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December 5, 2018

Different types of packing boxes NYC

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Everyone knows that you cannot pack without packing boxes NYC. But, what many people don't realize is that there are different types of packing boxes. And, while you can handle a simple move with any box, you need to be aware of many different types. Special circumstances may pop up, and you will need to know which moving boxes to get in order to handle them.

Types of packing boxes NYC

You might think that a box is a box. How can there be different types of packing boxes NYC? Well, there are. Different moving situations tend to require different moving boxes, and we have made a comprehensible list for you to keep in mind.

Standard boxes

These are your normal packing boxes NYC. You can get them from moving companies or from places that sell packing materials. Make sure to take stock of your items before you go out to by moving boxes. You will need to know how big they should be and how many you need to get. Some companies offer to refund a part of your cost if you bring the boxes back after moving. These boxes are going to be as good as you are prepared to pay. You can use cheaper boxes for clothes and other light items. But, do not try to save money when getting boxes for your fragile items or your books. If they are too costly for you, you can even rent moving boxes in NYC. Just make sure to take care of them during the move.

Buy packing boxes NYC

Today you can easily buy all the packing boxes NYC that you need.

Free boxes

Free boxes are easy to get in NYC. All you need is time and a little legwork. Visit your local stores, shops, and warehouses and ask them to save you some boxes. We recommend that you go at least a month in advance so that the workers will have enough time to save you some boxes. Do not try to get them only a couple of days in advance as most stores recycle or discard boxes on the same day that they get them. So, you can forget about using them for the last minute move. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to control the quality or the quantity of the boxes you find. You might need to on a couple of searches before you find all the boxes that you might need.

Special boxes

Here will we mention all the boxes that you normally wouldn't consider for moving. Special circumstances may require you to find boxes that are uncommonly shaped or are waterproof. You can easily find them, but as a general rule, they are going to be more expensive. Try to limit yourself to only using these boxes when need be. That doesn't mean that you should risk packing your items in cheap but inappropriate boxes. If the situation requires, get the boxes that you need. Only then can you be sure that your move will go without any issues.


Some items are very susceptible to damage from weather.

How to use packing boxes

Simply getting packing boxes NYC is not enough. You need to be familiar with how to use them if you are going to realize your move.


Size plays a big role in the proper use of packing boxes NYC. The box you are going to use needs to be big enough to fit both the item and the padding. But, it shouldn't be so big that even though you placed item and padding, there is still room. Your items need to stand still inside the box if they are going to survive the relocation. Mind you, this goes for fragile materials. Books, clothes and other resilient materials don't require padding. But, you need to also keep track of the weight of the items, especially when it comes to books. When placed together, books can be quite heavy and can easily rip your box. Either disperse them in different boxes or use smaller, stronger boxes for them.


Labeling is one of the most important parts of handling boxes. People that are going to carry your box need to know if what is inside. And it will be up to you to give them that information. You will also need to label if anything inside the box is fragile or heavy. Even small mishandling can lead to broken property or even a moving accident. Another reason why you need to label packing boxes NYC is in order to have easy access to them inside short-term storage NYC. Sure, you know where your things are now. But, if you give it a couple of days, you will completely forget where you placed your items. A simple label can save you from much trouble once you have to find something in your storage unit.


You cannot utilize moving boxes properly unless you label them.


No matter how good your boxes are, you need to know how to pack them. The procedure is not hard. But, still, a surprising number of people do it quite poorly. Make sure that you sort your items properly and that the boxes use can hold the weight. Especially if you want to move heavy sculptures. Use enough padding and wrapping so that there is little chance of damage. You will need to protect your fragile items from bad weather conditions, not just accidental mishandlings.

What to do with them after the move

When you are done with your packing boxes NYC the last thing you should do is to simply throw them away. There are online sites which offer box sharing. Simply go online and find local groups that share moving boxes. If that is not your speed, you can look for charities where you can donate your boxes, or you can try to sell them back to moving company. If nothing else works, remember to recycle. Keep your relocation green.


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