10 simple tips on how best to enjoy NYC after moving in your new place.||Grand Central Station is the temple of NYC.|Spark your NYC relocation with a high note of Broadway.
10 simple tips on how best to enjoy NYC after moving in your new place.||Grand Central Station is the temple of NYC.|Spark your NYC relocation with a high note of Broadway.
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October 7, 2017

How to enjoy NYC after moving there

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Let’s break down the last month of your life, shall we? You decided to make a drastic change in your life and relocate to the Big Apple for a new beginning. Hopefully, you found a job and a place in NYC and got to packing. You then found a professional NY moving company and arranged for everything to be transported to your new place. And finally, here we are – you’re glaring over your new apartment after unpacking and are wondering what next. Well, it’s simple really – now it’s time for you to take some time and enjoy NYC after moving in. Not sure how to do that – here are some tips for you.

10 simple tips on how best to enjoy NYC after moving in your new place.

Find the best ways to enjoy NYC after moving there.

Enjoy NYC after moving in the autumn

Autumn in New York is a miraculous sight to behold. Even though most people will anticipate summer or spring, this is not the case when it comes to the Big Apple. Fall is very well received and even eagerly expected by residents of the five boroughs of NYC. So make the most and enjoy NYC after moving through some of these unique experiences.

Explore the city by going for a long walk

In case you’re in the mood to stretch your legs, Free Tours by Foot has a wide range of Manhattan and Brooklyn routes for you. Just some among them would be:

  • Lower Manhattan waterfront - New York’s waterfront has long been industrial, but recent developments are bringing restaurants, bars and arts to its shores.
  • Williamsburg street-art tour - New York is no longer the gritty city it was, but there are plenty of places to seek out its renowned street art. In the 1970s, almost every city subway train was covered in graffiti. When the Clean Train Movement saw the last tagged train taken out of service in 1989, artists found new opportunities on the city’s rooftops and streets.
  • Brooklyn bridge - one of New York’s most recognizable landmarks. The Brooklyn bridge was built in 1883, and its limestone and granite neo-gothic towers make it stand out from other bridges in the area. The bridge’s pedestrian and cycle pathway is elevated, so it offers fantastic views of the Manhattan skyline and downtown Brooklyn. If you cross this 1,595.5 feet giant, walk down through the Dumbo district afterwards and have a coffee or an ice-cream in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Experience the street kitchen of New York City

Think of any type of national cuisine and New York will have at least one restaurant to fulfill your needs. After all, it is the epicenter of multicultural diversity. And even if you are a stranger to the Big Apple and might not have had the time to get some reservations in place, no worries. Some of the finest food in NYC can be found on street corners - hot dogs. And don't let yourself be worried by the strange looking water - it's just seasoning medley unique to NYC.

Enjoy NYC after moving by taking a ferry boat ride to Coney Island

You haven't really experienced the fun side of New York until you've visited Coney Island. So why not head on over to that beach side and make a fun day out of it. And in case you've moved with children, they are going to love this part of the Big Apple.

Spark your NYC relocation with a high note of Broadway.

Sing along the lights of Broadway and enjoy NYC after moving.

Step out of your skin and go see a Broadway show

Not a big fan of musicals? All it takes is one sit down on Broadway and you'll be singing all week long. After all, Broadway is a long-standing pillar of NYC. So try to fish for tickets to see Hamilton, and have Chicago or Wicked as backup plans, in case Hamilton is sold-out (high possibility).

Breathe in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

No matter how devoted you are to New York City, the smell is not something you can compliment. So enjoy NYC after moving by visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and taking in the fragrance of nature. No matter how urban or chaotic things get, rest assured that you can always stop and smell the roses here.

Go on a tour of Central Park and experience the "forest of New York City"

Never be afraid to cross bridges when exploring the urban jungle of New York.

Explore Central Park as part of your NYC enjoyment adventure.Spreading over a territory of 843 acres and totaling an average of 40 million visits annually, Central Park is the crowning jewel of NYC. So ready your walking shoes and go on an adventure to explore one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (since April 2017).

Run off to the movies at the Film Forum

Broadening ones horizons is the very goal of relocating to NYC. And one such place is the Film Forum - where movie lovers can enjoy the French New Wave retrospective, among other cinematic directions.

Have a slice of Joe's

The culture of eating pizza has become something of a religion in NYC. And as any religions go, people always tend to argue which one is the true one. Same goes for the best pizza slice in New York. And one of the top contenders is Joe's pizza on Carmine Street. So if you are craving old school NYC slice type pizza, head on over to Joe's and you won't regret it.

Travel through Grand Central

Grand Central Station is the temple of NYC.

All paths lead to Grand Central Station, and from there, everything is possible.Thousands of people pass through Grand Central Station on a daily basis, but rarely do they stop by to take in the surroundings. And what a reward they are missing out on. Inside this temple of NYC, one can find everything, from bars & restaurants to stores and apartments.

Perhaps a visit to the Bowery Ballroom

If you're in search of a Mecca of the NYC indie music scene, the Bowery Ballroom is the place for you. Not only does the venue host some of indie rock's best and most talented musicians, but it offers exquisite drinks and relaxation in it's great bar.

Confirming yourself as a true New Yorker

No matter how many sights you visit, only by becoming a true New Yorker will you be able to enjoy NYC after moving there. And the way to become a true New Yorker is by living the part. Among yelling at the traffic, killing cockroaches and getting accustomed to the rats, it's all about the stance you take. One such stance would be getting annoyed by slow-walking tourists with maps and passing them as if walking around obstacles. So go out there and begin your New York adventure.


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