common roommate issues and solutions|people|drawing|man
common roommate issues and solutions|people|drawing|man
Relocating to NYC
January 1, 1970

Common roommate issues and solutions

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Moving into a new apartment is always a happy occasion especially if you are renting your own place for the first time. A big decision like this comes with a big change. You may need to share your space with a roommate in case you cannot cover numerous monthly expenses. Getting used to living with someone you barely know may come with various challenges. Common roommate issues are bound to happen at some point. Use our guide to prepare for this big change, find the best roommate and find solutions for any issue that may arise.

Moving in with a roommate – how to?

In case you already have a roommate, and you are planning to change your location, consider discussing your options before you even start the process. Every relocation is different. However, if you have someone helping you organize, the relocation will be much easier than expected. Even when moving to a new residence, you may come to a disagreement with your roommate. This is the perfect time to resolve common roommate issues you may have.It is important you discuss all of your possibilities with your roommate when you decide to move. Each person may have a special request when it comes to your future new space. Put everything on paper before you start looking for the new place. Your roommate may wish for a bigger bedroom or something else. That is why it is important you discuss your options and your budget. It is important you stay flexible and negotiate all the aspects of your new home.


Your roommate may not know what are you feeling. Express your feelings and talk when you have a problem.When it comes to your moving budget, you should do the same. Make sure to avoid the most common roommate issues when it comes to money. Calculating your overall budget is quite important. When you have the idea of how much money you can spend on moving services, it is easier to organize. In case you are moving on a budget, you may find ways to save money on your relocation expenses. There is always the possibility of finding free moving boxes NYC for packing, downsizing your moving cargo or selling the items you don’t need. Saving on packing supplies can be a big save if moving with a roommate with limited funds.

The lack of space

The lack of space in the apartment is one of the most common roommate issues. Sharing the apartment can be a challenge if there is not enough room. On the other hand, there are numerous belongings each person has that may get in the way.This problem may seem unsolvable. But there is a smart solution for everything. In case the lack of space is a major issue, you can always consider the option of renting a storage unit. Queens storage offers numerous storage possibilities that suit you and your roommate needs. In most cases, storage companies offer deals on their services. If you need additional space for your belongings, consider asking a storage professional for advice and the official price on the unit you like. Sometimes quality moving companies that offer storage services also offer various deals. It is important to ask them for a deal before making your final decision.Renting a storage unit and moving all of your belongings without professional movers help can be the challenge of its own. On the other hand, including another person into this decision can be complicated. Consider all the challenges of sharing a storage unit with friends before you make such a big step. However, if renting and sharing a storage space can help resolve common roommate issues you may face for the lack of space, a good plan will help. Make sure that both parties agree and plan together this important decision.

Common roommate issues – find solutions

Resolving most common roommate issues results in a better mood in your living space. These issues may include:


Decorating the space can be one of the issues with your roommate. Consider finding the common ground and find the best solution.

  • The lack of space
  • Handling finances and bills
  • Homestyle and decoration
  • Having friends over and partying

Communication is the key

No matter the issue you are facing with your roommate, good communication will help you find a solution. Find time to have a quality conversation with your roommate. It is important you explain the problem and stay flexible. There is always a solution ahead. And in the worst case scenario, your roommate can find other housing. Good communication is the key in these situations.

Planning will save you

Roommates may face various challenges. Sometimes your roommate may stay behind on rent or paying bills. If this is your situation consider setting boundaries even before he moves in. In case this is a recent situation, talk to him and make a plan. Put on paper all the monthly expenses you both face. It is best to find common ground and agree on the best way to solve the problem. Your roommate can provide an alternative option. Discus your possibilities and create a plan you both follow. This way you and your roommate will be happier when it comes to finances.


Communicate with your roommate about the most common issues you have.

Homestyle and decoration

Everyone loves to turn a rented apartment into a home of its own. Wall color and decoration, furniture pieces and small details will make your new space feel like home. However, home style and decoration can also be one of the common roommate issues. In this situation, you may need to stay flexible and let your roommate have some of the fun. If your roommate celebrates a different holiday than you and wishes to decorate the house in its own way, consider joining in for the better party mode. There is no reason you shouldn’t compromise when decorating a home. Only with good communication, you will relax, and with the perfect solution, everyone will like.


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