Christmas decorations - Decorate your NYC home for Christmas|Decorated windows - Decorate your NYC home for Christmas|Hot cocoa|
Christmas decorations - Decorate your NYC home for Christmas|Decorated windows - Decorate your NYC home for Christmas|Hot cocoa|
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December 22, 2019

Decorate your NYC home for Christmas like a pro

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With Christmas just around the corner, I’m sure you’re thinking about your Christmas tree and decorations. And if you haven’t already decorated your NYC home for Christmas it’s okay. There’s still enough time to make a Christmas Wonderland in your home. And if you’ve been putting it off because you are sick and tired of decorating your NYC home for Christmas the same way every year, we’re here to give you some new ideas. You won’t even have to buy new Christmas decorations. You could just use the same ones you already have but use them in a different way. Or you can even use some other things you have laying around your home and turn them into Christmas decorations. So read further if you want to decorate your NYC home for Christmas like a pro with these ideas!

Preparations before decorating your NYC home for Christmas

Before you start decorating your NYC home for Christmas you should first do something. Many movers NYC advise that you clean your Christmas decoration before you place them anywhere.The reason is that if you didn't pest-proof your home and since decorations were probably stored in cardboard boxes in your basement or your attic, the boxes might be full of spiders and insects. So if you don’t want to carry those spiders and insects in your, living room for example, then you should clean them first.Furthermore, they also advise you to clean your room and especially the places where you plan on putting your Christmas decorations. Because if you don’t clean those places before you put your Christmas decorations then it will be much harder to do so once decorations are there. You won’t be able to reach some places and you’ll have to be extra careful not to break your fragile Christmas decorations.

No yard – no problem

You don't have a big yard where you could put your Christmas decorations? No worries. You can always decorate your windows. I know it's not the same, but it will still light up the faces of children and people passing by. And your face every time you come home, of course. Which is the point of Christmas decorations, isn’t it?

Decorated windows - Decorate your NYC home for Christmas

Christmas decorations you want to put on your windows don't even have to be inside of your house!So go crazy! Put a little Christmas tree next to your window or just Christmas tree branches. Or some other Christmas decorations like jingle bells or a wreath. Tape multi-colored lights on your windows. Put Christmas themed stickers or pictures. Hang a group of different-colored ornaments. There’s really so much you can do to decorate your window!

Decorate your NYC home for Christmas like a pro – the Christmas tree

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree there are so many different options. And it’s no wonder considering that Christmas tree is usually the central piece of Christmas decorations. And that it will make your new NYC home feel like home right away. But before you choose the theme or the colors you’ll put on your Christmas tree you should decide whether you’ll have:

  1. artificial Christmas tree
  2. or a real one.

Once you have your Christmas tree it’s time to think about the color scheme. Keep in mind that the color scheme you choose for your Christmas tree should be the same for other Christmas decorations. I mean, you could use different color schemes for different rooms. But that could look tacky. So choose one color scheme and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be a traditional one like red, gold and green or silver and white. Black and silver combination is getting more and more popular. And so is the pink color scheme.

Christmas tree - Decorate your NYC home like a pro

Why stop at nontraditional colors of the ornaments when you can have a Christmas tree that's not greenAs for the theme of the Christmas tree – there are no limitations! It is your Christmas tree, after all. So you can decorate it any way you like. If you like a natural look, put flowers, birds and butterflies! There’s no law that says that you must put only traditional Christmas decorations. You can put anything you like. Plus, something different and unusual will look original, individual and, most of all, interesting.

Alternative Christmas tree ideas

If you have a pet that sees your Christmas tree as the enemy that must be brought down and destroyed. Or you simply don’t have enough space in your home for a classical big Christmas tree we have a solution for your struggle! Just look up alternative Christmas tree ideas and you won’t be disappointed. Floating ornament Christmas trees are more and more popular. They look interesting and beautiful. Plus, your pet won’t be able to destroy it. One more alternative Christmas tree idea is to place a ladder in your living room and decorate it as if it were a real Christmas tree. Books, balloons, wine cork and wood are all great items that can make a unique Christmas tree. So just use your imagination!

A Christmas bar

There’s one thing you can do that will leave both grownups and kids amazed. You can create a mulled wine and hot cocoa bar. And it’s actually quite simple to make it. Just put a small Christmas tree and some Christmas decorations on top of a table. Add cute cups that don’t even have to be Christmas themed. And, of course, add an assortment of warm beverages like mulled wine for grownups and hot cocoa for kids. You’ll, with no doubt, enjoy escaping cold from the outside and coming home to a hot beverage waiting for you next to Christmas decorations.

Hot cocoa

Hot cocoa is one of the best things about Christmas

Not enough space for your decorations?

You are just about to decorate your NYC home for Christmas when you realize that you need storage and you don’t know what to do. You don’t have enough space for both your Christmas decorations and the ones that you have throughout the year. Nor do you have some place where you can put those decorations until Christmas is over. Luckily for you, we have a solution to your problem! You can rent plastic moving boxes. You don’t have to be relocating in order to rent them. And they are sturdier than regular cardboard boxes so your fragile decorations will be safer in them. Plus, what’s great about renting plastic moving boxes is that you can use them to store your Christmas decorations once Christmas is over.


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