How to cope with a neighbor's renovation|paper and pen|people on the roof|people sitting
How to cope with a neighbor's renovation|paper and pen|people on the roof|people sitting
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September 12, 2018

How to cope with a neighbor's renovation?

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One of the downsides of living in an apartment building maybe the noise that you hear from your neighbors. Most people that live in small apartments in NYC are used a little bit of noise from time to time. On the other hand, when your neighbor is renovating his home, the noise can distract you and your family quite a bit. That is why you should prepare and learn how to cope with a neighbor's renovation. Keep reading and find out how to handle the situation without having arguments with the people that live next to you.

Can you prepare for your neighbor's renovation?

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Before starting any renovations, your neighbor should notify all of the tenants about the repairs.Good neighbors will let you know in advance if he is planning to renovate his apartment. He should notify all of the people that live inside his apartment building about his renovation plans. The most common way for your neighbor to notify everyone is to send a letter to neighbors about the renovation. On the other hand, the building manager can post the letter about renovations in the lobby of the building. That way all of the neighbors in the building will know when the renovations will take place.The letter about the repairs is a courtesy in advance and it will help the people prepare for renovations. The noise can affect their nap time and their small children. Also, the pets tens to be more agitated by a lot of noise next door. In most cases, the letter should notify if any services will be turned off like water, electricity etc. during apartment renovations or repairs.It is very important for the apartment owner who is doing the repairs to share the basic schedule of the repairs with neighbors. That way, tenants that live nearby can plan their time in advance and maybe avoid being at home when the renovations are at peak.

Communicate with your neighbor

In case you hear disruptive construction noises, you should approach your neighbor. In most cases, neighbors don't realize that you can hear the noise when the workers do small repairs. On the other hand, when a worker reinstalls the kitchen or taking down the bedroom wall, that may not be the case. Keep in mind that your neighbor should have all of the necessary permits for apartment renovation in NYC before he starts any repairs.

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Try talking with your neighbor about the repairs in his apartment.You should approach your neighbor with a polite attitude and ask the details about the construction. You can always ask how long it will take for the workers to finish the renovations. In most cases, short projects tend to last a couple of days. But if the constructions will take longer, it is polite to make a suggestion to your neighbor. Tel him the usual time when you are not at home (like your work hours especially if you work in the afternoons). That way your neighbor may advise his workers to complete the noisiest parts of the construction process like demolition or drilling at the time you are not at home.The important thing is to remember that the good relationship with your neighbor is crucial. You will run into your neighbor in the elevator, the laundry room etc. That is why you should be polite as much as you can and avoid arguments if you can. Talking calmly with your neighbor face to face will preserve your relationship. In most cases, if people do significant repairs to their homes, it is more likely that they will live there for a longer period of time.

Know your rights and your options

In most cases, you will be able to preserve a normal relationship with your neighbor. However, sometimes your neighbor might not care that the noise is bothering you. He may be unwilling to communicate or give you the letter of notice or any additional information. If this is the situation you are in and you don't know how to cope with a neighbor's renovation, you have three main options:

  • Ask your building manager for advice and assistance in solving this problem
  • Seek help from a government agency
  • Hire a legal representative to represent your interests

How to cope with a neighbor's renovation?

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The workers that do the repairs should give the rough estimate about the expected time frame.In case your neighbor's workers have to work during evenings or weekends when you are at home, make sure to ask your neighbor for a schedule of the repairs. Usually, the contractor can give you the rough estimate of the schedule. Knowing what type of work will be done and at what time will be beneficial for you. If the workers will be painting the walls, you will know that the noise won't affect you. On the other hand, if the workers plan to take down the walls, you may be at a friends place at that time or schedule a weekend getawayand organize a small 2-day vacation.When your neighbor's renovation become too much for you, there are a few things you can do to make the situation better. You can always find a way to relax and unwind:

  • Get noise canceling earplugs
  • Listen to loud music
  • Get the tension off and go to relax outside
  • If you are working from home, you can find a good coffee shop nearby and finish your work without disturbance

What if you decide to move?

Some people don't know how to cope with a neighbor's renovation. That is why they may decide to relocate. Relocating to NYC is easy with the help of a reliable moving company. Most reputable moving companies have the experience and training to help you relocate at the last minute.In case, you cannot deal with a noisy neighbor, who is doing the repairs on his apartment for a long period of time, quality NYC movers can help. Reliable movers will estimate the cost of your move and give you a free quote. Manhattan movers will help you deal with a problematic situation and pack your entire house belongings in a day or two. If you don't know how to cope with a neighbor's renovation, hire quality moving service and relocate with ease.


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