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October 30, 2022

Differences between indoor and outdoor storage

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Choosing the ideal storage unit for your belongings can be hard, especially if you don't know which storage unit is better. People use storage units for different reasons, and the most common is to keep furniture, art, vehicles, etc. This article will give you an idea of the differences between indoor and outdoor storage.

Before you rent a storage space, be wary of what you can and can’t put in the unit. If you aren’t sure about this, call the storage company and find out. Both indoor and outdoor storage are not without flaws, but both are great in their respect.

Indoor storage 

There is some difference between both indoor and outdoor storage. Indoor is usually climate controlled and great for when the weather isn’t cooperating. Especially in the wintertime if you live in an area prone to icy snow and blizzards or extreme heat and humidity.

Indoor storage protects items from bad weather

Benefits of indoor storage

  • Safety

Safety is one of the perks of renting an indoor storage unit. Units inside a facility tend to have 24-hour surveillance, be it a camera or security guards. Safety is a priority in these units. Indoor storage may be the best option if safety is important to you.

  • Helps when in-between homes

If you’re moving to a new home and it isn’t ready for move-in yet, or you’re renovating your current home and have no space to keep your belongings. Storage is the perfect place to keep your stuff. 

  • Seasonal items

Having a lot of items that you only use in season is a good reason to rent a storage unit. You can keep all your holiday decorations, like Christmas trees, Halloween decor items, etc. This will save some space in your home.

Don’t forget to label all the boxes so it’s easier to find your items when you need them.

  • Convenient

Since it is usually temperature controlled, that’s a major convenience right there. You can rest assured your items will be protected and won’t have to worry about mold or weather changes that may affect your belongings.

  • Protection from bad weather

An indoor unit is great for bad weather as stated above. Harsh weather can cause long-term damage to your furniture. For example, if it is too hot and humid, and there’s no temperature control in your unit, your items will most likely grow mold. 

This damage, at most times, cannot be reversed or fixed, and that may cost you a lot of money.

  • Pest control

Though pests are almost everywhere, and can be in indoor units too, outdoor units with them are hard to control. Although storage companies may offer the best control service, they may not be as effective as they would be for an indoor unit.

Most outdoor units are susceptible to rodents, bugs, spiders, etc. Therefore, you should make cleaning a priority to keep your items clean. 

Outdoor storage

Some prefer outdoor storage because it is easily accessible. Others say it is the better option for climate control. Consider this unit if you think indoor storage isn’t the one for you.

Outdoor storage is great for big items

Benefits of outdoor storage

  • Spacious

The main reason why most people rent a storage unit is because of the space. Outdoor units tend to have more space compared to their counterparts. This is great if you have a lot of big items like a piano, motorcycle, kayak, etc.

  • Vehicle Storage

Another great benefit is the ability to be able to park your vehicle in the unit. But before doing so, ensure the management allows vehicle parking. You can use the space to park an old vehicle you're not using.

  • Low maintenance

Because the unit is outside, it may be low maintenance compared to indoor. By this, I mean if you have items that don’t require much attention and can survive in any weather condition with minimal maintenance. 

  • Accessibility

The best thing about outdoor storage is that it is easily accessible. The freedom of being able to access your unit at any time you want without having to worry about closing hours is a dream. 

Another benefit to this is being able to park right at the door of your unit, saving you a walk. This is also great if you need to load or unload and if the weather is bad.

  • Affordable

Indoor units are usually priced higher compared to outdoor ones. The reason is because of maintenance and other factors, too. Managing an outdoor unit is easier, making it more affordable. 

So, which one is best?

Well, that depends on you, your lifestyle, your items, and how long you want to keep them in storage. Outdoor storage is great for the short-term, for items like vehicles or items that won’t need much attention or won’t be damaged when exposed to changing weather conditions.

Indoor storage, on the other hand, is ideal for long-term storage. It is great for storing valuables and sensitive items.


Storage units help in any situation, whether in-between homes, relocating, or having more things than your house can accommodate. It is important to find the perfect type of storage for your items, so you have some peace of mind. Remember to consider everything when doing so, including the type of furniture you have and how much you can afford. 

We understand that storage varies from location to location, but we hope this will shed some light.

Also, we can make your storage needs happen. Contact us for a FREE estimate at (718) 619-4881 for your moving needs, and visit our website for more information.


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