Vitis one of the great New York amusement parks - Rye Playland. This amusement park attracts adrenaline-junkies of all ages. But, also it is a great place to enjoy the oceanfront boardwalk, swimming pools and beach, and mini-golf course.

Farm fun for everyone!

At Muscoot Farm you will fall in love with its fluffy inhabitants. At this farm, your entire family will have a lot of fun by visiting seasonal farmers markets and riding beautiful horses.

Read on for more must-do, family-friendly activities in Westchester

  • Visit Westchester Children's Museum
  • Catch a show at White Plains Performing Arts Center
  • Experience farm life at Stone Barns Center and Muscoot Farm.
  • Have a pool party at Tibbetts Brook Park
  • Go camping or riding a bike!
  • Go kayaking or canoeing.
  • Read a book at Huguenot Children's Library
  • Visit historic mansions throughout Westchester.
  • Build your sand castle at one of Westchester's lovely beaches.
Children Camping

Camping is another great way to have a family fun in Westchester CountyAs you see, Westchester County is one of the best NY neighborhoods for families. Here your children can enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities and you will enjoy, too. Whether it's visiting a local museum or having a picnic in one of the beautiful parks in the area, you can create great memories and have quality family fun in Westchester County.


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