Moving across the country - packing tips|Cross country packing tip - pack the things you don't use regularly first, like your espresso machine|Online shopping - a computer and a credit card|Shoes, a hat and a scarf
Moving across the country - packing tips|Cross country packing tip - pack the things you don't use regularly first, like your espresso machine|Online shopping - a computer and a credit card|Shoes, a hat and a scarf
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March 23, 2018

Cross country packing guidelines

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Moving is an exhausting endeavor. It requires a lot of planning and good organizational skills. When you are moving, even as close as to a different house in the same neighborhood, you have to juggle many obligations. Your everyday responsibilities plus all the moving-related tasks. The further you move, the more complex and more numerous your obligations become. That's why moving across the country is really complex. For a first-time mover, it might even seem undoable. But, don't worry. We are here for you. We present you with a cross country packing guide that will make your long-distance move across the US much easier.

Get organized

It should come as no surprise that you need to start preparing for the move as soon as possible. Procrastination will only make your move more stressful. To avoid that, get started right away. Number one priority on your moving to-do list needs to be finding reliable cross country moving companies NYC. Once you hire the movers who will conduct your move safely and affordable, you can focus on cross country packing.

Start with a thorough cleaning

Begin as early as a couple of months prior to your move, especially if your home is large. Clean every room thoroughly and get rid of the things you don't need. Keep in mind that long-distance moves are charged by the total weight of the items you move. So there's really no point in paying to haul dirty and impractical items to your new home on the other side of the country, is there?

Declutter while you are cleaning

Shoes, a hat and a scarf

Donate the things you don't wear.Before you can actually start packing for your cross-country move, you need to discard everything you won't need in your new location. This list includes:

  • old, damaged or clothes that no longer fit
  • toys your kids have outgrown
  • worn-down electronics
  • large furniture that won't fit in your new place
  • old notebooks from high school (come on, you haven't consulted them once since you finished high school)
  • any item you haven't used in the previous year shouldn't make the cross-country packing cut.

Raise money for cross country packing supplies by selling your unwanted junk

You know what they say - one man's junk is another man's treasure. You never know who will be delighted to buy your old dryer or the bunk-beds your kids don't use anymore. List the things you don't want to take with you on websites like craigslist and eBay. Selling them could bring in some extra cash you can direct towards moving supplies or other moving expenses. You can always donate your undesired belongings to family members or a charity organization. Whichever option you choose, bear in mind that the more you get rid of, the easier you packing process will be.

Online shopping - a computer and a credit card

Sell the things you don't need online and raise money for your moving expenses.

Get hold of proper packing supplies

When you are moving as far as across the country, you want to pack your belongings well, so they are safe during such a long trip. This means that the old moving boxes you used in your last two relocations won't do it. You need to get new sturdy boxes. Packing supplies NYC can be purchased from the moving company of your choice. The other option is to try and get free moving boxes from your local big box store or at the grocery store. The important thing to keep in mind is the size of the boxes. You don't want them to be too big nor too small. It's best if you can pick up the box easily by yourself when full. Don't forget bubble wrap and tape.

Pack the things you don't use regularly first

Cross country packing tip - pack the things you don't use regularly first, like your espresso machine

Pack the things you don't use every day first.After you've got rid of a considerable amount of things and after you've got the packing supplies, you can finally begin packing. Go room by room and pack the items you rarely use first. Your skiing equipment, your Christmas decorations, the turkey roaster and other kitchen supplies you don't use on a daily basis can be packed in the first round of packing.

Stay organized by labeling each box

It can get pretty hectic when you are in the mids of cross country packing. You can often pack something you still need. It's nerve-wracking to have to open seven boxes before you can find that one item. To avoid this type of situations and to make the communication with the moving crew easier - label your boxes right away. You can use different color markers for every room, for even more of a distinction.

Don't put too many items in one box

Be careful not to overburden your boxes. If you do that you risk damaging your possessions. Boxes can only hold so much and can break. The trick to avoiding this is getting smaller rather than larger boxes. You should use the larger ones for lighter items and smaller ones for heavier items. Put your books in a small box and your pillows in a large one.

Pack a go-to box

It's easy to get carried away while packing. But think about your first night in your new home. Don't pack absolutely everything. After an exhausting day of moving, you will want to refresh a little. You will want to charge your phone. Your pet might be hungry. Or you may need to take your medication. For all these and some other items, you should dedicate a separate box, the so-called go-to box. In it you should pack:

  1. your personal documents
  2. your medication
  3. a fresh change of clothes
  4. chargers for your electronic devices
  5. basic toiletries
  6. basic kitchen supplies, like a few cups and plates
  7. your kids favorite toy
  8. bed linen

Basically, everything you'll need during your first night or until the rest of your belongings arrive. Don't put that box on the moving truck. Stay close to it.If you follow this cross country packing guide, your packing process will be under control and you will feel as calm as possible during your relocation. If you are relocating to NYC than you will find this guide useful as well.


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